Chastity Pledges

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It was what caught my attention on "Good morning America".

What the article is saying is that daughters celebrate purity pledges with their dad where they vow not to have sex before marriage. These guys are serious. Its not like "yeah dad, I promise you not to make out with any guy before marriage, not even that pimp that gives me the ride home". No, you go to churches and you sign a written contract with your dad that you will not. Its supposed to strengthen daughter-father relationship and to protect the the daughters chastity.

First, I'd laughed the idea off..I mean..ceremony, cakes, dance with the father for this. That's insane. But coming to think of it, I mean, why not? Considering how everyday the world keep surprising us with new bizarre stories (I mean just go and look at the Jerry Springer Show), this ain't a bad idea. So far, its just daughters and fathers. I don't know if the trend will extend to sons and their mothers...the idea is honestly creepy. There is an actual contract where both parties have to sign. However, the article doesn't mention the consequences of breaking this contract.

The question is how long will this last? Is it just another trend? And would the teenagers be able to resist their hormone calls and their desires? Will it be a matter of weeks, months, or years before they break this pledge? Its indeed sad that the world reached such a stage where they have to write purity pledge contracts with their parents. Let's just wait and see what happens


Kinano said...

What a retarded trend!

What the hell has the church got to do with any of this?! So a father does not want his daughter to have sex; well, gee I don't know. Discuss it, talk about it, explain stuff, make her feel that you are there for her and that she can trust you will understand.

pff... Sign a contract!

KJ said...

I think it is a retarded idea parents have that the sons can go have sex and the daughters are not allowed to, but they don't think of the fact that their sons are to have sex with other people's daughters.

eshda3wa said...

i dont think its retarted

and seriously u shouldnt use jerry springer as an example for anything
its brain pollution.

i understand where this whole thing is comming from, when u live in a society that sets no limits, infact encourages things like that u gotta do something.
and going to church i think adds spirituality. Its not a matter of if and when they break the contract, its always gna be in the back of their mind and hopefully they would think twice about it.

Ms Loala said...

To come to think of it, it's a good idea since the west is more liberated than the east. The contract thing is a kind of encouragment.
There are people who restrain themselves from such stuff until marriage, i mean in the west. It's quite impressive.

Hamza said...

well, I told you for the trillionth time how the western culture is becoming very "materialistic". So this shouldn't surprise you

well, you never know the sons could be next. Or maybe the fathers are afraid of their daughter's lesbian friends :P

Welcome to my blog. and you are right about Jerry Springer, but I guess it had did permanent damage to my brain

I totally agree with you. But the question remains is how many of them will be actually be able to restrain themselves?

Elijah said...

I wanna know what happens if they break the contract!!

Find out please, cuz with no consequences, what's gonna stop them?