I wanted to scream it from the top of my lungs. To do it Dave Chappelle's style.

Yea, but considering my shy and good character, it didn't happen. I gave my resignation on Wednesday and we ended the relationship on good terms. Somehow I ended inviting them for lunch on Saudi Kabsa (and of course, I couldn't save myself from the "OH, you eat with your left?", but this time, I instantly switched the spoon from my left to my right in a matter of seconds). I finalized all the issues needed to terminate my employment like submitting the company laptop (I am going to miss Windows Vista) and the medical insurance card (I wish I've used it L). In return, my experience letter was titled "to whomsoever it may concern"…I dunno. I am not good at linguistics but "whomsoever" sounds wrong.

After that, I've went home to relax a bit (i.e. watch X-files) before I headed to see my friend who came from Dammam for few days. He called to say "surprise, I am in Jeddah". Wow, as much as I love to hang out with him, I just hate those kinds of surprises. They catch me off-guard. And I hate to be caught off guard.

Things went smoothly, after he stopped nagging about the fact that I should have a car and take him around rather than use cabs (seriously, I've lived enough to say that I prefer having robot cab drivers rather the ones I've seen. I've got many stories in my bag to share, but we'll leave that for different posts). We played bowling and table hockey before we hit "BreakTime" café for the ultimate night. The semi-final of the champions' league. AcMilan vs Manchester United. It was a great night and a great game. The Rossoneri did it with style. They demolished the Red Devils with prestigious 3-0 win. Seedorf, kaka and Gilardino were the stars of the show.

Thursday was another great day. I spent the morning videogaming a bit. I left at lunch time to eat "Haneeth" (another rice-meat meal combination, I am really getting sick of those). After that, we went to Jarir bookstore and upon the recommendation of Kinan, I've bought 2 books:

1- Tuesdays with Morrie

2- A short History of Nearly Everything

We hit Serafi Mall (largest mall in Jeddah), chilled there a bit and then went to one of my favorite places ever..IKEA. Who doesn't love IKEA? Their furniture is modern, simple and practical. I love everything about them; from the way of organizing their products to presenting them with this added touch that brings life to them. Their products really speak of themselves…and oh, did I mention that their food is delicious? It is amaaaaaaaaaazing. IKEA is simply the best thing that Sweden gave to the world.

The only bitter thing about those last 2 days is how bad it feels to be broke. This is the 2nd time in my life that I reach this state. It is really humiliating considering the fact that I studied "financial planning" for one whole year. But I wouldn't have been in that state if my stupid bank's computer system was not down for 2 whole days..2 WHOLE DAYS? I still don't know how a bank can survive for such a long time. Oh well, things happen. It never goes as planned.

Hmmm…my bed is calling me. Its time to embrace it. Alas, no more alarms. No more waking up early. Let's enjoy the next couple of weeks together before I start my new job. ;)


eshda3wa said...


well good for you i guess

and its to whome it may consern :)

dude change ur bank!!

seems like ur having a good ebough time

enjoy :)

KJ said...

Switch to Loala's bank :P

Man I wish I have a holiday!

Isam said...

wednesday and thursday i've been to all the places u mentioned (except Sairafi Mall to be honest) ....

I guess Jeddah is that limited ...

this sucks ...

Elijah said...

The best thing about quitting a job is knowing that all ur colleagues have to go to wok the next day while ur in bed :P

Good luck

Hamza said...

eshda3wa- today was even worse. I went to the bank at 11:30 and I finished my transaction by 2. There were 123 customers in front of me ( I didn't really count them, but the computer slip said so)

KJ - dude, your boss is out of the country. You ARE in a holiday

Isam Abu Salhieh - LOL. I guess I have a stalker. Were you with me in CHUCKY CHEESE yesterday? :P

elijah - EXACTLY.

Ms Loala said...

Oh that's too bad. Why did you quit any way?
But what the hell, you can kiss and hug your pillow as long as you want before starting a new crappy job that starts at 8. Why can't they start at 10 for example?

He damn should :p
btw, are you being sarcastic? *rolls her eyes*
it's the best bank in the middle east, can your bank be like this? :p

Hamza said...

ms loala - coz they made me work 6 days a week..:p..no just jokin, I just got a better offer..ironically in a bank :P

I wish they'd listen to you. In my old job, I start at 9. In my new job, I have to start at 8 :(

Ms Loala said...

Damn early mornings! =\
Yalla congratulations partner :p