my Canadian Holiday

Its been almost a week since I arrived from my summer vacation to Canada and I can assure you that it was exotic and I relatively enjoyed it. With the exception of few moments and things that I did not achieve, like the fact that I got reminded by how much I hate the loonies, the toonies and their children, I am satisfied in total.

My checklist was as follows:

1- Walking - People back at work thought I got a tan from going to the beach. They don't believe me when I swear to them that I haven't gone to any beach and its just a natural tan I got from all the walking I did.

2- Reading - I stayed for hours in chapters just reading books. I finished the novel "coma" by alex garland that I started reading 2 years ago. I stopped at page 120. I resumed from where I stopped and finished it. loool. I even started reading another book by Ian McEwan called "amesterdam", but i didn't finish it yet. mind you that i did all that reading INSIDE the bookstore. hehehehe. But in the end, i bought up a nice collection of books which are as follows:

To tell you the truth, I am surprised how did the last 2 books got through saudi authorities undetected

3- taking a LIMO - for the first time...:D
4- Wonderland - I even rode on the infamous behemoth ride. 125 km/h, 70 m in height, descent at 75 degrees is more than enough to send an overdose of adrenaline up my body that kept it shivering for minutes.
5- Niagara Falls- priceless
6- walking in Downtown - and i even attended the American express show of dining in the air.

7 - Movies & Theatres -
A must see amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing movie.

kind of half half.. nice twist to the story but nothing exceptional..Wait for the DVD
character and acting is amazing. I feel it could have been better, but overall a good movie too.

8- Massage Therapy session - money well spent. The feeling i got from the massages I got for my neck, back and shoulders is overwhelming and I felt vibes moving in my body..oh and for those who might dare and ask me (coz I already got asked like 3 times)...I did NOT get a "happy ending". I did not ask for one.

9- Meeting a fellow blogger

There are only 2 things on the top of my head that I planned on doing and couldn't:
1- Going to a psychiatrist
2- Trip to Montreal (I so wanted to go on this one)

Most importantly, I got to spend alot of time with myself where I had to reconcile few issues between me and myself. Myself is demanding more rights from me. This means that I had to officially give more recognition to myself and live with 2 parallel characters. Anyway, I decided to do 3 things:
1- revive my quest that I had 4 years ago in unraveling the mystery behind "voynich manuscript" - whether by studying it more and more or donating money for researches. I will start doing this soon

2- Get a pet - I highly doubt that I'll ever do this coz I never took care of a pet in my life and I highly doubt that mom will allow me to..But we'll see

3- Start studying Tantra and practice it when possible - I think I'll start with textbooks and see what i can do to practice

4- .......(I'd rather keep it private and to msyelf)

Stay tuned for more funny and awkward stories about my trip. I so wanna tell you about the time i gave my roomate the talk, and the drunk guy who was trying to levitate, and much much more.


KJ said...


All this!

*looks at his own stupid holidays*

I really really need to plan to go to an exotic place all by myself (or someone else)


BTW the Saudi authorities will not hunt you down for these books and export you

Ms Loala said...

You went to Canada to read!!
And now came back with brainwashed mind of atheism!!

tsk tsk tsk Hamza you should be exported as a resident of religious KSA ....


El7emdela 3al salama, now where are my souvenirs!!

asoom said...

I'm so glad you had a pleasant time in Canada....but dammit i really wanna know what 9.4 is!

Hamza said...

KJ - yea you should. Little of planning but not much thinking. I suggest going to Namibia since you'll fit with all anorexic people there. Oh are on a diet..*giggles*

ms loala - lool. Let's call it a way of discovering myself (self-enlightment). oh, and your souvenir is at my office. Come and get it :P

asoom - lol asoom, you never change. you are curious as usual. :P

Anonymous said...

hehehehe well then good luck finishing armstrong's a history of God! loool it's a brilliant book, cant emphasize that enough... but its a very hard read too ... you will have ot take another exotic vacation to finish it :) which is actually quite a good excuse!

starwish said...

I've never read a book during holidays. The only reading I do is travel maps and road signs.

The last time I went on a holiday was with a friend to Thailand, we got ourselves lost a couple of times, argued with the taxi driver over the fares, took the tuk tuk (which is soo dangerous I was even saying prayers) and survived the biggest weekend market in Asia.

But admist the chaos, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was fantastic, and I'd do it again.

starwish said...

Oh, I hope you've sorted the issues that you have with yourself.

You know, I find that yoga and meditation helps. You might want to give it a try? Because it really helped me.

Hamza said...

deena- LOL, thanks Deena. I am gonna take my time in reading it, after I finish "curious incident of dog..."

starwish - lool. Yea that's the best part about vacations - to get stuck and have no clue where to go. LOL. I am working on my issues. I have few ideas to overcome them which I will try. Tantra is similar to Yoga. So I need to get more reading material about it and see. :)

Unknown said...

I cant believe i'm three posts behind for you. Usually, I check to see if you're alive. I want to read "A History of God". You never made it to a shrink? tsk tsk, I see some denial in your case... yeah, you need it LOL

Unknown said...

PS: I'm currently reading "Me Talk Pretty One Day" by David S.

Saned! said...
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Saned! said...

Interesting holiday. I was intrigued by the Voynich Manuscript, so i wiki-ed and I got this: "As of 2005, the Voynich manuscript is item MS 408 in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Yale University. "


tell me if you wanna come and see it :P

Hamza said...

batoul - its ok, you managed to catch up in no time. ;)

saned - do? I really wanna explore it more. I am waiting to have more free time to explore it. They say it has been decoded but i highly doubt it.