Replica Shopping

Shopping has never been a big deal for me. I am not one of those people who go "brand" shopping; those who only wear LEVIS, DIESEL, or LEE COOPER jeans; only wear ALDO or CLARKS shoes etc. For me (and this might sound crazy), shopping is about building a relationship with a garment. If I feel I like that piece, then most probably I'll get it even if it was an unknown brand.

At the same time, I have my limit. I know that there are places that I'll never shop in; especially those neighborhoods that are in down town where clothes are sold at peanut prices. I just can't accept this to myself.

And as I've said, when I buy something, it is to satisfy me and be happy about it – not to show off in front of others how filthy rich I am or to show the brands I wear. But lately, I am starting to get pissed.

One of the exceptional things about living in this side of the world is the cheap prices you will find for some of the best brands out there. You are talking about 60 to 70% difference in pricing. And that's basically because of the widespread of "replica" products.

Over the summer, I met a couple of my friend's friends and they astonished me with their experience in buying the best with the cheapest price.

Try to imagine my feeling when I see that a guy bought an elegant classy SEIKO watch that's worth 30 riyals compared to my normal good 350 riyal SWATCH; cool amazing RAY-BUN sunglasses that look like they are worth 400 riyals while in fact they were purchased for less than 20 riyals. These provocative events can't stop me from feeling a bit frustrated by all those who shop replicas. I can't help myself to stop cursing them.

But alas, those days are over. I am joining their league. I came to realize more advantages about replica shopping. Other than the cheap prices, you will have more variety than the originals because each place will present for you a different set with different design while maintaining the brand. Second, the fact that replicas deteriorate faster will justify going back to shopping and getting the latest out there without feeling any kind of remorse for the old piece.

Damn, I feel so cheap.


7aki Fadi said...

lol@I feel so cheap. 3adi. but what i hate about replica shopping is everybody becomes a replica of each other.
And how stupid would someone feel about buying a 1500 `dollar purse when somone else gets if for 20.
Habal all of it.

KJ said...

Ma ma32ool shu ennak sharshoo7. Don't speak to me anymore.

*goes out with his 60 dhs Armani tshirt*

7aki Fadi said...


Ms Loala said...

I hate repilacs!

Not because they're cheap, but because they degrade the expensive brand you brought. In that way, it won't be so special.
I don't get designer\brand cloths simply because, i refuse to stand next to some who wears the same thing except for the fact that it's a replica.

That's why, i choose not to buy expensive stuff. I will buy them only if replicas disappear, therefore, it'll make me stand out ;)

asoom said...

Yes Hamza you should feel cheap, cheap and embarassed as well ;)

I just don't get 'fake' stuff. I'd rather have something that's a non known brand over something that's an imitation of a designer.

I think one thing that saved us from looking like complete nawar during the last night at the hospital is the fact that there were a couple of designer bags here and there that caught the eye LOOOOOOOOL ( I didn't actually purchase any of them, they were all gifts)

asoom said...

by the way, there's a huge difference between the fake and the real, they're definitely not the same-bitbayin and people who have an eye for quality stuff can tell the difference.

Hamza said...

7aki Fadi - and that was what really annoyed me. That I pay for something that costs me alot while others get the same for a much much cheaper price

KJ - looooooooool. No comment

ms loala - let's be realistic. Replicas will never disappear. It is funny how I discovered the house guard who washes my car is wearing a "BOSS" shirt.

asoom - yes sometimes you can tell like sunglasses and bags. But sometimes you can't especially when it comes to Jeans, and shoes.

Anonymous said...

I don't buy expensive items, coz i'd rather have 10 shirts from regular places than 1 shirt by a designer. as for replicas, i havent tried them yet coz i didn't come across something with good quality.

Ms Loala said...

"develops a scheme"

Anonymous said...

I don't mind buying fake if it doesn't look tacky..I once bought a fake cartier set of earings and a ring, they were beautiful and nobody knew, everybody asked me to get similar ones..They didn't last very long,the color change but I enjoyed them and when I threw them away I didn't feel bad because they were cheap to begin with :)

Dandoon said...

You need to visit Winners or designer depot Hamza...
I dont mindreplicas for handbags, and maybe glasses. I have never yet seen any place that sells good replicas in Jeddah or Amman.You have to tell me about them next time i visit Jeddah...
see this link

Hamza said...

wonders- that's another interesting shopping plan but trust me there are some good replicas out there

ms loala - I have a better scheme for you. When buying perfumes, buy the "tester" perfumes. First, you'd get them for at least 40% discount AND the concentration of perfume would be stronger because its a tester and they want to show how strong the smell is.

noura - here you go. The same thing happened with my fake pair of glasses.

dnadoon - I've been to Winners in Mississauga. The thing is that most of the items there are a bit outdated or one season late.