Bugging Beggars

I hate it when they approach me. I always feel this dilemma whether I shall give them or not. The toughest part is you never know whether these people are sincere or not.

Lately, I have vowed to myself to donate more money to the poor. In addition to the religious benefits, I will feel spiritually better if I make my own contribution to society and help in drawing a smile on the face of the miserable.

I am willing to donate for any cause except:

  1. People with sawed off hands in Saudi Arabia ----because they were former thiefs
  2. Building more mosques ---in my neighborhood, there are 8 mosques. Only 3 of them are in excellent conditions. The rest are either small, dirty or not air conditioned. I'd rather have all that money used in building the other 5 mosques spent in improving the current ones. Having 3 or 4 good mosques is much better than having 8 mosques in low conditions

I still need to figure out the best approach. Shall I donate a specified percentage each month to those non-profitable organization such as Cancer Association, People with disabilities etc. These organizations will distribute money accordingly. However, it would be more meaningful and valuable if you see someone in need and give him/her the money personally. They'll greatly appreciate it, thank you and some might pray for you.

But the toughest part is that I am not good at understanding people. It is hard to tell if the person is truthful or not. You might argue that what is important is the good intention. But I still don't want to feel that I've been robbed by someone who exploited my sympathy.

You see a lot of those guys especially in mosques after Friday prayer. He'd stand up and complain how his mom died of prostate cancer, his wife is divorced, and his brother was nuked. He'd be carrying his passed-out son who was diagnosed of breast cancer and will die if he wasn't operated. I'd feel sorry for him, but I'll still hesitate and think million times before donating money.

The other day I was sitting in a coffee shop with my friend. A young, Indonesian kid who is 5 to 6 years old passes by us and using this heart-breaking tone to beg us to buy gums from him. I felt sorry for him and I gave him some money. Half an hour later, the same kid comes by. Or at least I think it is him. All Indonesian kids shave their heads that its hard to tell them apart…no wait, it is HIM. My friend scolded him because I already gave him money so why did he come back. The kid, trying to act clueless, denied that he got any money from me. Now that was unbelievable. I was very furious that for the first time in my life I felt like raping (killing) a kid. I was doing all those gruesome stuff to him in my head

Another funny story I recall was when we were sitting at a different coffee shop in the same area. A young 7 or 8 year old girl approaches my friend:

"Please buy from meeeeee"

Him: ……

"May God grant you a son"

Him: "I am not even married"

"May God bless you with a daughter"


"May God open the doors of Heaven for you"


At the moment, I think she was telling herself that this guy cannot be marketed by the normal punch lines. So she had to go with tactics 2:

"May God give you a Maybech"

Loooooool. I laughed from the top of my lungs. It was hilarious. This girl is in the road begging for money and she knows the Maybech. My friend was confused and didn't even know about it. While I was trying to explain to him that this is the luxurious car ever, she goes:

"May God give you a HUMMER"


7aki Fadi said...

I once gave a begger (i think she was a 6 year old girl) 5 piasters, she threw them at me and said, bas?

I kid you not.

I don't feel sorry for them. Not one ounce.

and raping a kid??? haik shwai graphic man, I would Edit it..but then again, it's not my blog :)

KJ said...

First of all, women can't have prostate cancer because they don't have prostate to begin with. The sha77ad proved that he knows more biology than you do :P

Second, I say if you want to give to charity then go donate to the charity outlets. I would never trust those on the streets again - now there is a trend with people "lost" while going to Oman and "don't have more fuel" so they ask for money.

Hamza said...

7aki Fadi - :D..Ok kermal 3younek I changed it. Sorry if you were offended

KJ- man, I wrote that to be sarcastic. I know that women can't have prostate cancer. Even his son can't have breast cancer, and he shouldn't call her his wife if she divorced him. hehehehehe..looool

7aki Fadi said...

lol Hamza: no I was not offended but haik it just did not sound right.

And KJ, HA HA HA , man you didn't get it, ya3ni beggars just give any excuses. I actually laughed cos that is a smart on Hamza's behalf about how false there excuses are.


KJ said...

7aki Fadi, you ruined my moment :P

Elijah said...

LOL I had the same women begging for 4 years with a medical report in her hand, I think it was her sons's then I saw her in a different uni with another report this time her husband's, so I told her who is it this time, she gave me a "got busted" smile and left.

Just donate to the orphans, I think u can arrange a certain amount every month for them. titkaffal yateem for life.

eshda3wa said...

i dont like giving people that beg in the street

ya3ne its one thing to give say a tantheef guy picking up the garbage, cz u know they are poor and are not being paid much

but to give someone that there profession is to beg.. no

donate to a charity you trust, a very well known organization, some even allow you to go along see how ur money is being used

oo allah y3a6eek el3afya inshallah :)

Sene said...

I feel giving money to charity is better than giving to people on streets. You won't really know whom to trust..
The maybech and hummer part was good....

Hamza said...

elijah- lol at your story. these guys are unbelievable. you see most of these hopeless cases in amman. I had a case like 7aki fadi in jordan where I donated money to an old guy and he was like: "that's it?"..inno what the hell?

eshda3wa- thanks, yea I totally agree with you. I am gonna check one of those charity organisations

sene- that's what I am saying. you don't know who to trust. but the MAYBECH and the HUMMER part was really funny

Missy said...

i hate to give beggars but sometimes they break my heart so i give them. I, too, cant tell if they're truthful or not. bs i do it for god's sake. :)

LMAO @ the little gurl! hahaahahah

Gay by Nature said...

you wrote you wouldnt donate for ppl except : People with sawed off hands in Saudi Arabia ----because they were former thiefs

Me:I assume you support this cruel punishment against humanity ? to cut one's hand just becoz he/she stole a piece of bread ..your such a jerk

Hamza said...

missy - yea..sometimes I say that what counts is the intention. You'd better do like me..donate to charitable organizations

gay by nature- first, I never said I support this type of punishment. but looks like you have a tendency to assume of people. Second, stealing is not justified under any reason at all, even if the guy was having an emergency time-dependent situation.

Manal O. said...

I feel the same way about it :S It's really hard to decide whether to give them or not! they stand out there begging! some of them are really young! 6-7 years!
and yeah I guess its better to give ur money for charity, that way atleast we r not helping ppl to beg instead of getting a job!
and LoL about the Hummer thingie! I always get this line: "Allah yjawzek wa7ad ghani yjeeblek Hummer" lool

Gay by Nature said...

Hamza wrote:

gay by nature- first, I never said I support this type of punishment. but looks like you have a tendency to assume of people. Second, stealing is not justified under any reason at all, even if the guy was having an emergency time-dependent situation.

GBN: I agree stealing isnt justified but cuttin theif's hand isnt a solution your addin more disables in the society not to mention its against human rights