a O_o moment

I just finished texting a message to one of my friendsanswering the ultimate question that was raised 2 weeks ago in our social circle that day.

We just finished cleaning the mess left by the guests who attended the birthday party of one of our friend's daughter who just turned one. We decided to hang in the garage so that most of the guys could host their special closed session (similar to those in 70s show if you get what I am saying). There were two conversations going on. I was part of one that went like this (note: the following conversation have been modified where all the R-rated and swearing words were filtered, which were going at a rate of one x-rated word every 3 words):
"wow man, time flies by. You were the first among us to get married and look at you, you are a father with a cute little girl" - humpty
"yea man. I never imagined that I'll spend my morning blowing balloons. hahahaha" - birthday girl father
"hahahaha, I wonder who's gonna be the next guy among us who'll get married and screwed" - humpty
"man, it is a huge responsibility. My life has turned upside down. I miss the days I was single" - birthday girl father
" what are you talking about? if I were you, I'd marry two more. hahahha..especially since your religion allows for it" yogi
"oh man, trust me. You are lucky if you could manage one..hahahaha" - birthday girl father
"What you saying guy? screw management. I am talking about doing threesomes all the time" yogi
....We all stare at him till AKA said:
"is that even allowed in Islam?"
"I...I...don't know..it never occured to me" - humpty

another moment of silence. eyes shift towards me since I am considered the most religious and supposedly most knowledgeable among them. heh, that was totally unexpected.
"well...I have no clue. as far as I am concerned, there is neither a statment that prohibits it nor a statement that permits it..Its just....hmmm...that would be a good justification for another wife plust it will spice up....aaah...WHAT THE HELL you guys are thinking? threesome with two wives.." - me

the question remained unanswered, but it left my mind churning for an answer. I didn't have the guts to ask a sheikh in a mosque or anybody if threesomes are allowed with two wives. They'd think I am some kind of pervert and that will fuel the debate that some have about my sexual preference that's already in question.

I could only search the internet for an answer, but I repeat that I am not satisfied since I question the validity of those fatwas on internet. I only came upon those three links (the rest turned out to be all ads to some porn movies)
1- IslamOnline
2- Aqoul
3- Threesomes - Halal or Haram?

in brief, the major view is that it is Haram for two reasons: a) Details of intimate relationships should only be kept between husband and wife only b) women are not permitted to look at the 'Awrah' of each other. Based on that, the other view goes to the extreme of saying if the two wives agree, and that it is done in dark (so that they dont see their 'awrah'), and they never discuss it after, then it is permitted.

Honestly, opening this topic and delving more into it left a O_o expression on my face.


Waed S. said...

and a O_o on my face too !!
shu hal so2al ... prodcutive young minds one must say ....

It is disgusting , that's number one and second isn't it considered homosexuality in a way or another which is haram in Islam ? I am not a mufti but who on earth gave that fatwa ?

Ms Loala said...

"Based on that, the other view goes to the extreme of saying if the two wives agree, and that it is done in dark (so that they dont see their 'awrah'), and they never discuss it after, then it is permitted"
That is one f***ed up idea!!

I'm already questioning your preferences dude!

But this got me to this question, what about threesome with 2 guys?

You asked for it :P

asoom said...

the answer is no

KJ said...

I will pretend I didn't read this post LOL

LOL @ Loala hahahahhaha

Hamza said...

lost within - as i said, I am questioning the validity of those fatwas on internet. and well, we might both find it disgusting, but trust me for some, it is a fantasy. :P

ms loala - OMG mosh tabi3ee shu madroobeh inti. Can a woman marry 2 GUYS aslan? I am here talking about threesome in marriage..although the idea of a threesome with 2 guys give more options and....AAAAH, shut up, look what you've done and how you made me think.

asoom - *questions asoom's firm answer* ok..somebody is feeling personal about this

KJ - consider it a lesson learnt not to hang out with a bunch of lunatics that i hang out with.

starwish said...

This is sick. I'm also against a man marrying more than one wife even if he treats all of them fairly.

It might not matter to a man, but a woman wants to be the one and only one.

Ms Loala said...

In Tibet, polyandry is allowed :P

*Wonders who to marry when she moves there*

Hamza said...

starwish - same for men. they wanna eventually be with one...but from time to time, they like to explore other options.

msloala- in the west and in the middle East, they will call what you do something else. :P

Anonymous said...

*ignores imbecilic post*

Anonymous said...

Oh Hamza, I can't believe that I was having the same discussion the other day looool i'm more twisted than u and ur friends.

My answer was that women can't see eachothers' awra. and the counter question i got was what if it's in the dark?!!!!

I have no idea!! But I think it's f**ked up.

starwish said...

This whole topic is effed up!

Hamza said...

kinano - *cleans kinano traces*

elijah - thank God fee somebody who is more twisted than me. looooool. At least you had the courage to discuss it. loooooool

starwish - sara7a, I don't care..at least for now. :P

Unknown said...

oh look! a butterfly :D
*follows butterfly out of the room*

The Observer said...

I thought about this and discussed it with people before. It would only be fair if the two women are okay with it, maybe it would work better if they both are bisexual.

What about a man marrying 3 or 4 women? It would be a 5 some thing

Lost within, I think that it is men homosexuality that is forbidden in Islam (it can aslo be debated), but women homosexuality is not mentioned in any form in the Quran. I don't think it is forbidden, although not sure about that.