Memorable Class moments

One of the dozen things that I miss about class room environments is the interactions/distractions between students or students and teachers. Each class had its unique flavor and I've laughed at hundreds of jokes throughout those 20 years of studies

I can't seem to recall many, but I can definitely make my top 5 list. It includes disturbing, embarrassing, hilarious and even disgusting distractions. So here we go:


No.5: Year:1998---------Grade 8--------Biology Class

Me: why aren't you taking notes?

Him: is a different day for me. I have grown up. I have reached a new level in my life. I shall act different. I shall be treated differently…I (bla bla bla)..I (bla bla bla)

Me (giving him this skeptical look): dude, what the hell happened to you?

Him (whispering): I had my first wet dream ;)


No. 4: Year: 2005--------Sheridan college-----Income Tax Class

It was our first income class exam. *sniffle sniffle*. We were all stressed out. We had to memorize all those different numbers such as taxable percentage that range from 16% to 29% and the income range for each ratio..*sniffle sniffle*. We had to memorize the threshold for spousal allowance, educational allowance *sniffle sniffle*..God, it is horrible. 2 page study case *sniffle sniffle* and any small mistake in calculating any value, taxable income, RRSP allowance and whether they are eligible for credits or not..*sniffle sniffle* I have to do at least 20 steps before *sniffle sniffle*


B-tek's voice resonating in our ears as we were all shocked (including our professor) with the sudden burst. Cautiously, our professor gave him the tissues and was gesturing with his face "its ok, no need to panic"

"DON'T GIVE IT TO ME.. GIVE IT TO SNIFFLY GUY THERE" …pointing at...Yours truly

[P.S: in my first 2 months in Canada, I got the flu 9 times in 2 months. That's how bad my first months were]


No.3: Year 1999--------Grade 9-----Math Class

Teacher:….after you plot all the points of the equation, you just draw a SMOOTH curve to show the parabola

Student (trying to act funny): Sir, but my hand shakes a lot

Teacher (with a plain look): well, in that case, let your girlfriend sit on your lap and then you will draw the curve smoothly


No.2 Year 2003------Junior Year--------Database Class

What's special about that class is that I was the only junior guy among a class of sophomores who are older than me (go figure that out). First class with this new Jordanian Professor with a bad sense of humor and features the Jordanian trademark on the forehead: The frown

Two other friends sitting right next to me whispering

Student A: hey…this new professor looks fearsome

Student B: yea I know…its been 20 minutes and he never smiled. Maybe his smiling muscles are paralyzed

Student A:, look at his body…looks like he just came out of the military

Student B: I KNOW…look at his posture. I am quite confident that he is one of those famous male porn stars

Student A: no my friend..he definitely works in a male strip club..

I couldn't hold myself anymore…I just burst out laughing.

[P.S: Both Student A and Student B are guys]


No.1 Year 2003------Junior year-----Programming Languages Class:

2 of my friends sitting next to me

Guy A: dude, look at the BASTARD…looks like he just came from the beach with these pair of shorts

Guy B: yea, and he got a good tan too, do you see what I see?

Guy A: you mean his legs?

Guy B: yea…did he shave them or wax them? I can't tell from here

Guy A (staring):hmm..I think he shaved them, unless its some messed up wax he is using

BOOOM…the girl behind them bumps their heads together

Girl: Shame on both of you. I can't hear the professor. Who cares if he shaves or waxes his legs? LEAVE THE GUY ALOOOONE

[P.S: the BASTARD got his nickname from another funny incident that I'll blog about later]


7aki Fadi said...

LOL@ no 3.

Nahfeh your teacher

KJ said...

I recall number 3, LMAO, and I was one of the guys who were talking about T.SH. - I just don't recall if I was the one who said he was the porn star or the stripper.

Elijah said...

Aaaaw poor you that sniffly guy, that's so embarrassing.

LOOOOL @ Jordanian frown, aaa5 I wonder why they're like that, not me I got wrinkles from my smile :)

No. 3 witty teacher I liked it LOL

Elagante said...

Wet dream!!

What's that???

3aaaad ;p

eshda3wa said...

aaaaaah memories memories
its so good to look back and smile!

lol at sniffle
poor u

Ms Loala said...

lol@ 2 and 1!
You guys gossip alot :p

And poor thing, i know how you feel when you sniffle through the whole semester, i have allergy 24\7 =\

Hamza said...

7aki Fadi - he even looks funny. He looks like a frog. hehehee

KJ- lool, it was you and kinan. I will always remember the conversation. Soo funny, you guys have really twisted mentalities :P

elijah - I am amazed. you are still capable of smiling with those students you have. I gotta meet you.

elegante--hmmm...eeh..the other 4 were pretty funny..weren't they? :D

eshda3wa- we still joke about it till this day. I teased the guy many times especially that time when I gave him a tissue when we were clubbing..loool

ms loala- I KNOW, and i thought only girls gossip like that.

7aki Fadi said...

lol@ your responce to elegante.

Sene said...

It's nice to remember small interesting things about your past...
Sniffle guy.....How embarrassing...
About that Jordanian professor, lol!!

ma7joob said...

:( , i missed school days , i used to be one of those guys who gossiped about EVERYONE , i missed school :( *sniffle sniffle*

Kinano said...

Database class was one of the funniest!

I used to love tormenting Mr. Porn Star.

I think he has nightmares about me :D