5 Scents I like

Tagged by 7aki Fadi

  1. The smell of gasoline. – If I ever get into drugs, then most probably you'll find me in some gas station with my nose attached to the gas pipe that fills the cars.

  2. The smell of burnt rubber from the tires----yea that smell that you get when you screech the tires of cars...wooohoo. I loooooooooooooove it.

  3. Cigarettes after a heavy meal – ppl who lived with me knows that they were banned from smoking in my room or in my house. I so much hate cigarettes and their smell..except under rare occasions when you'd be invited to one of those big lunches where you'd be having heavy meals like Mansaf, Mandi or anything that's mixed with rice and big chunks of meat. Sometimes the smell of a cigarette is soothing in making you capable of digesting the food

  4. Smell of Electricity – of course they have a smell. Its that smell of burnt wires you get whenever a fuse is blown, a short-circuit occurs or any electrical malfunction happens. Its such an alien and indescribable smell that exhausts your nostrils and keep you wanting more.

  5. Smell of mom's baked cake. – this is mom's secret weapon whenever she wants to freeze me and suspend all my activities no matter what they are. From watching tvs, playing videogames, reading books or even going out (except toileting which is very hard to...ANYWAY). I'd just freeze and go on auto-pilot to the irresistible scent radiating from the kitchen and I'd wait till the cake is fully baked and ready to be served.

I tag Kinan, ms loala, and nora Cassandra


eshda3wa said...

kel ur scsnts y9ekoon elras!
except for the cake


7aki Fadi said...

I don’t know what makes gasoline smell great but it does, I don't know anybody who doesn't like it.

And Hamza, based on your smells I think you are a good candidate for a drug junkie ... HAHAHAHAHA

Ms Loala said...

"Checks Hamzas forhead for a fever"

I love the smell of home made cakes too, they're so irresistable and tastey.

Care to share the recipe? :P

Elijah said...

Gasoliiinee aaaaah just love it and those markers.

Sam said...

And Hamza, based on your smells I think you are a good candidate for a drug junkie ... HAHAHAHAHA

i agree with 7aki this is exactly what i wanted to say...*lol*

i wanted to put the gasoline smell in my tag too...bas i ran out of room...:)

KJ said...

I agree with 7aki and Sam :P shu mshan electricity. No wonder you plugged yourself into the socket in the dorms.

Hamza said...

7aki fadi, sam - LMAO, I guess these are the side-effects of being a passive drug junkies. I sat with alot of them

ms loala - I'll see what i can do once mom comes back from her vacation. That's assuming that she'll be ready to disclose her secret receipe. :P

elijah - yeaaaaaaaaaah. but not any marker. Only those markers that are for whiteboard

KJ - trust me, you'll like it. Try to set your sister on fire and see how she smells like. :D

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I get tagged! :D Well I think you have similar taste to my husband, but man defiantly different than mine! ;)

KJ said...

No no.. how about we set KI on fire? It would be nice :D

Ms Loala said...

I'm tagged ..!

Manutdfanatic said...

Gasoline- Not so bad.

Burnt Rubber- You're playing :|. Eww.

Cigaretters after a heavy meal- *throws up*

Smell of Electricty- *blinks in amazement*

Mom's cake- NOW you're talking! :D

I ditto everyone who said you have a high potential of becoming a drug junkie.
Sheesh! :P

MacaholiQ8 said...

We share three.. 1, 2, 5. :D