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The weather has been lovely this week. It is perfect. You have this breeze in the air that does not have the chilling touch and the sun is not hot anymore. Personally, no one could ask for a better weather.

But considering the weather forecast for the next 10 days, it doesn't look like its going to rain anytime soon.

So no rain? what's the solution? go read this interesting article.

What this article is saying is that the Government have issued a statement urging all the citizens of KSA to pray the "Rain Prayer" today as it has not rained this season.

Even the Sheikh on the Friday prayer talked about this. He even went further and said that the prayer will be done in groups all at same time and it was chosen that it'll be the first period for schools students. (i.e. they should be praying it as I am writing this).

So if it rained, then it is because God answered our prayers. If it didn't, then this means that we have not prayed hard enough or God is punishing us for our sins.

I am confused about how I should feel towards this. I cannot contest against doing a "Rain Prayer" but yet I don't see myself as doing it. But I wonder about one thing:

why we never pray this in the summer?


KJ said...

If there is one thing that always confuses me in religion, it is the rain prayer.

The problem is that rain prayers existed way before Islam and it was called by many names, all collectively called rain dancing.

You can read about it here:

The problem when it comes to Islam is that we have been told/brainwashed that if the Prophet says something then we have to take it as true, and he had told us of the rain prayer.

Now if you believe the Isra2/Me3raj story then it shouldn't take you much energy to believe in rain prayers. Then again like with everything in Islam, the imams always shut the door on logic and force you to believe. Otherwise you have went astray :P

Plus, look at it in this way: If today Muslims prayed rain prayer, and some tribe did the rain dance, and it rained... which God answered the prayer?

Kinano said...

*curses so violently he becomes incomprehensible*

7aki Fadi said...

why we never pray this in the summer?

Good question.

Sam said...

so did it rain??it aparently worked in amman...they prayed for rain on friday and low and behold it rained on friday night...and made my laundry all wet|:(

Elagante said...


Now obviously you are confused,… Islam makes things so logic and that is if you agree or not (READ AND LEARN)… God sob7anah wa ta3ala will answer any of his humans prayers, it doesn’t really matter how do they ask for it as long as it comes from the heart. It’s like speaking languages but at the end the meanings of the words are the same…

(KON FA YAKOON) are full of LOGIC explanation…

Elagante said...


If you believe in it then do it,… If not then simply don’t. I my self can’t do a thing which doesn’t feel real but I also believe in spiritual life. The life that makes us believe that our God does exist although we never saw him.

P.S happy new year my friend ;)

eshda3wa said...

im with elegante

u pray to god for everything rite
why not rain?

Hamza said...

KJ - you have a valid point my friend. I totally agree with what you said.
Anyway, it rained in UAE not here in KSA. So I think you guys were praying harder than we were :P

kinano - hahaha. I kind of anticipated your reaction

7aki- look who's talking. Sometimes it rains in Canada in the summer.

sam - you remind me of that joke that said that ppl went to prayers in KSA, and God answered their prayers by raining in Pakistan & India (reference to the majority of asian workers here :P)

elegante & eshda3wa - there seems to be a little confusion here. There is a difference between making duaa for rain (which I always do) and having a special rain prayer. I would not mind praying for God and asking him for rain..but I personally won't do it with the "rain prayer" that has somehow special rituals - I even heard that there is a hadith or something (I need to verify that) that ppl go out in groups and that they wear their clothes inside out (as a symbol of humilating ourself for God). Now, I don't wanna attack or make any accusations before I check the validity of such a statement.

KJ said...

Elegante, I am a firm believer in Islam but I also like to argue from the other side sometimes.

Like Hamza mentioned, I don't mind praying for rain but I don't know why there is a rain prayer. But then again, there is the estikhara prayer and I believe in that too even though you can ask for guidance in regula prayers as well

Elagante said...

Ya jama3a… Sometimes things are done the way they are because we fallow what prophet Mohammed (pbah) did right…??? And he was the one teaching us how 2 pray right??? So KJ and Hamza u r telling me that praying in one direction on a peace of cloth five times a day standing, bending and sitting makes séance to you? But praying for rain doesn’t????

Now to me it’s either you’re a believer or not,. Because our religion rules is taken from 2 linked sources (QURAN and SUNNA) and each one of them encourage us to follow the other…

Just an opinion, Wa Allah a3lam

Ms Loala said...
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