Why the world needs more “nawar”

Can't believe its already 10 days since I last updated my blog..Well, time really flies by.

As I've state in my earlier post, I try to utilize those holy days with prayers as much as possible. Last week, I arranged with some of my colleagues to go to Mecca to pray there. 80 kms, 40 minutes on the highway doesn't sound that difficult after all.

The Saudi authorities have initiated a smart ( a very rare thing by the way) approach to regulate traffic to Mecca by making all cars who want to go to the "Haram" park in one place and from there, they use public transport to take them to the holy mosque in less than 5 minutes.

That parking lot could enter Guinness book of records for being the largest parking lot in the world. It fits at least 5,000 cars. The "parking lot" spans on two sides of a highway. So during peak days, all you see on your left and right is just cars, and more cars. Well, at least it is better than the sight of sand & desert that you see on your way from Jeddah to Mecca or vice versa.

Our journey went well. Nothing extraordinary happened other than the fact that we had our iftar on the way. Laban (yoghurt) & dates. Surprisingly, it was fulfilling.

We got there. We prayed. We held our urges to insult and humiliate those who have no dignity and respect to the holy mosque. It is for them another picnic place where they eat their ful, hommos, ta'ameya and throw things around thinking it's like their streets back home. Your patience is tested under very odd circumstances, such as that guy who spat at my prayer rug; mistaking it for a trash can. Oh boy, I still remember the scene in slow-motion.

After we finished our religious duties, it was time to go home. However, we stumbled upon a major problem by the time we got to our car. Some jerk has parked his vehicle in the middle of the road; making it impossible for us to move our car.

All our efforts of moving the car or finding its owner were of no avail. I saw a glimpse of hope when I saw a cop car park 5 minutes away. I ran to him to explain to him our current situation. His reply was simple

"Go talk to a cop or find a crane to move that car". He got his prayer rug and headed to the Haram.

What the...? And what are you? I thought you are a cop. Apparently, he was off-duty.

My friend came to me and gave me a pat on the back saying: "oh Hamza, you can be very naive sometimes. Let's go to Plan B. Let's find one of those "nawar" "


For those who don't know. "Nawar" is an Arabic slang word that refers to those hippie street scammers that crawl in every neighbourhood. They can be beggars in the day and pimps in the night. They specialize at harassing people and they enjoy scratching others' car just for the mere pleasure of hearing that "ZEEK" voice that's music to their ears. So overall, they are a mobile hazard that can strike anytime and anywhere


So the idea was to look for trouble to get us out of trouble. Finding a nawari was not difficult. We found one in few minutes. We just asked him to do all he can to unlock the car. With these guys, nothing beats the wire trick. In 10 minutes he unlocked the car and put the handbrake down. We pushed the car out of the way enough for us to get our car on to the main highway.

We concluded our successful business deal with a small fee worth his invaluable service. When we were about to leave, he said:

"And what shall I do with his car?"

We looked at each other and one of us said:

"oh come on. Be smart. Return the car to where it was (blocking the road) and wait to scam other people like us you amateur."


KJ said...

Wow... you were praying in the Haram you say? Nice... some piety :P

Kinano said...

How deeply morally and ethically correct of you...

I can count all felonies committed in this post and they would probably land you in prison for 3-5 years.

Isam said...

another reason indeed ... :)

i was in makkah on lelet el qadr ... i dont think am going back there soon :\

Anonymous said...

LOL, you gave him a tip on how to rip people off, just after you got out of the 7aram. tu tu tu *shakes head*

Asoom said...

so how much did you have to give hom for his services? looooooooool, I used the word 'nawar' in my last post but I think my definition is different than yours!

eshda3wa said...

my god it really pisses me off how people have no respect to the holiest place in the world!

ya3ne if your not clean inside and out when u r in the house of god i can only imagine what they are like outside!

9ij fee nass ma teste7i

as for ur car
i never knew it was that easy!
bs u know zain etsawoon cause the guy was so inconsiderate of others which beats the whole point of him going to the 7aram!

The Observer said...

Useful Nawars! LOL

Here is a joke
(no offense for tafayleh)
A tafele forgot his car key in his car. After a lot of hectic work, he managed to open it with a wire.

Guess what he did?

He made two copies of the same wire!


Ms Loala said...

And now i know why i haven't seen any posts for you lately! Damn those cookies :\

Anyhow, as much as i want to go to Mecca but those "nawar" restrain me. I can't control my nerves and when i do, i can't control what goes inside my mind!

The guy who spat on your rug and the man who parked behind your car would make me curse like i've never cursed in my life, ever!
I do envy you for the patience :P

You literally made me angry at those so-called muslims however!

tqabal allah inshalla ;)

Hamza said...

KJ - at least I try to be. :P

Kinano - LMAO. and considering all what I've done in the past, I think they should dedicate one cell for me.:P

Isam - I went twice. 23rd night and 27th.. and I don't blame you. Its crazy down there

Elijah - well not me. I was the naive guy who wanted to go to the cops and get a tow-truck

asooom - oh look who's here. the new blog invader. Welcome. We didn't give him much. Just 10 Riyals..3 dollars ;)

eshda3wa - finally someone agrees with me. I am one of those who is very sensitive to hygiene and stupidity. I can't handle those people

the observer- looooooooool.

ms loala - oh those cookies bug me all the time. There was a time where it did the same with your blog. Just press CTRL + F5 every once in a while.