Repent your filth V 2.0

In reference to Repent your filth posted by KJ comes my own version where today I've attended one of the worst Friday prayers in my life.

Whenever we decide to go to Friday prayer, we usually go to one of two mosques for 2 of the famous best sheikhs in Saudi Arabia. The one near my house is Hani Al-Refaai and the other one is Sheikh Tawifq Al-Sayegh (I KNOW…this guy has his own website :D). They have nice Friday speeches and are among best reciters of the quran.

The problem with the latter one is that he doesn't always come. Every once in a while, Al-Sayegh doesn't show up and an unknown Sheikh replaces him. Today I was among those unfortunate who had to pollute my ears with nonsense by one of those unknown ignorant sheikhs.

  1. It was about marriage and how young men and women should get married early and how organizations and parents should encourage marriage. The topic was extremely boring, useless and pointless.
  2. Many Arabic and grammatical errors. The hadiths and the quran was poorly recited. Its like this guy has never been taught Arabic grammar in his life
  3. He literally said "if the parents can't get their sons and daughters married, then they should go to the SULTAN"…a SULTAN? Since when was this speech written? A SULTAN? :S
  4. He literally said: " some girls may rather continue their studies or keep on working not to sacrifice their job and delay the marriage which is ultimately wrong..If she is short-sighted, her parents should enlighten her and take best decision for her sake and let her marry at an early age"…I was boiling inside out..I was offended even if I am not a girl…is this guy really sane? He wants girls not to continue their studies and leave their work to go and marry? Who said this? There is NOTHING in Islam that says a girl should marry rather than study or work..and how can I even trust a so-called hypocrite sheikh who through out his 30 minute speech, he used only one verse of the quran and one hadith…..
  5. In a mindless effort to tell us a story of the corruption that young men get exposed to, he literally said: "one of the foreigners, specifically a Syrian, tried smuggling 20 000 CDs full of porn and sex movies"….I felt that my intelligence has been insulted. There are two things that ticked me off in this so-acclaimed story. First of all, out of decency, there is no need to mention the nationality. Why does he have to create problems? Just say a foreigner…why mention he is Syrian? 2nd of all, 20 000? FOR GOD'S SAKE…20 000? What kind of an idiot would ever consider the possibility of smuggling 20 000 porn movie CDS? If he have a server and time to download all porn movies available on internet, then he won't manage to fill 20 000 CDs…you might argue that he had few movies and he made copies, but I highly doubt he is sooo dumb not to consider copying those movies here in KSA..its not like we live in the stone age and in a country where there are no Cd-writers…and let's just say for the sake of argument, he had 20 000 Cds…20 000…HOW..HOW will you smuggle them? If he had 2 trucks and he managed to fill all of them with CDs, he won't even manage to fill 20 000 Cds... THAT'S enough…I am tired and sick of thinking about this…


This was, indeed, by far the worst prayer I had. It was sooo bad that I considered reverting my beliefs and religion for a while..I swear to Lucifier that I really really wanna become a terrorist and my sole purpose is targeting those people who pollute our minds with their rubbish unnecessary speechs and their mere existence.



Kinano said...

A SULTAN?! Is this guy for real?!?!?!?


Cool post! I laughed so hard my family at home thought I'm crazy :D


Elijah said...

I went to Eid Al-fi6r prayer once and the Sheikh ONLY talked about how men get I think 70 women (7oor el3een) in heaven, I swear for over 15 minutes that's all he talked about, what about us women, we were fasting too what do we get?? I got so pissed off I couldn't stay and listen, I even made my Mom get up with me, I got out of the mosque, down the street and in my car and I could still hear him saying "7oor el3een"

Seems like his wife was giving him hell haha 'wishful thinking for him'

Kinano said...

Clergy are fun to make fun of, but they are sooooo annoyingly absurd!


KJ said...

OMG this is so silly! And seriously a SULTAN! LooooooooooooooooooL

Elijah, you actually raise a good point is that men are told the sex they would be getting but the women apparently don't get any sex in heaven.

Ms Loala said...

What's sultan ? x\
But to come to think of it, he's right .. Girls should consider getting married at an early age due to the wide-spread corruption in this world.

On the contrary, "i think" that women can bond with any man in heaven, as i said, i don't know that for sure .. god hasn't forgot about us so don't worry ;p

Elijah said...

kj and loala:
That wasn't my point, I know we get sex in heaven but my point was all he talked about was what MEN get. I mean he didn't even mention "Bab Alrayyan" the one for people who fast.

Hamza said...

Elijah: wow, you really dared to step up and leave the mosque.

MsLola: I am not against girls marrying at an early age...I am just against the idea of them not working or pursuing education just for the sole purpose of getting married.

Elijah said...

You bet I did, cuz to me that was not Islam, that was an ignorant man that has marital problems.

I didn't walk out on Islam I walked out on that man.

QSurg said...

Sheikh Rifai: any info in English?