"Love in the time of cholera" (Review)

Overall, I think that this book should be taught in schools & universities under the literature course. There are endless metaphors and character development possibilities that can be discussed or analysed.

+ things -

1- one of the best coherent books I read. The flow of the ideas in the book as it goes from an event to another or from a character to another is amazing. The novel never stops at an idea till the chapter ends. E.g. It'll be talking about the character after they got married and how they are settling in the house..describing the house..the garden around it..then describing the neighborhood around it then describing the history around neighborhood till it connects to a story involving Person A & his history in neighborhood..then they discuss Person A etc etc.

2- A very good story that will be memorable for years. It could be classified as a classic in Romance & Drama genre especially when talking about hte love of Florentino Ariza

-ve things:
1- Despite its coherence, the book was sometimes tough to read. I don't know whether it was the language, the lack of action, the lack of conversations, or even monotone in the way it described things.
2- Sometimes more descriptive than informative. I was disappointed that the author didn't tell us about the actual content of each letter which I think is vitally important since the only action in the whole novel is involved around exchanging letters.

Opinion about Conclusion: when I reached half the book, I knew that i shouldn't expect surprises in the conclusion. I figured it out 10 pages before reaching the end. The best thing about it is that the final 10 pages justify the actual title of the book. Overall, I guess it was a happy & a classic ending.

Character I loved: Its not Fermina or Florentina or Juvenal Urbino. I really loved the character of Leona Cassini. I liked her ambition towards success and her obsession about finding the man of her dreams who she only met at her teenage years.

Rating: 3.5/5


asoom said...

I find such reviews intimidating, I just like to say recommend or don't recommend lol!

Anyway, I personally think that this should be the classic love story in place of Romeo and Juliet.

I actually really liked this book, the story just struck a chord with me and really drew me in. A lot of it may have been because when i was reading the book I was going through a bumpy relationship where I felt like a great deal of our problems were a result of miscommunication-and I just kept relating the story to me personally.

I admit though it did take some time for me to get into the book, the first chapter was sooo boring and dull-no real story just 50 pgs of description and introduction.

However, as soon as the author told of the story of why lorenzo daza decided to move to this town with his only daughter and sister where they were unkown strangers I became hooked. I felt that in a way he was living is life through his daughter that he knew possessed outstanding character. He knew the rest of his life was screwed and he had probably screwed his daughter's as well-so their only way of making it was for his daughter to marry into wealth or class.

I still can't decide if that decision to move on lorenzo's part was a selfless or a selfish one-was it more about fermina or was it more about him?

asoom said...

Another random thought that belongs in the last comment: For me the most memorable incident in the book is when fermina returns back to town and florentino spots her in the market. She knows he's there and she knows he's watching her, but when she turns around she becomes startled and realizes that she had been in love with an image that she created in her head and not a real person. I found this part really sad for her but not really for him since he seemed oblivious of the observation.

Hamza, as for your review-I love you stated the positives!

I also agreed that this wasn't an easy read. 7ata if I was tired or drowsy I would find myself rereading paragraphs to understand what I just read. As 7aki mentioned previously, alot of this could be due to the fact this book is translated from a different language.

With regards to the love letters, the exact content was probably irrelevant. They were love letters written lyrically and poetically from one person to another and I think that's all we needed to know.

Nice Review Hamza!

KJ said...

I think it is a stupid book.

You can only describe something with so much words till it becomes boring. I don't like it when the writer starts describing individual patterns on fabric with colors and exactly how many strings are woven into each square centimeter.

Ms Loala said...

tsk tsk tsk ...

If it's 3.5\5 hamza then why review it? i expect a 5\5 book review from you ..
Now review somthing else!


On other note, i love classic romatic stories, i think i'll add it to my books-to-buy list.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad now, I was about to go see the movie..well,once I see it I'll review it for you :D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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asoom said...

KJ, I think you're just jealous

Isam said...

i don't see how you gave this book a 3.5 ! man its a classic ! you cannot compare it to any book you know with similar endings ... because he was the 1st one to end a novel like that ! with all due respect but you need to read about criticism some more ...

Hamza said...

asoom - yea I know. such reviews are discouraging. Look what I did to noura & Isam. But thanks alot for your comments.

One of the most memorable but I think were silly things in the book was how Florentino lost his virginity. I think it was absurd.

Now regarding the "shadow of the wind", we will let you moderate it and we will discuss the book along the way. Maybe every 100 pages or so..oh wait..let's say every week since i finish 20 pages a week. and hey I started on the book yesterday after I got updated that 7aki started reading (even if she didn't, she reads faster than us, so its better we pick it up before her) :P

KJ- :S. I hope you are basing your comment on my review because I exaggerated a bit. It is really descriptive but not that much. Let me put in another way, it is more descriptive than Stephan King. Does that help? :P

ms loala- look who's talking. If I ever do a review of bloggers, I'll start with you :P

noura - what the? they made a movie? GIVE ME A BREAK. Out of all the books in the world , this is the least book that could be ever made to a movie. I hope you won't be disappointed

crescent - thanks for dropping by. :)

isam - and with all due respect, you need to read more books. No seriously, consider it 7 out of 10. For me, this is very good. as I said, it is a MEMORABLE book. It is a classic. It should be taught to literature students. So why look at only the -ve things I said?

7aki Fadi said...

KJ is right :)

So so so I am like page 40 in the shadow of the wind and I am loving it so far, I could tell if I will love or hate a book right away.

And I also cheated and read "A spot of bother" In between books, hehehehehe.

Elagante said...

I can’t imagine how you can read a book of love (classic ba3ad), it’s hard for me to understand the word of love being described in so many words but yet not felt or found.
Usually I’ll go for books like (The Little Prisoner)… This book is what I call a true story to be rated… Care to read it…

Ms Loala said...

I love that idea :P

Except if i was less than 4.9\5 then your blog is in deep trouble!

The Observer said...

Thanks for the review Hamaza, I wanted to read this book for ages now. I will do my best to catch it and read it soon.

asoom said...

Isam this is Hamza's personal book review and not a formal literary criticism. It's one thing to discuss and share different views and opinions but, and with all due respect, your comment was LAME!

Isam said...

Asoom , I just cant figure out how "with all due respect" can be rude or lame ... or how could "Formal Literary Criticism" , whatever that is, can be lame ...

neither me nor Hamza took this badly ... why should you ?

sorry Hamza for the irrelevant discussion ...

Hamza said...

7aki Fadi- looks like you will read many books while you wait for me to finish our blogger book.

elgante- why not? we could put it on our reading list after 1984. wanna join? we would welcome you abroad

ms loala - I am thinking of suggesting to KJ to feature you on his next "oddball at BLOGGERS"..we'll start with you. :P

the observer- you'll love it. It is so meant for readers like you. :)

asoom - thanks alot for supporting me. Although I didn't feel I offended Isam or that he offended me. But I know your intentions was good.

Isam - I am open to constructive criticism. I am glad that you understood my reply to you as constructive coz this is how I meant to be (as much as yours was constructive)..Peace fellow Blogger. :)

asoom said...

Isam-"with all due respect but you need to read about criticism some more ..." it sounds like you were suggesting that he should learn how to write reviews better or what you called "criticism" which is a pretty lame thing to say to someone. If I misread misunderstood what you meant then I apologize.

Hamza, welcome but it wasn't actually about you :)

Anonymous said...
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