Monthly Digest August


This one is dedicated for mac. ;)


Top RPG Player tortured and kidnapped for password

Never underestimate the danger of being a top RPG Gamers. This guy is the biggest example.

Hot Beats

Queen- the show must go on

an old but yet a classic. I love this song. It has one problem only. Its not safe. especially when you turn on the volume to the extent that you can't hear the other cars' horns.

Legends Unraveled

Blogosphere World:

I have to admit that there were many interesting posts that I loved. But there is one special post that mesmerized me and its from a blog that I've only visited once. Check out this extraoridnary post by AbuFares called a tartoussi in aleppo

Hamzatizing Moments

I never learn. I am whiter than snowhite and yet I still challenge the Sun in taking a tan. On Thursday, I went to the beach and decided to drop my usual SPF 40 sunblock for a "Hawaiian Tropic Professional Tanning oil" that smelled really nice. After all, its coconut oil. and what do I get? the weirdest sun burn ever. my face, shoulders, arms and back are lightly pinkish burned but my legs and my belly are painfully red. sleeping on my belly is almost impossible as any contact of the skin with my clothing fabric sets my belly on fire. Only idiots like me end up paying a huge amount of money (entrance fee to private beaches and the expensive tanning oil) to be in pain and be burned in the legs and the belly area.


Anonymous said...

aawww poor you at the tan bit. My cousin is like that and my sis used to tell her when u get a tan u become 'off-white' :)

Love "The show must go on" and "Innuendo"

Anonymous said...

Hawaiian Tropic Tanning oil can’t be put on for such a long time!! You are crazy! I’ll tell you the trick with it! You put it on and lay down on your back or stomach 10mins, and then you turn and do that side for 10mins… Then you get to the water! After coming out use sun lotion with minimum 10spf!! And then you’ll be safe having 15min on each side then go to the water again and apply the sun protection lotion not the tanning oil anymore for that day! By doing this 2-3 times you can start adding 5 mins to the tanning oil!! I hate being white so I am really tanned! (It’s depending how white you are! If you are sensitive and too white then 5min only with the oil and 10min with the lotion!)

I’m in to the I hate computers right now and you know my reasons! :P So I did love the first VideoWorld you posted!

I love the song as well! But my favorite was AboFares’s! I think that was genius!

KJ said...

Miskeen Hamza, so basically now you look like a tropical fruit. Hehehhehe. Yalla, put a price tag on yourself and go sit next to the dragon fruit in the supermarket :P

Hamza said...

elijah-weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelcome baaaaaack. long time. Isn't it? so what's going on with you? I heard you are leaving the blogospherian world because you heard its for this rumor true? :(

nora cassandra - wow you are such a sweetheart. Don't tempt me to come to Cyprus for my vacation. I hope your husband is as cool as you. :D

KJ - I can assure you of one thing. I'll never be useful for the army especially if they use all the camouflaging tactics and strategies. :(

Anonymous said...

You are always more than welcome here! My husband is really cool and likes meeting my friends! He’s a chef and he’ll be so excited to even cook for you! We are a crazy family living crazy in Cyprus! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thaaaaaank youuu, Oh I'm gonna kill kinan, why do i have a feeling that he's the one spreading that rumor?

I'm just pausing for a while, i might come back, might not.

Missed u aaaaalll

Anonymous said...

Oh poor you... The sunburns will go away, don't worry. Next time don't do anything stupid like that.

Kinano said...

loooool @ your stupidity. You cannot jump from SPF 40 directly to Tanning Lotion.

You deserve being burnt :P

7aki Fadi said...

Nice digest, except for the burn barn .... ouchy ...

OK this is gonna sound gross but we used to spread yogurt on the burns when we were younger , until they invented this gel thing to cool it down

Ms Loala said...

I guess that makes the two of us ;)

I demand to have a sun specially made for "cough" white "cough" people!

Hamza said...

nora cassandra - wooohoo. So let me see; cyprus, beaches, car racing, tanning tips, and massages and all kinds of delicious food.
I am definitely in. I'll let you know as soon as I can. :D

elijah- lol. You have aged so much. Look at the letters of your words. They feel very wrinkled..or maybe its my screen.
*calls IT*

cece - thanks honey but my brain is wired in such a complex way that I have MANY genius moments and some...not so bright moments

kinano - lol. ever heard of impatience? that's me my friend. I don't want to wait 2 weeks with SPF 40 to get a tan. Plus it was coconut oil that smelled nice. :$

7aki Fadi-looooool. I know. my grandmother (God bless her soul) always insists to dip me in yoghurt like a piece of bread to preserve my whiteness. After all, I was her favorite since I was her first white, blonde grandson she ever had. :D

ms loala - I totally agree. Wait till I build my spaceship and we'll go on our voyage to discover this hidden sun.

eshda3wa said...

nora cassandra, 9ij a person living on an island!
all the tanning tricks u could ask for!

hope ur better nw