The dog & its nipples

for the rest of the week, I'll be attending a training course titled "Islamic Banking Instruments". Yesterday was our first day. and here is an example of some of the conclusions that our instructor arrives because of the weird wiring system in his brain and the burnt up fuses he has.

A colleague of mine is questioning the difference between how a form of strucuturing deals done in islamic banking is different than the way its done in Conventional Banking. Here was the professor's answer:

" many nipples does the dog have?"
WHAT is that related to the nipples of a dog?
"the dog has 6 nipples. Why? because usually dogs give birth to usually 6 dogs and it needs to breastfeed all the children.
Let's look at sheep. How many nipples does the sheep have? they have only one. Sheeps usually give birth to one sheep. Right?
How many of you eat dogs? if you live in china, you might be. But how many of us eat sheep? almost all of us. For example, we in Bahrain slaughter around 5000 sheeps a day. So imagine how many sheeps does saudi arabia slaughter..especially with saudis being more voracious and they always eat KABSA 3 times a day. So they slaughter sheep 10 times more than us.
The question that arises is how come there is more sheep in the world more than dogs...ha?????
The answer is simple. GOD BLESSED sheeps. He didn't BLESS dogs. Same for banking. God likes and blessed Islamic Banking. He didn't bless conventional Banking."

I am seriously concerned about the deteriorating health of my brain. It does not need more corruption. I wish I can lend it to someone till this course is over.


KJ said...

This is probably the best thing I heard in years! LMAO

Anonymous said...

loool wad3ak sa3eb.
I bet the weird association will keep it in your mind :D

Ali said...

Hmm all is fine and dandy except... they eat dogs in S.Korea not China


see people like that are the reason why "the 3rd world" countries exist.

Anonymous said...


Where the f**k do these guys get their examples from lol

7aki Fadi said...



PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

LOL! shu had? w bidarsou il ajyal il sa3ideh kaman!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he just kidding with you to lighten the mood before he starts with the serious stuff !!
but I really hate dogs, am glad they are not blessed loooooool

Anonymous said...


*goes into blasphemy mode*

starwish said...

Dogs are not blessed! They don't go to heaven!

No, but really, LOL

Anonymous said...

the course seems intereting!
do you believe thatthere's acually a differnce between islamic banking and ordinary banks?

Hamza said...

KJ - yea I can tell that you liked the story. You've been bugging me about the dog nipples for quite a while.

batoul - it did more than kept it in my mind. I even blogged about it.

ali - I don't care whether its S.korea or china. I am still shocked at his example

elijah & 7aki Fadi & proudpal - I wonder how he was raised.

noura- no no, this was his way of proving a point.

kinan - looo. you should see the rest of his arguments.

starwish - what a weird example.

anonymous - yes there is a difference. islamic banking is asset-based rather than cash based like conventional bankin. But to boil it all down, its like doing things indirectly and with a complicated structure.

XTR said...

This is unbelievable! Are you sure that guy was normal?

Take it easy pal. You wouldn't want your brains to deteriorate anymore. Relax. Lol

Anonymous said...


Waed S. said...

and I never thought I'd read the words nipple and Islamic banking in the same sentence !
One lives to learn though =D

Lost said...

lolllololol ARABS For you.. LOL...makes me laugh though

Maher said...


Sra7a? af7amne! lool

eshda3wa said...



nikta niiktaaa

a different perspective said...

This is so funny. I can't believe they teach that!

asoom said...

You've been tagged!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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