Sick & tired of...

  1. People thinking I am SYRIAN. All the people I met in the last 5 years of my life never guessed my heritage (literally none). The first thing that pops to their mind is "are you Syrian?".God damn it. I've had enough of this crap especially after a cab driver in my own country wanted to overcharge me for his fare because he thought I am Syrian. God damn it. I've never visited Syria in my life. With the exception of my grandmother (who I see her only in the summer), neither my father nor my mom are Syrian. So is it like a curse that will burden me to eternity because of my own self-customized accent that consists majorly of a Syrian dialect. Is it because of all the damned years I spent with the company of the Syrian community or is it the post-effect of watching too much "maraya" series in my teenage years?
    But seriously, the Syrian accent is much easier to pronounce and softer on the ears compared to Palestinian or Jordanian accent. If you wanna confirm something, Syrians/Lebanese say "eih". Palestinian/Jordanian say "AAAH"..Seriously, stare at the mirror and try to say "eih" and try saying "aah". With the "aah", I feel like a predator who's gonna start feasting on his prey. Same for the use of "QAF" letter where Palestinians/Jordanians replace it with "GAF" while Syrians just remove the roughness and make it "Aaf" such as "GALOOLI" and "ALOOLI". And the list goes on and on.
    The only time I took this as a complement is when I met someone the other day and he started "so you from Syria?". I raged and snapped at him "God damn it, WHY WOULD YOU THINK I AM SYRIAN? WHY CAN'T I BE JORDANIAN OR PALESTINIAN?". He just said: "hmmm, you smile alot".
  2. Being always the youngest. "Oh, you are the youngest employee among all our 950 employees in this institution", "you are the youngest person in our program/team/training course"... "Oh you are the youngest student in our university/college/institution"."Oh, you are the youngest person to register for this exam". God damn it, So what if I entered university at age of 16 and was doing my postgraduate degree at age of 19 and started working at age of 20.. GET OVER IT PEOPLE.

    and you know what? In all my life, I never won an award for being the "youngest in .....". So in case you thought people say it because they are impressed with me, then think again.

  3. My Skin. If I ever get to choose what animal I wanna be, I'd definitely be a snake so I can peel off my skin every once in a while.

    You have no idea how much I hate my skin. It is the same skin that was infiltrated by infinite attacks of acne during my teenage years for a period that lasted more than 6 years. Back then, I tried all kinds of crèmes, pill solutions, and I was naive enough to buy PROACTIVE solution (a tv product that Britney spears, kanye west, and Jessica Simpson used) and you know what? Its all crap.

    Infiltration is back now but this time its in the form of moles in my back rather than my face. I visited 2 dermatologists and both of them have said to me the same thing:

    "not to expose myself to the sun"

    Me sitting in the patient's chair waiting for him to complete his sentence before we shared an awkward moment of silence that I broke with

    "how long?"


    Oh Great. So apparently, my skin has the potential of growing random irregular moles every once in a while. The process is accelerated by activities like sunbathing, tanning or anything that involves exposing my ultra-sensitive skin to the Sun. And you know what the fun part is? I have to monitor the development of those moles to ensure that they don't develop into skin cancer moles. And how do I do that? By photographing my back every few months. Thanks to the brochures I am reading, as long as these moles have a uniform color, round shaped, and have a diameter that's less than 6 mm, then I am ok.

    Great..So no more sun and forget about the idea of getting a tan for this stupid pale skin. Akh, where are vampires when you need one?


asoom said...

"God damn it, WHY WOULD YOU THINK I AM SYRIAN? WHY CAN'T I BE JORDANIAN OR PALESTINIAN?". He just said: "hmmm, you smile alot".

LOOOOOOOL, my mom wanted to know why I was laughing!

About the youngest thing, stop showing off!

Now about the skin, I can sort of relate to you except my issues don't sound as severe as yours. I've had lots of skin issues since 6th grade but at 23 my skin is almost perfect thanks to accutane. I plan on getting some laser peels to get rid of the last hints of red and blemish which noone but me really seem to notice.

As for the proactiv, that stuff is falsely advertised-it's not for everyone. I started using it my freshman year and it gave me inflammatory acne it was sooooooo bad. Alhamdulilah those days are long gone.

Hani Obaid said...

If you're not Syrian, then what ?

I'm Jordanian/Palestinian, I mix my Ahh, Kaf, and Gaf's all the time. It just depends who I'm talking to. I tend to switch automatically. I didn't get the Eih and Ahh thing. I've always used Eih, and never had any Syrian influences. (except my mom hates all Syrians but that's just because she's been brainwashed by Lebanese TV channels) !

Dude, being young is an advantage, enjoy it. I entered school one year earlier than everyone else, and even then they wanted to make me skip another year of class. Luckily I didn't enfd up shorter than everyone in my class.

Surely you know that celebrities endorsing products usualy don't even use them. They just get paid to say they do.

Sam said...

for some reason everyone here thinks im accent is palestinian/lebenese/arabenglish it sounds nothing like iraqi! it is starting to get annoying! uf!

Anonymous said...

Just go bury yourself and die!! :P

LOL @ u smile a lot, damn it I had an email (pic) on how to make a Jordanian smile, will look for it and post it.

For the age thing! why weren't u on Oprah!! :P

Go live in Alaska, u can snow bathe there :P

eshda3wa said...

yeah hamza stop showing off mr i did it all before being an adult!!

as for ur skin ba3ad shitsawe, u have to learn to live with it!
dont let it get to u cause there aint no way around it!

Anonymous said...

You should be Lebanese because we smile the most :D

KJ said...

Weren't you supposed to give Kinan and I your documents so we can proceed with your passport? hihihi

About your skin, I think there are herbs and food to help you slow down the process.

Ms Loala said...

Don't worry, i personally thought you were Jordanian :P

And what's wrong being young? you should be proud because the way i see it, it's a compliment. And years from now, when you grow old and start having grandchildren, people would say you're the youngest grandfather ;p

About the skin problem, you and i share the same dilemma :\
Acnes, moles, bruises, sun burns keep appearing out of the blue!
This is crazy, it's like a curse!

david santos said...

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Dandoon said...

OMG Hamza....I get number one all the time and it drives me nuts. I don't get why people always think I AM SYRIAN.
Especially in Saudi, they think that any person with fair skin is most likely (99%) is from Syria...UGH

Hamza said...

asoom - oh so now I am showing off? trust me, I didn't even get started. At least I am not the one who exploits authors to let them send books to them..lool

hani obaid- I enjoy being young. But I hate people centering all my character around it. Sometimes, the only thing they remember about me is the fact that I am the youngest

sam - oh no. I think that's the reason behind your problems in jordan since they feel that the iraqis are colonizing jordan. Allah y3eenek

elijah - see that's what I get from a typical jordanian..a one from ZARQA :P

eshda3wa - I am ok with my skin. I was never good at getting a tan. and I am surprised that you think I show-off. Apparently, you don't know me very well.

noura - and for their light sense of humor. :D. The latest people I met thought i am lebanese. I never knew that my sense of humor has improved that

KJ - you are not fooling me this time. The first thing they'll ask me to do after I get the passport is to do 3askareyeh :P

ms loala - woohoo. Finally someone who didn't think I am syrian. :D. But thought I am jordanian? is that a good thing? :S..
and poor us for our cursed skin. :(

david santos - brazilian embassy does not have an email address. Send it on my behalf...

dandoon - really? that's just unfair..You look palestinian KO7...I thought you were ghazaweyeh. :P

Anonymous said...

You forgot to add : A fat an ugly one ;)