Strike & the 3 second rule

14 months ago…

(its March, so stop calculating >_<)

Anyway, in one of those boring class days in March 2006, seriously 3 hours of blabbing about life insurance is not really interesting. I was so bored that I was playing "paper chess" with my colleague. I mean how desperate we can get.."Paper chess"..Maybe I'll dedicate another post on how we played it.

Ok Back to our topic, ( *sighs* I should stop drifting off-topic), our professor brought the unusual news; "all the colleges are going on a strike". While my colleagues were enlightened with joy, I was confused. The term "strike" had only one definition in my dictionary and it's the one related to bowling.

Our professor assured us that the strike will last for a couple of days…


It lasted for 3 weeks.

The best part was that students are NOT the ones behind the strike. It was because of some conflicts between the professors and the management. How awesome is that.

So here I was sitting at home. Other than my 11 hours of Halo 2 videogaming day and my morning ritual to the community center to read books, I was doing nothing. So, I decided to take driving lessons. Little did I know that 2 months later, I'd be hired as the designated driver who'll be driving my friends who get wasted in the clubs/bars or any drinking involved party.

I had this weird wanna be cool instructor. By my 2nd lesson, he was attempting to teach me to look at the rear mirror by saying:

"hamza, you should look at your mirror frequently. Use the 3 second rule. Its like looking at a woman's boobs. At the face for 3 seconds, then DOWN her boobs for one second…3 seconds at the face and DOWN one second at the boobs. Ok? BUT, with the mirror you look UP. So 3 seconds around you… one second UP the mirror..3 seconds around second UPthe mirror"

It was effective when it came to driving.

Speaking to myself; "Ok hamza, 3 seconds around…one second UP..3 seconds around….one second UP…3 seconds second up"


UPDATE: for those who didn't get it, (which is most of you) the point is that my mind was fixated on the 3 second rule to the extent I started staring at womens' boobs for 3 seconds, face one second...3 seconds on boobs, one second at face...GOT it?

I should never blog at 4 a.m


KJ said...

*ignores everything in the post*

Congratulations on your 11 hour gaming marathon. You have proved yourself worthy of the Golden Winged Mario Hat.

Elijah said...

So what is this about again?

paper chess? strike? videogames? cool instructor? driving? or boobs?

7aki Fadi said...

LOL elijah...ha ha ha ha

Hamza said...

ok, looks like I owe all of you an apology. As you can see, I wrote this at 4 a.m. I've been in that funny mood all night.

KJ- why am I not surprised? I won't accept the award coz its carved with Mario. You always know that I've wanted Sonic :(

Elijah - well, that was definitely not one of my best posts but I wish I was there to see your blank face as you were reading it. :P

7aki Fadi - you enjoy teasing me..don't you?

KJ said...

Considering the recent quality of Sonic games I think it is better to stick with Mario :P

Isam said...

LOOOL i never knew the 3 seconds rule was out there !!! i thought it was only me ... but i use it wisely :)

Gotta love milk :)

Sene said...

LOL!! What's with men and boobs!!

And you never blog at 4 a.m.

Ms Loala said...

*leaves a trace that she was here*

eshda3wa said...

lol @ elijah

i wana know how the strike went

Hamza said...

Isam - man, you are the best. Looks like you are the only one who got it without the need for the update section. We should get together some time :)

sene- what's with women and shopping :P

ms loala- thank you *runs CSI tests on the traces*

eshda3wa- you eventually get used to them. I've lived there long enough to even see garbage people go on strike. Trust me, its not a pretty site at all.