Between you and me


"So that day has finally arrived

The day of you and me

It is time that we start this mutual relationship together

A relationship that will last for many years

We shall ride on the path of our life together.

We will take it slowly.

Learn to trust me and I shall take care of you.

Time may wear our symbiotic bond, but we must endure life's challenges.

Be patient and you shall triumph

You will grow stronger each day

Your mighty shall be witnessed to the whole World

and the day will come

when you reach your true potential

and embrace your destiny

So let the journey begin"


The Earth rumbled, and the Heavens growled as Hamza finished enchanting Mechatrinus with its first sparkling moments. Little did he know what the future hid for Mechatrinus, the God of Automobiles.


Kinano said...


What you speak beaver?! You confuse me with your utterances.

Anonymous said...

Nice words but man you lost me there! Have no idea what you are talking about!!???

KJ said...

Mabrook on the car :)

7aki Fadi said...

lol 7amza, at first I thought you met someone and I was like YAAAAAAAY and then I saw Mechatrinus the god of automobiles and i thought , yeeeee hada fee sayyara jdeedeh.

Mabrook :D, inshallah tithanno biba3ad .. hehehehehe

Anonymous said...

OK!!! Now I got it! Mabrook!!! :D

Anonymous said...

But I thought you didn't like and didn't want cars??? Yalla come to Cyprus and we race??? ;)

Kinano said...


Ms Loala said...

Men and cars!!
I'm trying to figure out this weired infatuation.

Anyhow, congratulations on your new baby, don't forget to post pictures ;)

Sam said...

mabrook...i want one to...

Hamza said...

kinano - and I thought you were gonna be the first one to understand this

KJ- merci..its about

7aki Fadi - oh you don't understand. This is my FIRST car. and first times of anything is always special. I am sure you know that feeling. Like the first time you...hmm...fall in love.

nora-cassandra- no I don't like cars and that's why it took me so much time to buy my first one.
and of course I won't race with you. You'd beat me in no time. I drive Grandma's style.

ms loala- women and shoes. a combination that took me so much time to understand.
+ I am not at all interested with cars. I only bought it when my father BEGGED me to buy one. Usually, its the other way round. lol

sam - Allah ybarek feeki :)

Anonymous said...

Is it true all men call their cars their wives?


"Time may wear our symbiotic bond, but we must endure life's challenges." NICE!

Kinano said...

loooooool I know I don't - My car is a He. Strongest of all I might add :P

His name is Zeus :)

KJ said...

KI - My Nyx owns Zeus. She is his mommy :P You mamma's boy

Hamza said...

cece- What kinano is implying is that he considers his car as his husband rather than his wife :P

kJ - hmm..I guess I should stop calling Zeus "Son of a b*tch" :P

Sene said...

Congratulaions!! if you did buy a car. Post pics....

Anonymous said...

*LOL* I give a name for my car too! This is so lame, but I still call it CoCo.

You guys are invited to the wedding of CeCe and CoCo.

P.S. Note the difference in pronounciation. Guests are allowed to bring their car-partners! ;D

Anonymous said...

Congraaaaaaaaats :) i wasn't lost, kinan had already told me what u did :P