I will sponsor NASA

I am packing my bags. I am leaving this world. In fact, I am leaving this planet. I'd rather live alone in MARS with my own thoughts rather than live in such an unfair world that rewards unworthy creatures like George Bush with ruling strongest country in the world and for giving Saudi Government resources & oil that don't deserve. People fail to realize that the most precious resource in the world is the Human Brain which unfortunately God failed to grant to those pathetic homo sapiens.

Alas, I am sponsoring NASA. I wanna leave this Earth. There shall be another Adam and Eve on Mars..or Adam & Steve

That was all coz of an article I read on ArabNews here. Read it and you shall be bewildered.


Kinano said...

Is this a rant post or a coming-out story?!

*Grins Evilly*

KJ said...

I blame women. We should put all the women in Africa and nuke them.

eshda3wa said...

take me to mars with u or we can opt for venus

Ms Loala said...

Go to houston, they admit visitors :p

Elijah said...

kj: you can't live without ME ;P

I wanna go to Saturn!

Hamza said...

Kinan: ....let's not get started on this.

KJ: Africa will self-destruct on its own if we put all women there

eshda3wa: anywhere you want dear, let's go to Saturn with Elijah

ms loala: if you are the governor, I'll go :P