A penguin among eagles

It was one of those Saturday nights. We were hanging out in the parking lot of the TIM HORTONS near my house. Just doing what we "usually" do.

One of us started an interesting discussion saying:

"Guys, what do you think is the biggest number in the world?" said Jesus

"I think its the number of stars in the sky" said Gremlin Ears

"well, in the quran, we say "allah akbar" as much as the number of leaves on the tree" said Mo

"or the number of sand granules in the world" said Big J

"or the number of water droplets in the ocean" sadi Jesus

"yea that makes sense. Coz our earth is 75% water. So its definitely number of water droplets" said stoner

"GUYS, I found it"...I said

All eyes fixed on me

"I think its the number of bits of everything that's quantifiable in the world since the inception of time"...I said it with the excitement of Archimedis when he screamed "EUREKA"

All eyes still fixated on me as we share a moment of silence...before Big J blasted out:

"Hamza...how many....times...have we...told you...NOT TO HANG OUT WITH US IF YOU DON'T WANNA GET F##$@%$ HIGH?"

Oh well, it was just another one of those many times where I felt like a penguin trying to fly among eagles.. Apparently, I didn't manage to join them in their "special" mood.


asoom said...

LOOOOOOL, I think my response to you would have been similar, no, just kidding.

"Apparently, I didn't manage to join them in their "special" mood."

I knew you'd make a great son, we promise we won't abuse you!

7aki Fadi said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAA. That was funny!

KJ said...



Please please don't tell me it is Taurus and Canadian S

Sam said...

LOL that is a good one...well u should have known better...and mmmmmmmmmmmm timhortons...i'd kill for a medium double double just about now..o and a wholewheat bagel with creamcheese...o o o and a maple pecan danish!

Ms Loala said...

You really cracked me up :D

I totaly know how you feel, to be lost between conversations. It sucks!

Hamza said...

asoom - oh, come on. you were not there. I wonder how would you act.

7aki Fadi- yea, those were the days my friend

KJ- :P

sam - hmmmmmm...delicious. we should think about opening a franchise in jordan...what do u think?

ms loala- yea..to be lost and to try to fit

Anonymous said...

LOL how were they into a conversation like that when they were high?!

Kinano said...


I would have mutitlated you :P