My Eideyah Campaign

Eid Mubarak to you all.

This is the first time I realize that since I started working that I am expected to give out EIDEYAH (eid allowance) rather than expect to receive one.

Damn it..and I thought I well planned my monthly expenditure and forecasted my cash flow for the next month.

This becomes one of your natural skills after you study "financial planning" for one whole year.

On the few occasions I spent Eid in Amman ( 2 or 3 times only), some people gave me an "EIDEYAH" equivalent to my sister.

Some would give me more since I am the boy and she is the girl.

Maybe they were influenced by "for the male twice as the female".

Alas, those days are over. Now I am destined to give out eideyah till the day I die.

Even if I retire or become unemployed. I have to.

But this year I am starting a new campaign.

I am gonna give girls twice as much as boys.

No matter what the families say, no matter what they think.

Oh boy, I am so gonna widen my enemies circle.

Oh well, at least here in KSA, I only have one relative.

I'll test it and see how it goes.

So, anybody willing to join my campaign? :D


7aki Fadi said...

What a great Idea! I always resented that my brother who is 4 years younger than me got more money.

Do let us know how it goes, and lol I will be paying Ediieh till the day I die, sooooooo true.

Asoom said...

I think you should give boys and girls equal amounts. Besides that it's not fair, giving girls twice as much might actually backfire on you, I don't want to elaborate.

eshda3wa said...

sure, i dont mind U giving ME twice the amount

oo 3eedkim imbarak


3eeDiK iMbaraK

Ms Loala said...

Ok i'm a girl, sure i deserve some 3eedeya :P

oo kel 3am went b khair ;)

Dandoon said...

I am on bored..more shopping money :D:D
and I also propose e-3eedyeh...I have forgot the pleasure of 3edeye since I have not been around family in eid for the past 6 years...i say we can exchange more than just CARDS electronically :P

Dandoon said...

a question. do girls give 3eedye/gifts when they start having a decent income?

7aki Fadi said...

heeeeeeeeey, mabrook the new look!

Hamza said...

7aki Fadi - I know..though I was afraid of putting it to test though. But you know what? you have to worry no more. Your husband will be the one giving 3eedeyah not you. :P

asoom - and your equality rights. I know its gonna backfire but the thing is how bad it will backfire...

eshda3wa- definitely, I am not gonna give you any eideyah, unless you clean my teeth for free. :D

glamorous- eid mubarak to you too. :)

ms loala- you? eideyah? why? so that you spend it on bags or lose it...I think I know better ways of wasting my money.

dandoon - that's a very good question dana that's worth investigating. But I can assure you that you don't have to give eideyah if you are married. :P

7aki Fadi - yea its by time that I change it. I am still working on it. I feel it needs more but before I do anything, I wanna make sure it is color-blind friendly :P

Asoom said...

hamza, you insisted I elaborate don't anyone thinking you're a pervert or pedophilish giving little girls twice as much as little boys

Hamza said...

I hope you are not suggesting that pedophiles are only involved with girls more than boys coz last time I remember, its for kids in general no matter whether they are boys or girls.

Asoom said...

hamza, yea I know it's both boys and girls but since giving boys more is something that's socially acceptable giving girls more can make you look suspicious. Well, at least to me you will ;)

Ms Loala said...

You cheap hamza :'(
I've only received 15KD which is tottaly not fair! I used to have more than 100!!!

Sure you don't see me too old to receive eideya, do you ? :D

Ms Loala said...

Now come on spread the hands, i only want 10s and 20s ...

Anonymous said...

Oh! I haven't read about that campaign before the day of 3eed, but I wouldn't have joined anyways. :p Since in Morocco, it's not the boys -in my time- that got more money, it's the eldest siblings. Why? I mean, why? They are older; enough of a reason. :(


Hamza said...

ms loala- remind me of this campaign for fighting against beggers.. I think I caught my first. :D

lalla mira- well, you can make an eideyah campaign to offer more eideyah for the youngest..but wait a sec..don't you think the older kids would bully the younger ones for their money/coins? No let it stay as it is.

Anonymous said...

save the money and dont give anyone 3eediya =p

KJ said...

Oh man 7aki will love you for this. Miskeeneh she never gets enough 3eediyyeh

MacaholiQ8 said...

lmao! Never!! :P

Belated happy eid wishes. Hope you had fun. :D