Did you know that...

In an attempt to escape from the daily routine that kills me, the kind of watching Tv after I come from work at 6:30, videogame a bit, watch Tv again..till I start falling asleep. I decided to go to Jarir Bookstores and see if there is any progress on the status of the two books I've ordered "The Secret" and "A brief history of nearly everything"..As I have expected, no luck..They'll arrive by end of April..Good luck for me. I am better off ordering from Amazon.

But from the corner of my eye, I glimpsed "Guinness World Book of Records" and I was curious to find out what "Unusual" new records are out there and here are some of the interesting things I like to share:

The most country to consume:

Vodka & Spirits ----Russia (so if you ever talk to a Russian, most probably he is drunk or...drunk)

Bread is ----Turkey


Cars is -----Luxemburgo (576 cars per 1000 persons)

Chocolate ----Swiss (I guess that doesn't surprise any of us ;) )

There were some really shocking and surprising world records like:

The most political instability period was between 1949 and 1951 was 17 governments in 33 months in ..(Believe it or not) SYRIA...

The country that has most debt per capita of 12 billion is...QATAR (So for those who believe Qatar is booming and living there is luxurious..well, think again)

The shortest war was between Britain and Tanzania where it only lasted for 45 minutes (from 9:00 a.m to 9:45 a.m.)..all it needed is 3 airships to seal the battle

And last but not least

A new record achieved in 2005 by one person who managed to carry 11 eggs in ONE hand. (I am gonna attempt this soon, just..when my mother not around...bwahahaha).


KJ said...

I think the guy who carried so many eggs in one hand is probably a Syrian government official ;)

Kinano said...

LOOOOOOOOOOL @ the 11 eggs vs. one hand!

I mean, what absurd things get you into Guinness Book of Records.

I am going to get in there for being the most person who insults religion on the face of the planet ;)

Sene said...

Winning a war in 45 mins.. Don't tell Bush, LOL!!
11 eggs in one hand. How foolish!

Thx for passing by my site.

Hamza said...

KJ: you should have seen the picture. this guy had the hand of a giant

Kinan: making fun of religion is cool sometimes..but honestly, sometimes you push the limit that it gets dull.

Sene: actually, Bush was in Guiness book of records. Not for being the dumbest person on earth, but for having the largest budget spent on his 2nd presidency campaign.

eshda3wa said...

i love guiness!

it just shows u how really weird ppl are!

tell us how ur egg thing works out :)