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so you are in sitting in the coffee shop sipping your cup of tea or coffee. and you want more milk. How would you react if you get...this.


KSA has issued new penalties for those who violate its Traffic Flaws. They are listed below

and they say we live in the 21st century...*sighs*


Blood Diamond

I had this movie in my stack for the last 6 months. I always hesitated to watch it because its a 2 hour and half movie.

Its A great movie with a great cast and a great script. Its one of those movies that help serve a cause. It directs a message to the audience telling them of what they can do to stop the spread of more blood diamonds in the black market.

I am surprised that it didn't win any oscars. I'd give it 8/10.

Grindhouse (Death Proof)
I was very excited when I heard about the joint collaboration of Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino to make "Grindhouse". I was hoping that it will be a successful movie like "Four Rooms". Unforunately, I was disappointed to say the least. Quentin Tarantino's movie talks about a psycho who enjoys squishing girls with his "death proof"(a car used in movie stunts). Like most Quentin Tarantino's movies such as "Reservoir Dogs" and "Pulp Fiction", you end up spending most of the movie listening to some crazy crap topics being discussed. this time its all boring girl talk. the movie does not have enough violence and gore that we are accustomed to in similar Quentin Tarantino Movie (Except for one flying body part scene). The storyline is totally crap. Only the last 30 minutes of the movie are watchable that got ruined by a highly unsuitable ending. Rating: 4/10

Grindhouse (Planet Terror)

Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror isn't any better. Like "From Dusk till dawn" and "Desperado", Robert Rodriguez's latest work builds up around the same theme and element in which you have an action movie that begins with a very serious tone & script that quickly changes to an extremely odd script. Combined with bizarre visual effects and few comical scenes every now and then, you end up with another extremely moody movie that leaves you asking yourself "how the hell did this movie end up like that?". What this movie lacks in its storyline is compensated by its varied and uniquely creative action stunts. I'd give this movie a 5/10.

88 Minutes
A movie that's scheduled to be released in cinemas in 2008. But don't ask me how I ended up with its DVD release. Being a big fan of AlPacino, I was not going to miss another crime-thriller movie that has a striking similarity to "insomnia" in the way the story unfolds. The movie talks about a psychiatrist and a college professor who receives a phone call from an anonymous telling him that he got 88 minutes to live. With the movie being 105 minutes in length, you live minute by minute with Dr.Jack Grimm trying to find the one behind the death threats and whether one of his college students is behind the attack or not. the movie would not be a blockbuster but it must be on your "to watch" list if you a big fan of thriller and crime movies. Rating: 8/10.


I am not a fan of Timbaland or Fall out Boys. But this is just one of those one-time songs that stick in your head.

Comically Illustrated:


the past week in my life was horrible. I reverted back to the old blog template because I couldn't come up with a better design. After googling for hours on templates on the internet, and playing with the colors, I gave up because I couldn't find anything special.. I will delay the task when I come up with a more creative idea and after I install a decent GUI web designing tool like Frontpage or anything similar. The process of nitpicking at the HTML code and modifying it manually and running the code each time is painful and time consuming.

In addition to all that, I've been overwhelmed at work where I wasted hundreds of braincells on a boring brainless task related to data entry. Its funny how karma gets back at you. 9 months ago, I was the one working with the IT consultants requesting our clients to do the data cleaning assignment to help us in the data migration. But nowadays, I am on the other side where I am being instructed by the IT team to do the data cleaning needed for the data migration.
The data entry part is easy. The hard part is to reconcile with my colleagues and chase them to provide me with the correct data. In addtion to that, there was an ongoing training on Monday, tuesday and Wednesday that was related to SAP BI (Business Intelligence) Reporting that I didn't wanna miss. My director would never approve me attending this course because I have a training upcoming the next week. So I decided to attend it and never tell them about it. And during tea breaks and lunch breaks, I'd go back and chase after my colleagues to complete the data cleaning assignment.
I planned to spend the whole Wednesday night to complete the pending data entry records. However, my computer suddenly switched itself off at 6 p.m. Later, I discovered that the power system in my workplace is configured to cut the power source at that time (an indirect way of penalising me for overworking). So, I was forced to work overtime on Thursday (although we are not entitled to overtime) to finish my pending task.
I've already mailed my hand-over note for this assignment and I just hope that they will not interrupt my training with a follow up on the progress of the data cleaning especially since the deadline is on Monday.


7aki Fadi said...

Ballahy who is the genius that did the fatwa of the 20 lashes?

There is no way they based it on an old fatwa or rule, so let me guess, reckless camel driving was punihsed by 20 lashes 1400 years ago??? Lol.

Please give me a break, shu hada iltakhalof? Are they EVER going to evolve?

asoom said...

I would say Blood Diamond didn't win any oscars because that same year happened to be a year of pretty good movies (it got a good number of nominations) unlike the previous few years. That "milk" video, you didn't tell us how YOU would react!

You should pass on some of your work assignments and tasks to KJ and give him something to do ;)

I'll be seeing fallout boy sunday!

Anonymous said...

On the video:
LOL!! WTH! shall 3aba6 he actually drank from it! EWW!

On the movie:
BLood diamond was amazing i actually cried i give it a 10/10

On the template:
Actually i had the same issue theres a really easy way for the nip tucking just add the pictures of the edit items header and body using a photo up loader. it doesnt take that much time... goodluck

KJ said...

You are disgusting :P

Watch The Kingdom.. it is a really good movie. I wanted to review it on my blog but then I would be bringing a lot of unwanted attention.

As for your work... sigh... tell me about it, been doing it for a while now! Yalla it will pass don't worry

Ms Loala said...

LOOOOOL @ the video xD
You pethatic, how much did it take you to google such stuff ... omg :P

As for the movies, i didn't watch any of your list except for blood diamonds and it is one helluva movie that is.

Good luck with your work. Jobs are always pain in the ----.

Hamza said...

7aki Fadi- they call themselves "modern" muftis. They do fatwas on anything and everything..its really stupid I know

asoom - unfortunately, KJ does not work in same company or even live in the same country to pass some work to him. I agree but it should've at least won an oscar for supporting actor (the african guy)

blue dress- I liked the guy in the last video. He asked for more.
I dropped by your blog and its design is simple and nice. Thanks for the idea. :)

KJ - :P. hmm..REMINDER: we don't have cinemas. :@. I gotta wait for the DVD version of it since I am a person who's very critical when it comes to quality

ms loala- oh that video gave me alot of trouble in a different way. I had it on my cellphoen and wanted to upload it to youtube but it censors x-rated content. So I had to go to metacafe and needed to change "family filter" to "off" but the saudi proxy blocks that option. so I downloaded a proxy breaker just to change the setting and upload my video..and after all that, I found that my video is a duplicate and has been uploaded by someone already..looooool

Dandoon said...

"My director would never approve me attending this course because I have a training upcoming the next week. So I decided to attend it and never tell them about it. And during tea breaks and lunch breaks, I'd go back and chase after my colleagues to complete the data cleaning assignment."
OMG on the traffic violation fatwa...I think 75 percent of the Saudi population is gonna end up in prison on a weekly basis if this takes effect lol