The Forbidden Fruit

I just finished reading a review of the story of the above "controversial" game. Its really stupid that this game is banned here. It was humiliating enough to feel like a child when my mom interrogated me on the games I've been playing on my ps2.

It all started yesterday. I was walking mindlessly at home. I was like an addict who is not getting his
fix. Its been over a month since I bought a "new" game. It was definitely time for "videogame shopping".

So I hit my usual videogame store in the centre next home. And for the first time in 7 years, the salesman is telling me "he isn't selling any ps2 games anymore". I checked another store and they were very much reserved when I asked about buying "God of War" & "God of War II". I came back to my usual videogame store and I asked in a friendly tone "where can I find these 2 games"..and his response was a cheesy smile with "you'll never find them..they are banned in KSA"...wooo..wait a min..banned? why? "apparently, it has many debatable themes where you are a warrior who fights God".

When I almost gave up and started walking out the mall, not believing that I couldn't find a new videogame to paly, I see a small stand that has some games on display. Strange..I know the place like the back of my hand. I never saw this guy sell videogames before. So, I start slowly

"I am looking for JAK X"...

he fumbles briefly in his stack, "hmm. I don't think I have it"

"oh yea, what's that game on that 2nd shelf?"

"oh....I have it" he hands it over to me

I roll my eyes and then go for my next kill "shadow of colossus?"


"shadow of colossus"

"I have shadow of rome"

Losing patience and few moments of utter silence then..

"3rd shelf on the left..."

He looks there "wow, I have it..I didn't know I have these games"

"dude, is this your store? Because I am starting to doubt that..first day at job?"

"no, its just most of my customers buy winning eleven..anything else?"

Finally..."so far I found games I couldn't find in any other focus with me..I want "God of war" and "God of war II"

"oh no no, I definitely don't have this game. I can assure you that. You won't find it here. The game is banned" backs away like I've just threatened him with the nuclear

I get closer to him and trying to act sneaky "and can't you manage to get it SOMEHOW know...and I'll pay you the"

"oh please, don't do this..don't cause me problems..if they caught me, I'll be dead meat"

Oh well, at least I tried. But its sooo killing me inside. The reason I wanted the game is that its really good and it got some good reviews. Now with it being banned, I want it even more.

The fun part was not yet over. As my parents picked me up from the mall and was telling them how I couldn't find some of the games I am looking for, my mom gives me her wise opinion: "you know, you gotta be careful with some of those videogames. For example, there is this game called "God of War" which talks about...."ooh great, now my mom who know peanuts about videogames and can't tell the difference between a ps2 and an xbox knows about this game..."and that's why its banned"...

You really don't wanna see her reaction when she discovered that this is the game i am looking for.

And now that I've finished reading the reviews, I am even more frustrated that its banned coz there is really nothing offending in it. The story revolves around a troubled person during the Greek Age where he has been assigned by the Gods of Olympus to fight the god Ares. During your journey, you get help from gods like Zeus, Hades and Artmis.

I still can't believe that I can't enjoy one of the best games ever released on playstation 2, that got so many awards because of another unjustifiable stereotype policy that looks for the silliest thing to ban an entertainment commodity.


7aki Fadi said...

Cool I'm going to check it out.

We also have the game Marvels ultimate alliance pretty cool too. But not sure if they have it in PS2 I think it's a PS3 game only

I love gaming, but more arcades and car racing sometimes than fighting, a typical chick :)

Elijah said...

Greek mythology is my favorite topic :P

LOL but it's ok if they sell books about it haha.

Stop fighting the gods you blasphemous devil you!!

Kinano said...

There should be more god-fighting!

Stupid people!

KJ said...

You poor, sad little thing.

*picks up controller again and resumes fighting Icarus*

Hamza said...

7aki Fadi - Marvel ultimate alliance is released on ps2. So you can get it if you still don't have ps3

Elijah- I are not ok but books are. I am even more curious to find out what's so special about this

Kinan - *rolls his eyes* like i didn't see this one coming

KJ - that's it, you are dhling the game to me

MacaholiQ8 said...

That's odd, I know for a fact that God of War is banned in here but it can be found around any corner (copies that is). That defies every aspect of what organizations like that BSA (Business Software Alliance) are working agaist because lately they have stricken real hard on the pirated market here in Kuwait and trashed millions of pirated stuff, still you could find the game here and there! :/

Ever tried to download it? ( 5arba 5arba :P )

eshda3wa said...


how do i delete em?
the comments that is

Hamza said...

critcizer - Welcome to my blog. :) they are doing the same thing in KSA. That's why I gotta be very careful where to look. I managed to find the game online, but its 9 GB in size and with my internet connection, its gonna take forever

eshda3wa - you are welcome ;)

The Observer said...

Poor Man! It is the best game I have ever played! I love God of War! How stupid they can be in the KSA?!! How can they ban something without really knowing what it contains?! It is the Greek Gods, not the Muslims God! Can't they differenciate??!!!!

Gay by Nature said...

You wrote:

I just finished reading a review of the story of the above "controversial" game. Its really stupid that this game is banned here.

Me: lol@ controversial, whats so converoversial about it, I dont believe the game is banned here, gosh..