The blasphemed Glasses

As I've written in a previous post, I don't feel comfortable about trying new things that might affect my psychology or make me somehow addictive to them. Its enough for me that I am already obsessed with TV, movies, books, videogames and anything AcMilan related.

Its all related to the idea of change or to be somehow dependent on something. That's why I've been avoiding this old silent enemy that has been glooming in the horizon ever since I started out this career. Hell, I can feel its dark forces as I am blogging.

Most of my friends are victim to this merciless villain. Chances are high my fellow blogger that you might be one of 'them'. It's a habit that's hard to lose once you pick it up. Ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about the curse of Eye-glasses.

It just depresses me that each time I remember my university days and my computer science colleagues, I'd remember the geeky guys with the glasses or all the pathetic girls with the lenses (some would go through the pain of red soar eyes rather than be taunted by her friends)

Its understandable considering the career we set our path in. 8 hours of daily computerizing is gonna sooner or later affect your eye vision. So far, I've been the last man standing. Maybe coz I never wanted to admit that my vision is not perfect, and the truth is I never know simply because I never did any eye examination. I am just scared of discovering the worst.

Unless we talk about those eye exams they do for your driving license application. Let's take the Canadian version of it. They test your vision by subjecting your eyes to a device that looks like a microscope. I've never felt so silly in my life as they project 3D letters & numbers at you from different dimensions and angles and these letters are jumping all over, some are running around like bunch of lunatics who just escaped the asylum. It was soo annoying as I've been asked to identify letters…an "8" would look like an "S", a far away "0" looks like a far away "O"...the worst one was when they put an "F" (underlined) and I mixed it with an E.

I barely passed that eye test. You gotta imagine my feeling when one year later, I come back for the Saudi version of driving license. They sit you down in a chair and ask you to point to the direction of the "opening" in the "C" or U shape (you know what I am talking about)…up, right, up…thank you….your vision is 6/6. You don't need glasses.

But I feel that things are far away from that stage. I am noticing that my vision is getting blurry whenever I am relaxing my eyes but not closing them especially when sitting on TV or when I am praying or passively staring into darkness. But everything is back to normal when I adjust it (I focus). I am starting to feel the strain in my eyes after long hours of staring at the screen. Other than those moments, my vision is clear crystal (or I think it is).

In spite of all that, I hesitate to subject myself to a real eye test. It's my latest phobia. I don't want to discover if I am short or long eye-sighted. I'd refuse to be another person at the mercy of this mischievous accessory.


Elijah said...

I suffered for around 15 years until I got the Lazik done, you won't believe how liberating it is. You wake up and rush out without torturing and poking ur eyes and you can fall asleep anywhere without having to drag urself up to take em off. and u can SWIM and SEE at the same time looool the list goes on and on.

TV and PC's can kill them, be careful

Kinano said...

lmao @ "and u can SWIM and SEE at the same time "

Well, it is not necessarily that something is wrong with your vision. Maybe your iris' muscles are just tired.

You need to stare more into an open view. Something like the sea so that you can re-adjust your vision-field depth.


KJ said...

Hamza, your eyes will go blurry lamma "tesra7"... they naturally go out of focus, it is fine. Also, how can you tell they are blurry if you stare in darkness :P

Anyway, I think I am going for a Lazik operation sometime soon. I just need to be on holiday for two weeks.

eshda3wa said...

whats wrong with glasses!

i cant live without mine
15 minits without em and i get headaches

u can always get lasik
and have ur vision restored u know
the longer u put it off the worse itll be

Hamza said...

ELIJAH: I always swim and see at same time....


Kinan: that's a possibility but if it is true, then its happening very often

KJ: good luck on the LAZIK. My father did it a couple of years ago and he's happy. The only downside I remember is that he was totally blind for I think 48 hours. So make sure somebody will be servicing you and try to keep urself entertained as u'll be banned from TV, videogaming, blogging, reading and...basically everything..lool

eshda3wa: See that's my point. You are one of 'them'. Another poor victim who is dependent on those damned glasses.

*shakes his head in disappointment*

NoNoWa said...

I wore glasses when I was younger, but when I turned 16, I surrendered to contact lenses. I cant see without them!! I love them and I can Swim and See too!
If i got glasses I think they wud be way too thick and I am afraid of lasik cuz I certainly dunno if I cud handle bein blind for 48 hours... if i cant see my hubby and kids I wud go crazy! So 7mdella lenses work for me!!!