Me & the Three Scrooges

There are things in life that you should not consult people with, like shopping. Nevertheless, I occasionally take a couple of friends when I go look for something. Here is a sample of what went with me the other day:

"Dude, you should get this suit. Go wear it....oh it looks good on you..perfect fit. Get it man. Its only 10 days of work for a suit that will last you for years" – clothes fanatic

Hmm..I like the way he thinks. To measure the price of an item by the amount of time I spend at work

"You crazy. You wanna spend that amount of money on a suit? With this amount, you can get a PS3 and a game on top of that. You are talking about endless hours of videogaming kupo. Get the ps3. Get the PS3" – videogame fanatic

Oh who am I lying to? Of course a ps3 is more valuable to me than a new suite.

"What kind of a boring idiot are you? With this amount, you can go to venice for a 3 day trip and come back. VENICE man. VENICE. They will be the most memorable day in your life." – travel fanatic

STOP it.

They don't know that I'll listen to none of them. In the end, I am going to invest my money on an illegal MK 48 so that I empty my ammunition on the sorry corpses of those fanatics. They are definitely on my hit list.

Oh my...Oh my..what did I just say? I guess I am giving the authorities enough reason to start tapping my phone line.


Kinano said...

Start with kupo no. 2 :P

Anonymous said...

this is hilarious. its funny to read about the shopping fanatic because I never heard a guy speak like that. I'd go to venice... even though I am a shopping fanatic, ok dont shoot me lol bye

The Observer said...

I say PS3! heheeh
or maybe better a wii?

Anonymous said...

No, I say Venice ..or better yet: Istanbul :)

Ms Loala said...

I say venice baby :P

But the friends part, i tottaly agree with you, but not with the whole opinion giving thing! I'm pretty hesitant myself when it comes to purchasing stuff. Therefore it takes me quite some time, trust me when i say quite sometime to choose the appropraite item for me. That's why i don't like holding them down because, you know, they start effing at you in their minds which is pretty obvious :P That's why i prefere going alone, mainly to stay at a specific item for about 30mins without being rushed.

Hamza said...

kinano- I am worried that we might lose moogle on the way. :P
batoul - yea the shopping fanatic is weird.

the observer- hmmmmm...I want to get all of them, but the thing is I have to find a way of "buying time" to do them

noura - yea tempt me to go there. you going?

ms loala- with me, I won't spend more than 10 or 15 minutes on an item. Otherwise, I'd be bored of it just by looking at it. With each minute I spend contemplating whether I like an item or not, it means that it won't suit me on the long run. the best item for me is the one that forces me to buy it and lets me realize later and say: "what the hell did I just do?"

asoom said...

When I was in high school I used to measure the price of an item by how many CDs I can get with that-then when I startedworking it was howmany hours of work.

KittySigurdardottir. said...

Take my advice,Hamza,I have a gift of making huge,important decisions that have always been the right once for our family ,just like that,and I know the right decision for you is to purchase the suit,my good man.

Abed. Hamdan said...

wallah i'd spend it on either clothes or starbucks..the idea of traveling is more appealing, but I doubt if you can go to Vinice with the same price, if yes, then send the offer to my email..

KJ said...

Kupo! Kinano is an Infidel, and we ALL know Infidels die first!

I can invite you to KJ's wedding to finish him off while Darth Kupo battles him

Hamza said...

asoom - with CDs..really? I can't remember the last time I bought a non-empty CD :P

bella - I can already tell. In fact, I already envy you for your IQ level. ;)

abed.hamdan - same money on starbucks? are you planning to buy the branch or the franchise in the middle East?

KJ - hey..where is the fun if Darth kupo is gonna kill him instead of me? :(

KittySigurdardottir. said...

Thanks hamza,I appriciate that compliment,coming from somebody as smart as you.