An Intimidated Decision

Ok here I am, on blogspot. I was actually coerced by Kinan to migrate to blogspot. I am telling you guys, he is defnitiely working for blogspot. I wasted precious hours of my life hardcoding HTML codes to link my archives and my previous posts that are on ĦΔШζΔ to blogspot.

My new blog still needs more tuning and refining. I've been a follower of some blogs such as MsLola, Libran Madness, StevenNovak and Omernos. But you guys update your blog alot so its hard to follow up. Anyway, I hope that I'll be able to contribute more to the blogospherian community.

I hope this will satisfy you Master Kinan. Now remove that gun from my back. There is no need to wallpaper the room with my grey matter and I still believe its too early for KJ to use my bulbus abraini for his jar of juice.


Kinano said...

Ah finally!

*Withdraws gun*

Welcome to the realblogosphere :)

Qa6Wa said...

welcome to the blogosphere, nice havin u here ;)

KJ said...


Elijah said...

Welcome to the abandoned land :)

That's a song by 'Twisted Sister' hehe.

Yalla quickly we wanna see some posts, liked the description bout u

"ATM for my sister" hahaha

Ms Loala said...

I'm starting to like you since you put my blog first haha ;p
Welcome abroad, and i'm happy to help if you needed any thing in terms of HTML codes and stuff.

Hamza said...

Kinan: its not over...I'll handle you later

KJ: .....

Elijah: I'll make sure I'll download this song ;)

Blasha & Ms Lola: thanks alot. I'll try to keep up with all your blogs as much as I can and I appreciate all your offers to help

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, so you didn't "really" want to make an account here, did you?


I think imma stick with my msn space due to lack of encouragement, plus lack of patience:P

Blue Dolphin said...

Could you please give me the tips for migrating form MSN space to blogger. Thank you

Hamza said...

dreamer girl - yea msn space is pretty trivial and basic. After 2 years with blogspot, I don't find it that great anymore.

blue dolphin - hey, I checked ur blog. You are doing fine. As for old posts, I just manually linked them and copied and pasted them. It was a painful process. Unfortunately, they don't integrate easily

Blue Dolphin said...

so i am not that stupid ;-)