Status Update

2 months of no blogging.

I was just not in the mood

between vacations in jordan and in palestine

yep - palestine for 4 to 5 days where I roamed toul karem, beit la7m, ramallah

too bad I couldn't go to jerusalem

but at least I went to the nativity church

loved it

spent 2 weeks in jordan as well

wanted to go to syria but...

passed CFA Level I

which is bad news

this means I am now obliged to finish level II and level III to continue it.

I am planning preparation for that in November

workwise, I got promoted. :D

I am on twitter as well.

although I don't like it. you have to tweet daily and frequently otherwise, your tweets will be surpassed by other twitters

overall, I am happy with my personal achievements in year 2009

I anticipate updating my "relationship status" soon. :D


KJ said...

ya lahwi! relationship status!

eshda3wa said...

u passed the cfa!
that is amazing!


and i want all the juicy details on ur relationship status!

Ali Dahmash said...

Relationship too, that is great man. All these achievments are just perfect in one summer, congrats. By the way the Twitter link is not correct

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mr. Hamza on your promotion..

and as KJ said, "ya lahwi" , we can't wait to hear all about your relationship status :D

asoom said...

I see a lot of good news in this post :)

Anonymous said...

Oh thank GOD, I can finally say Hamzaaaa is updating his relationship statuss!!!!! eft! I was about to burst ya zalameh LOL.

Alf mabrouk on all your accomplishments. Of course us Syrians cant just give it to you that easily... khaleek bara :P lol

Hay mshan ma 7ada y7sedak bl 3ain ahahha

Mohammad said...

wow man! nice trip. and welcome bakc

Lanoushka said...

kewlness :) u had a busy summer i guess :P

Hamza said...

dear all,

its good to see that my followers are still here despite the fact that I haven't been active in the blogospherian world. But I am sure (as your ipstats show) that you know that I am a regular visitor to all your blogs even if I don't always comment.

twitter link is fixed and we'll leave all the juicy parts for later. ;)

thanks for all your comments and wishes