NOOR (a.k.a as GUMUS)


and each day, it keeps giving me more reason to hate it, especially since it started to directly affect my life.

1- like many days, I'd come back from work and I want to sit in my room to read a book, watch tv or play music on my laptop. But lately, my brother would walk in like 3antar zamano and with few clicks on the remote control, he would ruin the whole relaxing atmosphere I have when he tunes on this blasphemous tv show that would distract me from reading anything, listening to music or doing whatever I want to do.

2- One of my friends who I keep calling to see if he wants to go out. Most of the time, he is ready to go out but there are times where he hesitates to go out and he keeps giving me all those excuses like: "I am doing my AC", "I am out shopping with my dad", "I am fixing my fridge" etc etc. Lately, he confessed to me that he doesn't 't show up because I call him when he is in the middle of watching NOOR.

3- Another friend who I regularly talk to. Whenever we talk and might be having a serious debate and our conversation is almost reaching the climax, I all of a sudden hear: "oh...Noor is on....bye"..tout tout...Later, we came to this arrangement not to talk to each other during this 'holy hour'.
Latest incident I had was yesterday. I just wanted to call to say hamdella ala il salameh after arriving from the airport yesterday, but what do I get in return? "watching you later"..tout, tout..

4- and Last but not least. I go out shopping with my dad. At around 9:45, I see him getting jumpy and is hurrying up in shopping. When we rode the car, he was driving faster and recklessly more than usual. When I asked him, he goes like: "Noor is starting in 10 minutes". That's all I needed. My dad to be brainwashed too.

and for the fans of Noor, let me tell you, I tried watching the show. I seriously tried...I watched a couple of episodes. I don't find anything extraordinary about it. Its like any of those long mexican guy, poor girl....breaking up, making out, breaking up, making out, somebody is paralyzed...not anymore...there will be a new kid...turns out to be his son...the story is such a cliche. You could watch an episode now, and an episode one month later, and you can easily follow on what happened because the progress in story is sooooooooo damn slow.

and seriously, I believe that this show might be the cause of many divorces and breakups. This Mohannad guy is such a pain in the neck. He unrealisticly raises the bar for the dream guy for the girls. Most of the girls would go like: "why can't you be like mohannad? see how nice he is"..."yeeee, dakheeelo shu amooor wi jameeel hal mohannad..yo2boshli albi" " aaaaaaaaah, look at his green sexy eyes"..."7araam hal nazrah il 7azeeeneh illi doesn't suit him"

oh, one more it me or am I the only person on Earth who finds Alma annoying? I wish I can mutilate her and cut her to pieces each time I hear her annoying voice. I can't handle her naive and stupid behavior. If there is a kid who'll ever make me a child mercenary, its her and she is on the top of my list.

ah look at me, I ditched work and wasted 40 minutes just ranting about this silly series....I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE IT.


Waed S. said...

God !!
I hate it when my friends hang up on me to watch the show !!
I mean the show will some day end and I'll hold a grudge for ever ,,, now who wants that ? I dunno how they can afford losing a friend like my great self =P
the other day we were out late and
dad asked if we wanted IceCream b4 going home so we all said YES !
then my 7 year old bro was like : kam el sa3a ? When I said it was 10:30 the kid was like bediii
arawe7 yella!!
a kid watching a soap opera ! wallah 7aram ! I shud totally post his conversations about the show with my other 7 yr old cousins! they're hilarious !

7aki Fadi said...


asoom said...

yea noor was seriously ruining my stay in Jordan, and like you I really did try to give it a chance.....

and what do you mean mohannad raises the bar???? ewwwww

Unknown said...

1. lol @ ur dad, hilarious!
2. Break up and make up not out LOL
3. Correction, sexy BLUE eyes ;) haha
4. Elma is the death of me.

Ms Loala said...

