I hate you Robert Zoellick

Who is he?
not a famous guy..he is just the freakin World Bank Group President.
What did he do?
Nothing much. He just decided to pay us a visit in our region in our headquarters and discuss possible areas of corporation in the areas of development
How did this affect me?
Apparently, we had to prepare a powerpoint presentation describing our activites and our plan for the future. In addition to two other colleagues, I have been assigned by 2 Senior Directors to help in the preparatoin of this presentation.
This was by far the most painful exercise I have gone through since I started working here. It was the first time I spend 22 hours spread over 2 days working on just one single presentation, which we prepared more than 5 different drafts for. We had to be careful with the selection of words, slides, contents as our image was on the line.
I left Tuesday at 8:30 p.m and 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday. This was by far the longest time I've stayed at work. It is when they switched off the lights and the ACs that we understood that we couldn't stay longer.
I barely slept few hours on Wednesday before i woke up at 7:30 to wear a suit for the first time on my weekend day (Thursday) to make sure all the necessary arrangments are being taken care of..and guess what? the damned projector's colors was displaying our supposedly white themed ppt presentation with a light disgusting green color. Who could have ever suspected that color display differ that much from one projector to another. We had to go through a crash exercis of changing the theme from white to blue and changing the color of the underlining text from dark green to yellow.
But overall, the presentation was a success. We were thanked for our efforts that were well-appreciated. Even some of the Directors were amazed that they asked us for a copy of the presentation.
Despite the long stressful hours, I was a bit overjoyed as it somehow reminded me of my university days, the stress that we went through, the teamwork, the 10 minute naps that each one of us was taking, the unconditional support from the Director's secretary in getting us food when we felt hungry.
nevertheless, I sincerely hope that our reputation as the powerpoint specialist team does not spread as I don't see myself doing those ad-hoc assignments as frequently as they are needed.


KJ said...

So why do you hate him? Because he made you works extra hours for a couple of days :P were you stuck in a basement hazard zone :P

You should be happy - if he liked the presentation as you said you may be getting a bonus or a promotion. And then you'd love him and you would blog about you and him having a talk LoL

eshda3wa said...

ya36eekom el3afya

starwish said...

So, the gist of it is that it was quite a process but you got through it successfully? :P

Ms Loala said...

Can you please ask him to lend me $100 million since you're acquainted with him... It's not that much to him :P

Anonymous said...

lool imagine he sees this post? You'd be doomed :D lool. Did you also have to present the material? Nice way to get back into work after a vacation... not.

Hamza said...

KJ - yea..like he has nothing else to do in life except checking my blog...

eshda3wa- allah y3afeeki

starwish - and i think I made my blog famous. anybody who'd be bored to write "I hate Rober Zoellick" would be immediately directed to my post..hahahaha

ms loala - of course. I bet this is the first thing on his agenda after he solves the food crisis, climate change, and poverty problem in the world..:P

batoul.a - doomed? I don't care. ppl were busy exchanging business cards with him while I was 'atfaj3an' in the buffet like a person who never ate in his life.

starwish said...

lol, I tend to raid the buffet after presentations too. I don't know why I do that but food just looks more appetising after sitting through boring, long-winded presentations.