What 0.07 seconds can do

  • Friday was the 2nd time I go Karting in my life. First one being in Dubai and I was positioned last. This one I got First :D
  • I got best lap by a difference of 0.07 seconds.
  • In Lap 12, I got a blue flag to slow down and let person behind me overtake me---I ignored it
  • In Lap 13, I had to stop and be scolded for ignoring the flag in Lap 12. :P
  • Not as fun as I expected it to be----rules were banning us from bumping into each other L


KJ said...

So who did you cart against :P

Kinano said...

OMG @ fellow drivers!

No wonder you scored first!!!

check the chart :S

eshda3wa said...


Hamza said...


look who's talking, I've seen you cart once. Trust me you are not better than them

make sure you try it sometime. At least in Dubai, the carting place is outdoors rather than indoors