Wow you even wasted the internet's bandwidth for Noor!
I applaud your enthusiasm.
See, it's getting into you, so stop rejecting this temptation :P

It's epidemic I'm telling ya. And glad I'm not a fan.
It's just too lame and melodramatic to be bothered by watching it.

And mohannad ................. for crying out loud can he get any more feminin!!
He's not even masculine! "drools at George Clooney"
Now THATS a man !

starwish said...

LOL, Hamza, the storyline sounds like any Korean melodrama, except they usually have a character with Cancer (or some other deadly disease).

But since you blogged about it, its getting into you, isn't it? haha :P

Unknown said...


Noor once again, i quit watching it long time ago,but i am just forced to do it bcoz of my roommate,ur father too?? My dad likes watching "Sanwat El-Dia3" honstly he just enjoys watching "Lamees" :)

about Alma, My roommate hates her too, she had the same wish as u, wishing her to vanish

u see how the drama is,even Alma got a boyfriend, everyone get a chance in this serious

Best wishes, the series tends to be ended soon ia, allah be3een LooL

SkyWaLkEr said...

fuck noor and fuck mohannad..
i love you lameeeeees :P

Anonymous said...

I hate that little bitch Alma

There is a facebook group for the I-hate-Alma fans. Go join it. It is on my profile LOL!

Anonymous said...

what are you talking about ???
Is it that turkish series that all news reports are writing about that is causing problems and even some divorce cases between married couples in the Middle East because women like the star of the show ??

Hamza said...

lost within - Finally, somebody is suffering like me. we must make an anti-campaign against it.

7aki fadi- :P

asoom - lol. I hate him. But seriously til now, none of the guys are your type. who do u want? :P

batoul - lol..didn't realize that much difference in make up and make out. lol

ms loala - and I like your style..George Clooney you say. ;)

starwish - I won't let myself be sucked into this blackhole.

Mayasi - alma has a boyfriend? OMG...*faints*

skywalker - who is lamees????

KJ - loooooooo. I tried looking for it the other day..hahahahaha

noura - see, see..that's my point..and over what? I HAVE NO idea

SkyWaLkEr said... don't know lamees?? she's a star in the other popular turkish series "sanawat il '6aya3"..she is amazingly beautiful
but i don't watch it..

The Observer said...

:S! A friend of mine leave early always when we go out to watch this zeft show! and my mom is obsessed with it as well! I never have seen her fixed to any Tv series like this one! I wish I have the time and the patience to join the crowd, but maybe it is too late now!

Anonymous said...

I totally get you mate, I started watching it 2 months ago becasue at the time I was a fresh graduate with nothing to do and I just wanted to pass time, but now I just wish all the cast dead!

I mean come on people, are you really that stupid that a show like NOOR would effect your life and sometimes ruins it and for what, really for what?

Anonymous said...

Man the sad thing is that it's only guys who realize how much this show blows.

I think I can safely say I'm the only female in this world who hasn't been hypnotized by the show.
I didn't even bother watching the first episode of the show when I heard ena mbc 4 tawa emnazel el-musalsal. Just the bloody teaser commericial left itself with a bad taste in my mouth.
I do try to watch the show l2na sadly my sisters and her little cousins/friends are so intrigued by this show. It just makes me think: "What? Now even little children enjoy watching this circus?" A7la shay is the effect it's having on the youth. One of my bestfriends, a 14 year old no less, decided to break up with her boyfriend because he didn't fit the bill of Muhaned. I immediately yelled at her, and she almost cried l2na it was the first she ever saw me so violent/angry. I told her that she should realize that there's a fine line between reality and fiction. See? And if younger kids are watching this, does the stupid director even realize the future effect it's going to have on them? No. Obviously not. If the director did have half a brain, he would have had enough sense to not film this so called "show".

