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I bet Harry Potter can't do that.


- For some, its a God, and for others, its another place to go nude. Read more here
- and ever wondered about the arab states that are most corrupt? This article says it all.


How to humiliate your clients? an Iranian bank is posing its new challenge with this ATM.

Blogosphere World:
I delayed writing this issue as much as possible, minutes before starting the next month, in hope of finding a post to surpass the post I have in mind. Unfortunately, I didn't. I am obliged by my blogging duties to give the award this month to Kinan for his post "chronicles from land where time stops: Part 2". Akh I hate him.

Ramadan's Programme

Ramadan is famous for its many attractive TV series. But I don't like the quality of the TV programmes offered this year. Don't tell me it is "tash ma tash" or "khaled bin waleed" or "bab el-harra" or even "king farouk".
The best program this year is "Khawater 3". Khawater is a social, cultural, religious program that views social aspects from a new prespective. He discussed the irrationality behind some countries fasting ramadan in one day, while others in the day after. He demonstrated scientific evidence of the moon motion around Earth and how the date of Ramadan is known for all the years ahead. The host of the program is organising a campaign around the islamic world of "one nation, one moon"

He also discusses how BEGGING is such a damaging phenomena to our socieites. In fact, with the help of make up designers, the host impersonated the role of a begger. The program showed us how people are such good hearted and how he managed to make 30 riyals in 15 minutes. Doing the calculations of working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, a begger can make up to 28750 riyal every month. That's some high class business.

He also discusses the wrong myths implanted in the minds of some Islamic preachers and sheikhs regarding the treatment of non- muslims. He despises the Sheikhs who make duaa against the Jews and the Christians with prayers like "destroy their economy, kill their parents, quake the earth under them, eradicate them" etc. and how such prayers are damaging to relationship with non-muslims and that such a hostile treatment is not accepted in Islam.
He also mentioned that there is nothing in Islam that says we should NOT congratulate (our non-muslim friends or colleagues with their holidays like Christmas or Easter and how Islam is a religion of peace and is a religion that was never hostile to non-muslims.

The programme is scheduled daily before maghrib prayer KSA time. It is at 3:00 GMT on MBC. Its just a 10 minute program. You can watch some of the episodes on or on MBC website. I strongly recommend tuning to it.

Hamzatizing Moment:

Ramadan is never better anywhere in the world. I spend my best ramadans here in Jeddah. You feel its the season where sheikhs compete with each other in attracting people to pray. There are 6 famous mosques distributed equally around the city; each attracts at least 2000 people. It is always a tough choice to choose where to pray as each sheikh has his own unique reading style, and a heartbreaking duaa that will involuntary make your tears fall.

So this is how I spend my ramadan. Work, home then mosque. Nothing else, and I am enjoying the spiritually I feel with the enchants that revitalize my soul.

What's even great is that Mecca is just 80 kms away. Any time I want, I take my car or a bus and in an hour time, I am there. I guess this alone is an assetthat many people long for.

In addition to that, if things works out, I might go to Madina this weekend. It'll be another chance to utilize those holy days.


KJ said...

I don't watch TV in Ramadan, I really think the shows are a waste of time even though some of them are nice. I barely watch TV outside Ramadan too. So basically the only TV time is when it is food time, in or out of Ramadan. TV is created for gaming consoles :P

About the Sheikhs, I really agree with you. They have become horrible with their hatred, but you sometimes can't blame them. I always say there is a distinction between a religion and practicing it. A lot of sheikhs knows religion well but get too carried away with their emotions. The idea of having peace between religions is not in the hands of the sheikhs or priests or countries but in the hands of people. In the end the preacher is one person and the public is whoever is being preached at. If we all unite to not be hostile towards the others then the preachers become the minority.

I haven't been very good this Ramadan with tarawee7 unfortunately. I only prayed tarawee7 like 6 or 7 times. I am generally beat by the end of the day, and you know my schedule. But I will try my best in the upcoming days.

Sad thing that I lived in KSA for 18 years and never went to Madina.

Isam said...

i can relate to ur jeddah ramadan things ... i too have nothing to do but work sleep and pray ... thats that ... and go to makkah of course ...


Kinano said...

1. screw harry potter, this dude can eradicate famine in the world.

2. Oh well!

3. LOOOOOOOOOOOL - Creative.

4. Thank you :D I am humbled!

5. Bab El 7ara all way through, imbecile.
28,750 riyals in a month? *does the math* that's almost 5 times my salary. *thinks of becoming a beggar*

phoenix said...

That video is cool!! Awesome trick!
Oh, and you know how they say humans are getting lazy?.. seems the Iranian Bank found the solution:)

Anonymous said...

I never saw you as the religious type, *puzzled*

Hamza said...

KJ - see, i totally agree with you. I am glad that this program is iterating conclusions that I have arrived to by myself. I was glad to see someone else who uses his mind when it comes to religion more than what the culture is being said or what they have learned from their ancestors.

isam - yea man. and this is what makes ramadan so special here more than anywhere else. :)

Kinan - want me to saw off an arm or a leg? you'll get your disability insurance as well as another source of income from begging ;)

phoenix- lol..that's one way of looking at it.

elijah- well you are right and wrong. I am a believer and religious to a certain extent. At more than 3 moments of utter depression in my life, praying and going back to God was the remedy to my soul. and it actually made me feel better. In fact, there was a point in my life where I was close to becoming an extremist where I dedicate all my life to religion. but then it didn't suit my character.
Nowadays, I practice my religion in my own way that others may find appalling.

david santos said...


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