Pimping my friend out

I finally feel liberated. I managed to end the relationship that was bothering me lately..or at least assume I did so.

It happened all on Friday. It didn't go out very well as I felt like I have screwed things up. I didn't manage to say the speech that I've prepared in advance. I ended up saying my true gut feelings in a very frank way. I blurted out statements like "this relationship is so stressful", "I am not gonna answer unknown numbers for a while just in case it turns out to be you" etc. I was involuntarily very harsh on him. He kept on listening before at last I gave him a ride back home.

On the way back home, he was silent all the time. It kind of pissed me off coz I was hoping he'd retaliate, attack me back, or at least defend himself. I mean the whole point of this was that to listen to any final words he got.

When we were at the door steps of his home, he started speaking. At first, he scolded me for the way I decided on ending this friendship, saying that we are guys and we shouldn't have this kind of conversation, because this is the conversation that guys use when breaking up with girls. Fine..he was right. I shouldn't have been over-dramatic.

At the same time, he believes it would be inappropriate if I decide to suddenly ignore him and stop answering his calls. He was even frustrated when I said: "I think this is the best way forward as I have consulted many people and this is what they say". He didn't like the fact that I consulted others. God only knows how he would react if he knew I wrote 2 whole posts about this subject.

Later, he kept on defending me and saying how great I am and how he considers me his best friend and more like a brother. I felt kind of ashamed that he stressed all the good things in me while I stressed his bad traits. He also believes that I kind of misjudged the situation as he was depressed only lately and how he regrets opening his heart to me and being very honest with me.

I tried to close the topic and use reverse psychology in the form that he deserves better friends than me and just wish him luck for the rest of his life. He replied that one day all my questions would be answered and that this moment will be a dramatic turning point in his life. Initially, I thought it would be a step forward for him to realize that life is not all rosy and that he'll wake up and take steps to improve his situation. However, he didn't mean that at all. On the contrary, what he really meant is that he shouldn't be blamed if he ever commits suicide. It kind of sent chills down my spine and I almost panicked as I know I'll never forgive myself if he ever commits suicide.

At the end, he tried rationalizing and bargaining for a middle solution where we kind of "phase-out" the friendship slowly by less phone calls like a call a month and after 3 months, I do a re-evaluation. I refused and I remained firm on my position as I felt that this was kind of faking an existing friendship and delaying the fate that we both know will eventually happen.

I dropped him and as I was driving back, I kept on thinking on all the mistakes I've did, and how I might have misjudged him and that I know that I couldn't completely cut him off. While we never agreed on it, I know that if he ever attempts to contact me, I might (and I hope not) respond back. The only thought that keeps reminding me of him was the idea of "what would happen if I dropped him at tahliya venue at around 4 a.m?"

Last Wednesday, (2 days before the whole break-up situation), I was extremely busy and I only managed to see him after 1 a.m. We cruised in the car till it was almost dawn. By the time it was 4 a.m. I was tired and wanted to go home. For him, he'd refuse to go back. He pulled one of his stupid moves where he lied to his family and that he was going for UMRA with me and that him coming home after only 3 hours would be unrealistic. He needed to stay in a place, a coffee shop or somewhere for at least another 2 hours before he can go back. This is a sample of the kind of many moves he pulls that make me build up the rage inside me. How am I supposed to find an open place at around 4 a.m.?

My last hope was in checking the Tahliya Avenue. We parked my car and went for a walk around the area. The situation was not promising at all. It was not deserted. On the contrary, it had many people. People who were organised in groups...groups that looked like gangs...Gangs that kept staring at us and specifically at him. I kept teasing him and threatening that I'd leave him to entertain those ass-rapists. Minutes later, the joke no longer became funny as 3 of the 5 gangs started closing on us. What was even worse is that he was not co-operative at all. He kept on giggling like he was some whore waiting for a customer to pick him up. His giggling attracted two cars that started roaming around us like a pair of predators waiting to feast on their prey; being him of course.

Thankfully, we managed to escape the place safely but I always wished I had left him there for the night. The guys would have avenged for all the rage I have built up and...

I could have sought an alternative career in pimping...pimping guys out.

Wow, what a unique profession to be proud of.


Anonymous said...

That was a unique read!

The only guy I ever gave the "you can't be my friend anymore" speech was a guy who was with a girl and came over that to "brag" about it to ruin her reputation.

Interesting thoughts though

7aki Fadi said...

Wow he must have been sooo annoying that you were contemplating him getting gang raped.

LOL Hamza, inta 3aneef. I better not piss you off EVER.

Well if you do get to talk to him again breaking up (like a girlfriend :P) the second time will be easier.

asoom said...

"He pulled one of his stupid moves where he lied to his family and that he was going for UMRA with me and that him coming home after only 3 hours would be unrealistic. "

Ummm.....how old is your friend again ;)

tayib mabrook, it really does sound like a breakup hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Its awsome how you stayed strong to all his nonsense about suicide and "you're a great friend" fruit talk.

and... who would lie saying they're going to umra. Dude thats horrible! lol

and the last part is not a fun situation. glad you came out of it and wallah ma btmanaha to even your friend lol.

KJ said...

It is good how all these years in dealing with idiots at uni served you to break up with this freak!

I hope the Tahlia people didn't take your license plate number

Kinano said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL - ending it on a light note was perfect ;)

I hope you no more obsess about this or about him and move on...

Anonymous said...

Turning the table on you and listing your good traits for you shows he's smart..He was trying to take you on a guilt trip and he did since you felt a bit ashamed..
Maybe you were a bit overdramatic,you could have avoided him rather than this..
Can you imagine if he goes and tell other friends that you have broken up with him ?? looool

Hamza said...

qwaider- dude, in your case, I'd do even worse than "you can't be my friend anymore"

7aki fadi - he really annoyed me because he unnecessarily lied and put himself in a situation he could have easily avoided.

asoom - see..that's what I am talking about. these are things that made me wanna end it

batoul- I wish you could see the mental image of the whole situation when they were closing on us.

KJ- yea I know. university helped me alot. I am thinking of avoiding tahliya for quite a while, keep a low profile.

kinano - I knew you would enjoy those moments and I knew that you would have left him if you were in my place

noura - you are right. He knew that I'd feel guilty and wanted to use it to his advantage. Let him talk to his friends about me. I don't care.

Ms Loala said...

Damn you hamza you evil creature!
He broke my heart :(
Besides, i was opposing the whole break up thing! You ..........


But suicide?? what the hell! I would've spanked him on the head, maybe it'll resume some sense to his mind!!

The Observer said...

For how long has he been your friend? and was it that awful what he did that you want to end up your relationship? do we all do mistakes and friends should forgive each other?!?!