till enjoying my time and letting myself go wild. Friday, I went with the family to a birthday party at Chucky Cheese for the 3 year-old kid of our family friend. And My GOD, I LOVE kids. They are just stupid.

I got these 2 kids and I started building this competitive desire against each other; that each one should collect more tickets than his friend. It's those tickets that you get from arcade. The higher your score, the more tickets you get. And of course, the more tickets you have, the better the price would be.

The best part about is that they don't care about playing the game. They want more tickets. Both of them were begging me to play their games so I can get them high scores. It was the best hour I had in months. I got to play all the arcade games TWICE and for FREE. My God, kids are sooo stupid.

Saturday morning wasn't impressive at all. I had to go to the bank to finalize the transaction that I've intended to do for the past 2 days (note: in KSA, banks close on Thursday and Friday and are open on Saturday….I know it is weird). My mp3 player's role was very crucial as the computer slip says that my served number is 678 and that 123 customers are waiting in front of me. 3 hours later, I am no longer broke. I am a very happy beaver who is as excited as Paris Hilton at a Friday night.

In the evening, I hit Seirafi Mall one more time. Apparently, my friend befriended the waiters at a coffee shop there and actually went out with them. I was surprised. It is not that I have something against them. I'd be ok with a chit-chat but I'll never consider them as friends. I don't know if I am just shy or not good at socializing with others. If I meet person "A" in some random place, then I am ok with that. But if "A" was serving me coffee, food, selling me credit cards, fixing my desktop computer or even if he was my barber, I'd never go out with him. I don't mean to undermine the person or anything; it is just one of these rules in my book. It is like what the gang taught me back in the days "never hit on the bartender even if she was the sexiest, most gorgeous girl in the bar". You just don't.

We spent the rest of the night being tea educated about different types of tea and how to make a tea latte---tea, vanilla and milk. They even have their own tea blend and it tastes sooooo good. I've never drank in my life a drink like that. It's a sweet tea with mixed fruits flavor, and with each sip, you get the flavor of a different fruit. What's worse is that we left this café to go to ANOTHER tea shop (teayana). It is my favorite and this shop is specialized in only making teas. It got over 101 types of teas. By the end of the night, I already drank 3 different herbal teas that I swear by the time I went to pee, my urine actually smelled good.

The high caffeine level in my blood didn't help me sleep. The last thing I was thinking about is praying to God not to die in a humiliating way. I don't want to end up like that lady I heard about earlier today. She went to washroom to fix her Hijab. While fixing it, she put the needle that fastens the "ishar" between her lips and unfortunately, she sneezed. The lady barely made it alive as she had to go into operation and had to get out that needle that got stuck in her windpipe.

What a messed up way to die.


7aki Fadi said...

LOL, funny post.

OMG you are such a meanie, you tricked a couple of 3 year olds to play a free arcade game and then called them stupid? tu2 tu2 tu2...you are Evil.

KJ said...

Dude, I agree with 7aki Fadi. You are EVIL! You fool CHILDREN so you can play for FREE?!?!

But since it involved some sort of games I would not blame you. When I was in Orlando I tricked a little kid into giving me all his quarters so that I beat the Simpson arcade.

Elijah said...

I always do that with my nephews, it's so fun playing there but I can't go on my own so I use them as an excuse LOL

I know what u mean about the urine smell, it happens to me when I eat lots of fruit or veggies

*envies you for not having to work*

Elagante said...

Kids stupid looool that’s a nice way to put things, ya and you are.... the devile? Cute...

Tea + vanilla + milk = Ewwww, as long as you enjoyed it ;)

Death, why are you even thinking of that dude??? You made me imagine death like that lady Owchhhh that must have hurt…

Ms Loala said...

Did she die!!!!! =\
Dear god.

And what a mean way to play, thank god you got away without them telling their parents :p

S-Q8 said...

Poor lady and poor kids..ne9abt 3alaihom!
nice post;D

eshda3wa said...

conning kids!

come on

and when u die... wel ur dead so who cares how?!

Hamza said...

7aki Fadi- hehehe..but come on, they were both happy with me. Maybe I'll do it more often

KJ - I've wanted to play the simpsons pinball but the 2 kids ran out of quarters :(

Elijah - with every passing day, I feel you understand me more and more...even at urine smell..I wonder what's next..:P

Elegante- the tea drink was called "Fruit Passion Tea Latte"..it was really worth it. If you could try it, that would be great

Ms Loala- I don't know. I hope she didn't. It would be a messed up way to die. the kids were very happy with me. they'll never complain

ni3na3ah - welcome to my blog :).

eshda3wa - so you are telling me that you'd be ok with walking down the street and you trip on something and you fall right into a "seekh" sticking out of the floor that penetrates your heart and kills you on the spot?

Shoush said...

Omg, that's tragic. :/