And I know what you mean about friends ditching plans because of "5anum" Noor on tv =] I'm still really upset with my cousin because she was supposed to pick up this bashamel I made for her mum, but la? What does she do? =]
When she came over getleha "i5thi el bait seeda l2na umach tabi a7een. 3azma raba3ha el-layla" t5ayal ya a5i - bent 5alti 7adha metfar'3a l2na tgooli "inshallah :D bas 5alni achoof noor awal!" oo 3la kaifha yat oo ga3dat oo sha'3elat el telvaz...Y3ni ishd3wa!
Ana a9lan moob fahma salfat el musalsal a9lan! 7adi em'9ay3a!

Y3ni ya rabi! Ista'3ferallah! How much drama does this god damn family go through? It's so unrealistic, it's ridiculous. Still it seems like I'm the only person who realizes just how pointless this series is.

The person who pisses me off is Muhaned. Do you know how much junk I've been getting in my inbox regarding that dude? Like e-mails about how Muhaned treats noor, and how guys in real life treat their wives, or "Muhaned's brother" [which, to be honest, I'll shamelfully admit was the only e-mail regarding "gumus" that I actually liked]

Going back on topic, however, it's funny how women get their hopes up because guys like him don't exist, right? And why would you want him in the first place? Do they even realize how much of a big baby he is? "Ohhh!!! I'm gonna throw a bloody dramatic fit because Nihal is going to get married!" "Oh, I'm going to hide the fact that I knocked up Nihal and she hid from me, making me think she was dead!" etc. etc.

If I was married to Muhaned, ow la, if he was my son? I wouldn't be like "5anum shareefa" and just 6angar 3laih when he insults me. Haha. He wouldn't dream of insulting me because I'd have given him a hard slap if he even insulted me in the first place ;)
Like the saying goes: "Spare the rod, spoil the child" Wallah. Haha. If my cousins tried to act like Muhaned the way he does with his mother, let's just say the thought wouldn't even cross their mind. Yep. They're that frightened of her, and they know that they have no right to be rude to their parents a9lan, like the aya goes. But hey - the show ditches all of this, because society today likes sex, blood and violence.

I mean, look. If you're going to do a drama, can you at least make it realisitc? I mean kidnaping, multiple pregnancies, constant bickering, dead wives, cheating, stalkers, babies from another person, etc. etc. all in one family? I'd say the family had to be super fucked up in the first place, because in the show ylz3m this family isn't "fucked" up. They're all "united we stand, divided we fall".

And another person who pisses me off is Noor. I hate how she 6angers 3la kelshay. If I was Muhaned I'd completely ignore her if she threw me one of her "dramatic episodes". Y3ni I think it's ma95ara ena he constantly runs after her like a stupid dog. Don't be a dick! BE A DUDE! Y3ni if Noor tried this on the a 5aliji guy? He'd have kicked her ass out a long time ago. I'd have been sick of her by then if we'd been married. I mean, how can you stand dramatic people? They're not mature. I'm surprised they got permission to get married in the first place. Two of the most stupidest people you could meet.

Throw each one on a bloody deserted island; that should make for an interesting episode for once. You'll see on one island noor smacking coconuts because she thinks she'll start a fire that way, and Muhaned on the other island will be too busy throwing a tantrum and breaking things because he's "pissed". Bitch please. You ain't the Hulk.

And another thing about this show that makes me wanna bang my head against a wall. Have you noticed how after something "terrible" happens, they play around with it in a few shows, and then they ditch it for something even more "traumatic"? For example, Rgaya and whatshisface were cheated of their money and the house. They play with this for a few episodes, but people don't realize ena "then what happened?" they never explain if they tried to get their money back from the forged contract, or anything of the sort.

Are people really this stupid?

Y3ni honestly. Name one person who has this exact drama going on in their lives? No one? Exactly. Because this sort of thing does not exist. sa3at a7es the director was inspired by aflam el hnood.

Peace man.

Anonymous said...

agreed with baroness
this show is fucking stupid and im not just saying this because im a man
its pointless and useless
my sister loses braincells everytime she watches this show
is it over for good?

Anonymous said...

no no u r not alone ...


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