Emotionally Disoriented

Don't ask me "how are you?" coz I'll tell you I don't know.

I really don't know.
I am extremely frustrated and extremely happy.
A frustrating morning. It started when I got Mechatrinus (my car) his first scratch. its very small. So far, I don't have a parking space and i have to wait for a period of 2 to 3 months till a free spot opens. So, I've been parking the car in a one-laned road close to the wall. The fact that I've been parking far away from the wall gave few difficulties for ppl who are trying to pass through the road especially since people park on both sides. So me being considerate of others, I tried to park very close to the wall. Apparently, I got too close as I haven't mastered the knowledge of my car's . :(

I was very frustrated...fortunately, only for half an hour.

I know a friend who got a job as a TA in the IT field in his university in the US and he has been granted unlimited access to IEEE papers. After 3 years of comprehensive search, he fulfilled my birthday wish that I've made exactly 2 months ago. I FINALLY managed to find the a soft copy of the paper published in IEEE conference in 2005 that was based on my Bachelor's degree for the final project of me and my partner.

The paper can be found here.

The memories it brings of the long hours we've spent, the beauty of the animated screenshots, the struggle with debugging our code, the great knowledge of the books we've read were the ingredients of this special masterpiece that I shall treasure forever.

oh, how I long for the Academia life. :(


Kinano said...

I remember the nights at the senior lab. Man those were the best days ever!

Too bad for Mechatrinus :(

KJ said...

I wanna go to uni too :'(

I am sorry for Mechatrinus :( As Waref about it... you can use a polish to remove the small scratch away

Ms Loala said...

I hate scratches too :(
They're like the mole that will never vanish!!
Do as Kj said, a polish will do it.

Well, i still haven't gratudated but i'm having this feeling already of missing it since i'm a senior :\

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Mechatrinus. You can always give it a polish.

I've got many more years before I graduated from college. I am happy at my uni.

Anonymous said...

You sound so depressed! Man cheer up! Life is beautiful with all its faults! I am a good driver but still scratched my car twice since I got it! Well ok I did it because I’m used to be having my driving wheel on the left and it took time to get used to it on the right!

Hamza said...

kinano - indeed those nights are memorable

kj - I'll ask the dealership the next time I service my car.

ms loala - I am over the nostalgia of leaving uni. Just seeing that paper one more time brought back alot of good memories.

cece- yea enjoy uni life coz its best life ever. Work life sucks

nora cassandra - actually that day i didn't know what to feel. I was pissed because of the car scratches and I haven't been happier like that in months. go figure that out

Anonymous said...

I know how you felt! I just got my first ever speed ticket! I'm so pissed off but then can't stop smiling about it! :P

Ammaro said...

dont worry, we all get those days sometimes