TAG: Eight Meme

I was tagged by Asoom around one month ago. At that time, there might not have been many interesting things to talk about. So here it is:

8 Things I'm looking foward to

- finishing "Dead Space"
- arrival of the watch that was ordered over a month ago and is still touring the world.
- praying in AQSA Mosque this summer (if possible)
- meeting a "special" person. :)
- Syria Trip and possibly ziad Rahbani Concert
- "Distant Heat" ft. Armin Van Buuren
- Reform of my current organisation - to see where will I fit workwise in the new structure
- Finishing "Pillars of Earth"

8 things I did Yesterday:

- diving and seeing many new types of sea creatures
- getting sunburnt even after using SPF 25 sunblock
- testing the new features of my new cellphone - NOKIA E75
- initial packing for my trip next week
- arranging my papers and my files - mostly bills
- working on my anger management skills on responding to those mockers on facebook who made fun of italy losing to Egypt
- living for a couple of hours in the dark side as I reached the final boss in "Dead Space"
- working on a farewell party for a colleague who is leaving us

8 things I wish I could do:

- learn the jumping ropes techniques
- stop overthinking
- be photogenic
- buy a major stake in ACMilan - I am sure I'd do better than cheap arrogant berlusconi
- plan a "chlorine" bomb for someone in the office - not mentioning names
- understand and be inside the head of those people I care about
- get in touch with 4 of my classmates in primary school
- work in a radio station

8 shows I watch:

- Prison Break
- 24
-How I met your mother

8 things I love:

- AcMilan
- Mechatrinus
- My 1000 piece puzzle
- My lala land
- CampFire Mocha - from carribou coffee
- Creative marketing and uses of technology
- My insane, twisted scary mind
- the few influential people who are always there for me.


Ms Loala said...

Wow i just know you're a diver!
I find it amazing to see all those creatures underwater. But it terrifies me to encounter them. Not to mention the fact that diving is bad for the back, or is it a rumor? :\

@ the shows:
I think we share the same taste for shows. Should you add Desperate Housewives then we'll be even :P

And i really hope you make it to Alaqsa. It's a noble goal.

asoom said...

bakeeer ya hammouz! I should really start watching this how I met your mother show and see what all the fuss is about.

How far are you with pillars of earth? Btw did you know carlos ruiz zafon (shadow of the wind guy) came out with a new book in english? I have a coupon for it so I'm planning on getting it inshallah. I think it's called the angel's game.

Anonymous said...

LOL @watch & Italy losing to Egypt haha
Not only ru going to Syria but also will be going to ziaf rahbani's? I hate u. And distant heat as in the one in rum? Oh u won't be looking forward to meeting the "special" person anymore or else U'll get an earful LOL. Hope u're enjoying ur vacay :)

Suha said...

Haha i just noticed on the list you put going to a mosque then going to a rave looool i like how you roll haha
But I'm missing distant heat this summer =( oh well have fun

eshda3wa said...

kel 3am winta eb khair

Anonymous said...

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