A New Vision for terrorists

Lately I've been watching a lot of documentary terrorist attack movies, some Al-Qaeda movies and even the tv-series 24. Its all part of my self-educating course "terrorism 101". Its just Life keeps bombarding you with all kinds of reasons that justifies the need to express your frustration by any means necessary. Moreover, it will serve as a different career path in case my current career plan fails.

It took me a while to figure out where I would belong. Shotguns and rifles would not suit me as I don't trust myself around them. I've always been known for my "friendly fires". So you don't wanna be around me if I ever have a gun. I'd love snipers but I have this heart condition (irregular heartbeats) so that's out of the question too. Heist…well, my professional mentor has announced his retirement and I doubt he'll ever give away the secrets of the trade easily. Bombs…it doesn't take a brainer to do it. Just get 2 colorblind guys and I can already imagine the conversation they'll have when they want to connect the right wires to the bomb:

"it's the blue vire"

"no it's the red vire"

"no it's the blue vire"

"oh…they all look green to me"


Anyway, I decided that the best thing for me is to take a managerial position where I'd be responsible for "strategic planning and operation management". I am really dangerous when my dysfunctional twisted mind starts thinking.

Let's take last week, for example, I've been really thinking about valentine's day and wishing others happy valentines day till I paused for few minutes hesitating whether I shall greet my Lebanese friend or not. As some of you know, 14th Feb represented the tragic death of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. So the joy and the happiness of valentine are really tasteless for Lebanon (or let's say most Lebanese). Another example was our exceptional Muslims Eid Al-Adha this year where Saddam Hussein was executed on the 1st day of Eid. Maybe these examples were just coincidental although I highly doubt it..but it was just the clue I needed for my master plan that'll definitely step up the severity and significance of future terrorist activities.

So to achieve our next objective, we need the attacks to be more emotionally devastating and to have an eternal effect. This can be simply done by carefully scheduling the attacks to be on significant meaningful holiday or celebration dates. Imagine how people would react if the next terrorist activities were targeted on Christmas and Easter for example. Let's take it a further step and let it be planned in a way so that a high ranked commander will impersonate Santa Clause and plant explosive gifts under Christmas trees. And the cherry that'll top it all would be by having the Christmas trees self-explode all at same time. You can imagine the same thing for Easter where you'd overload the Market with explosive Easter Eggs.

Christmas, Easter, Labor Day, Valentine, Mothers day, New Year, Thanksgiving and many more shall be remembered as another 9/11. Imagine the devastation and the suffering people will have to go through if you are going to ruin the only days where they find their salvation. People will LIVE the terror and their life will never be the same. It'll take many years for it to heal (this is if it'll ever heal).

Wow…I can't believe I ever thought of that…I think its even a personal challenge that I even considered blogging this. Enjoy reading and let me know what you think ASAP before I somehow disappear by some unknown authorities or this blog gets deleted or blocked BY MISTAKE


KJ said...

OMG Hamza that is so bad! Any terrorist reading this would start to have ideas, and the government will read it in your blog first! LoL.

Remember the green/blue wire? I cracked up at that conversation. hehehehee

Kinano said...

You need some serious therapy!

Lanoushka said...

Somehow i found this, do not ask how, hamza you scare me... enta ensan mareed nafseyyan and u need serious therapy starting from NOW :P

Anonymous said...

Your very very brave.
I can not believe your actually posted it. Wow