A phonecall that made my day

It hasn't been the best of my days. My day didn't start up very well and i was not productive at work. I started my day with what I call my cup of coffee links where I check blogs that I missed reading over the weekend. Today, this process took around an hour..By the time I wanted to start working, I had to leave the office to go pick up my dad from the airport. His flight got delayed another hour. So by the time I picked him up and dropped him home, I ended up wasting a total of 3 hours.

Back at work, I worked for a couple of hours till I couldn't focus anymore. I got a phone call from my friend to join him for seafood lunch, again during my working hours. So basically, I stayed in my office only a total of 2 hours.

At lunch, while my friend was explaining to me how important it is that I should get used to drinking coffee and especially turkish coffee. He had a very convincing argument: "what if you wanna propose to a girl and visit her family and then she comes and brings you a cup of coffee? would you say no? they'd think you don't like her. and even if you drank the coffee and you showed up the facial signs that you don't like it..they'll assume that you didn't like HER coffee and they would consider this as a "no". and..."

I was in the middle of arguing why don't they become more modern and go and do NESCAFE or capuccino before my phone rang with the infamous metal gear solid ringtone.. I pick up the phone:
"Good afternoon Mr. Hamza Taha. This is the dental clinic calling"
"yes hi"
"how are you feeling today?"
"hm...pretty good"
"are you having any pain or side effects from the root canal treatment we did to you on thursday?"
"hmm...no everything is fine. It only hurt me at night"
"you are taking your antibiotics?"
"ok...this was just a follow up call to make sure that you are ok. See you in your next appointment next thursday..Take care"
"ok..thanks for caring"

Did my dentist just call to check up on me? this is the first time that I have such experience. Doctors must definitely learn from him. I am definitely recommending this dentist to all my colleagues because he really made my day


Waed S. said...

Aww !!
Root canals suck big times so the least they can do is check up on you ! It was really nice of them ! My dentist is nice but he doesn't check up on the Root Canals I did . I was almost 10 when I had my first root canal . yes yes ! I have lousy teeth!

And LOL @ the coffee story !

asoom said...

yea that's pretty un-arab doctor of your dentist. I don't mean to stereotype but when it comes to customer service in health care I've noticed a HUUGGGEEEEE difference between Jordan and the US.

I had a dentist appointment last week and he took his time explaining the options that I have and was geniuinely concerned about my schedule (I need all 4 wisdom teeth out). He called me up the next day to make sure I understood what the next step is, and on top of that he's really cute!

so what was the conclusion of the coffee debate? Are you going to be switching to arabic coffee now as to not offend the future potential misses?

mab3oos said...

hold on to this dentist! They don't come by in this manner anymore.
And, yes. Turkish coffee is the bestest!

Fawazeer @ mab3oos

Anonymous said...

shu hay be modern, nescafe 7aki fadi ahh? turkish coffee my friend!

My pediatric (yes pediatric) doctor does that.. I have to switch her in December cuz I wont be pediatric anymore :( lol

KJ said...

I think at the Jaha we should have colored water (tea :P ) instead of coffee LOL!

My doctors kaman are checking up on my eye. Shu cute!

Hani Obaid said...

There's a reason you need either sugar or really sweet sweets with coffee....to kill the horrible taste!

Just make it clear to your future inlaws that you're not a coffee person :)

The Observer said...

Wow! So some doctors are starting learning the art of service?!

That is excellent! We need more of this.

Publish his name and phone number and spread the word on facebook. He should be rewarded :)

Ms Loala said...

I have to tell you I'm really amazed! Is he 100& Arabian?

And your conversation ......? Your friends kelon madrooben 3ala hal amthila ;P

eshda3wa said...

dentists are all good ppl :P

just wanted to wish u a happy ramadan to u n ur family

Hamza said...

lost within - this is the first time I have a root canal treatment. I've been on 3 sessions with him and he constantly calls

asoom - lol. It appears that you always choose cute doctors. I am not sure about switching but at same time, I am not sure if I wanna tell them to make NESCAFE for me rather than turkish coffee

mab3oos- thanks for passing by. I am participatin your fawazeer ;)

batoul - OMG, you still go to your pediatric? looool

KJ - even colored water should be banned. what's wrong with water? :P

hani obaid - I am trying to imagine how will I ask my wife out.."let's go grab a cup of juice" sounds very weird.

the observer- yes Fadi. Doctors must learn from him.

ms loala- yes and he is a sophisticated lebanese.

eshda3wa- yea, and I wish you were my dentist. Happy Ramadan to you too.

Anonymous said...

who is he ??
in jordan or where??


Hamza said...

mais- no he is in jeddah in Saudi Arabia.