Work Frustration and Number confusion


We can't sit idle forever. Our current project needs to finish. A small meeting between the 2 managements has finalized the decision. We are going LIVE in 20 days. This is just another extreme decision. Its like going from Black to white. I used to complain that for one month, we have been literally doing nothing. Now, we have to somehow finish a 5 month project in just 20 days. This is just totally unrealistic.

Moreover, our team has increased in 3 days from 4 people (project manager, myself, my colleague & mentor, and SD consultant) to 9 people. Me and my project manager are the only NON-indians in this project. Now I don't wanna be a racist but I believe that ALL Indians (except my mentor who's slowly becoming a very close friend) are plainly stupid and are only good at memorizing and doing what they learned. They are just not flexible & adaptive. E.g. if you can't go from A to B, they say its impossible. They don't even ponder the option that you can go from A to C then from C to A. I can't believe that me, the newbie, who have less than one year experience is explaining advanced solutions to consultants who have at least 4 to 5 years of experience

Other than that, I have vowed to myself that I will lactate the next bloody bugger who's gonna use any form of word structure related to the word "cricket" in the place I exist. For the trillionth time, I don't care whether India lost to Bangladesh, Pakistan is out of tournament by the Irish, and Srilanka is one game away from advancing to next round.

On another note, I don't usually have concurrent dreams. But for the last 3 days, I've been having a weird dream. In first day, I am working on decoding and finding a number. The dream finishes and I still can't find it. Next day, I am still decoding the number, but I managed to find that its a 6 digit number mix of 2,1,0,9. By the time I woke up for Fajr Prayer, I could not pinpoint what was exact number. Third day (Yesterday), the first thing I did when I woke up for Fajr Prayer was scribble down the number, prayed and then went to sleep. By the time I woke up to go to work, I find that the number I scribbled down is "120019". I still don't know what is that supposed to mean as I see this number for the first time. I still can't make any connections to it. At many times I tried to ignore decoding it, it could be result of hallucinations or work stress. But it still bugs me the fact that I dreamt about it for 3 days and that it doesn't mean anything to me...yet.


KJ said...

The number you should dream about is 300. Yes. 300.

I hate it when they discuss cricket. It really drives me nuts. I don't bother them with my video game propaganda.

eshda3wa said...

thats a mean thing to say about indians

i hate cricket too.. ugh!

goodluck with work

Elijah said...

The dream thing is interesting!

Sene said...

Not really a good thing to say abt Indians.
By the way, interesting dream!!

Hamza said...

eshda3wa & sene: Ok ok, I apologize. I was really angry that day and maybe I exagerrated in my judgement. So I apologize for what I said

Elijah: I still can't decrypt the number. I tried searching for this number in the Help database at work, but no results are found

Kinano said...

Oooh! A mystery number in a dream :D

did you try googling it?! maybe it means something...

Let me know when you find out.