Ramadanian Thoughts

Unfortunately, those are all thoughts I either had while I am at work or while I was praying Taraweeh.


In an attempt to congratulate my friend on Ramadan:
"Ramadan Kareem ya sidi"
"Allah akram ya DVD"

what is the true meaning of the "لا يمسه إلا المطهرون" ayah in Quran. Does it mean that you really have to make Wudu' each time I wanna touch the quran? Does it mean that it can be only touched by muslims and that muslims are not allowed? tab why? what's the point? is it referring to the reading of the quran? ok, so if I wasn't 'tahir', can I let a 'tahir' person open up the quran for me and let him flip for me the pages while I read the Quran so that I maintain the 'don't touch' rule

so I was in madinah around a month ago. It was the first time I go to madina in 13 to 14 years. As part of the things I did was my visit to the Masjid Al-Qiblatain. According to the Sheikh who was guiding me, it was where the Prophet was ordered by Allah to turn his face from Masjid Aqsa in Jerusalem to the Kaaba in Makkah while offering the Asr prayers;..so I asked a question:
"so...the prophet was praying in front and then he got the revelation DURING prayer to turn his head. In that case, he turned from north to south, right? does this mean that him as an Emam, he was actually positioned behind the ppl? I see it as kind of funny as how ppl were able to guess when the Imam is proceeeding in the prayer...or did he just walk and turn all the way to the front WHILE praying?

The sheikh looked at me and paused for few minutes before he said: "what are you trying to say? you are mocking our prophet? get out of my cab ya faseq ya ....."

so In Islam, a woman can only reveal her hands and her face. But they hide their ears. Are the ears part of the face or not? and what's the point behind hiding the ears? would I get turned on by seeing an ear? would ANYONE ever get turned on by an ear? I wonder

I spend the next half an hour googling images of women ears and I wasn't turned on

efff...I don't feel this ramadan is special. Many ppl use ramadan as a reference point where they quit a habit or start a new. i have no bad habits to quit. You know what? next year, I'll start watching porn 2 months in advance so that i have something to quit by the time Ramadan comes

Ok, I feeel bad. we have always been taught that if you get distracted in prayers or in life in general, it is because of the misguidance of the Devil. At the same time, they say that the Devils are sealed in the heavens. Ok, so why am I not concentrating in my prayers? I don't feel more divine in Ramadan. Its one of three things: 1- my devil managed to run away and stay with me (*rolls eyes*) 2- my soul is soo corrupt that it inspires evilness to my devil 3-Devils DO NOT exist (sorry God for this, but I am not convinced)

I always thought that between praying and fasting, praying is the most important. It has been stressed alot in the quran and ppl have to pray no matter what, whether they are sick, travelling, disabled. Those 5 prayers need to be done. But as for fasting, you only fast one month and if you are sick or travelling, then you don't have to do it.

However, in one of the episodes of the "Abu Jafar El Mansur" a good point was raised. A woman doesn't have to make up for the lost prayers she missed when she was pmsing. however, she has to make up for the days she was not fasting in Ramadan. So after all, which form of worship is considered better for God?

"LOL" is such an overused word. People are such hypocrites. I still remember spying on KJ while chatting with his friend. He keeps typing"LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL" yet he barely form a smile on his face. The same goes with my colleagues. We are at work and they keep typing "LOL" yet I know they are hiding in their cubicles and they would not move a bit. LOL should be banned from further usage in the cyberworld and I encourage the use of "loq" (laugh out quiet)


Unknown said...

**loq loq loq (3m bd7ak *rolls eyes*)
**abyakh mn haik ya DVD?
**Why do people ALWAYS kick you out of places? That should just tell you something.
**mshanAllah she'd look like a monkey anyway if she put her ears out of the 7ijab. Leave the damn women alone. Maybe other sick minded men are turned on.
**I fight distractions all the time. ma by7laali ila wo ana 3m sali.
**If there is no valid reason to miss a day and you do.. You are to make up 61 days. 60 in punishment and 1 for the day missed. No, thank you.. I'll fast. But days missed due to pms are made up after Ramadan. I don't agree with the episode :S

KJ said...


Ms Loala said...


Hamza ......!

My god i so wanna smack you on the forehead for these silly thoughts ..

Allahuma eny 9aima, glad i wasn't your imam otherwise i had to go for haj just to repent what i had to do to you ;p

Wa ramadan kareem.

asoom said...

Are you not getting enough mental stimulation/challenge in your daily life? we should switch lives for a day. Or you should be my therapist and decipher my life.

It's a much greater hardship to make up missed prayers than it is to make up the missed fasts. Also, you only fast 30 days out of the year so missing 5-7 of those is more significant than missing the prayers which are fard 5 times a day everyday. I believe those are the bases behind why we don't make up prayers like we make up fasts but if you're that interested you can do the research.

Waed S. said...

And I thought I was the only one who get weird ideas in the holy land !! Converting Satan almost never occurred to me till I went for 3umra !

LOOOOL @ watching porn b4 ramadan !
I think I watched porn, well not exactly porn but sth kinda graphic= gossip girl, this Ramadan ! enu I cudn't have chosen a better month for such a show !! :|

and I can relate to the LOOOOL part ! but some times it is the only way to keep the conversation going ! I lol whenever I feel like not giving an answer! LOL

bb_aisha said...

lol-sorry, couldn't resist. But I did laugh at this. I can't handle it when people use lol all the time. I know it's because they can't think of anything to say, and usually, the ones who say lol all the time are the ones I have the least interesting conversations with

Batoul said it best re hijab & ears showing