The only time I closed the lab early

It is the spring of 2004. Almost 4 years ago. I was overwhelming myself in my 6th semester with six 3 credit courses (totalling 18 credits). In addition to that, I was working as teaching assistant & grader for the "introduction to computer science II" course.. Java II- CMP 220 (heh..And yes I still remember the course number). And I was a lab assistant for one day a week.

I still remember this miserable weekend. I was assigned to open the lab on a Wednesday night (back when weekends were still Thursday & Friday) from 5 to 10. All my friends were out enjoying their time while I am sitting there like a loser grading the CMP 220 assignments.

The lab was in the physics building, 2nd room adjacent to the computer science senior lab if my memory doesn't betray me. Since it was weekend, there weren't many students who were keen on studying. The lab was gradually getting less congested at around 7. By 8 o'clock, there were only 2 students in the lab. And from the way they were giggling, they were more of trying to hook up rather than him supposedly teaching her how to use MAPLE for calculus I....freshman..What do you expect?

I just couldn't help myself from not eavesdropping every once in a while on their conversation and see how would they geekly flirt mathematically.

Usually, every hour or so, I take a break and pass by my two colleagues sitting in the senior lab who are working on their design project, try and see what they are up to, give them moral support etc.

As I come back from one of my visits at 9 o'clock, I enter my lab and find no one there. For an instant, I was shaken for a bit as the bags & the stuff of the students was still there. Moments later, both of them storm out from UNDER the table leaving this trailing effect of trauma on my face.

Both of them were taken off guard by my presence, and the guy goes like:

"aaah...aaaah...aaaah...we dropped our pencil and we were getting it..."

What a lame excuse. I give him one of my hate looks where I tilt my head at around 50 degrees and I narrow my eyes and scream:

"aha...AND IT TAKES TWO PEOPLE TO GET A PENCIL?"...please don't insult my intelligence


"listen, I am not gonna report this. But I don't wanna see you or your girlfriend near my damned lab again. Now get the hell out of here. I am closing the lab"

"but, sir, we have 1 more hour"

"you dare and argue with me. Wrap up your stuff now" Actually, I was even more pissed because my friend called me and told me how I have missed the premiere of a controversial and a much anticipated movie (if my memory didn't betray me, I think it was "The Passion of Christ").


Two months later, I go to the same physics building to attend my morning class (it was boring Numerical methods..was it?..oh how rusty my memory has become)and I bump into the girl. She smiles at me. I smile back. I fetch something out of my bag and say:

"hi, here is a pencil...for next time" and I wink at her. ;)


Anonymous said...

" geekly flirt mathematically" haha! and topped it off with a wink lool she musta felt like crap.

Nora-Cassandra said...

hah! the pencil excuse is the oldest in the book!!! man that was a funny story!

i see you have post it twice! i think it has made on you such an impact you needed to say twice... i'm joking, i'm sure it's by mistake! :P

i still love your stories man! :D

KJ said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Hamza hahahah this is GENIUS!!! Kont 3ateeha barrayeh kaman LOOOL

Ms Loala said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL you are sooo lucky!!

God i love scandals!! You can always bribe them you know :P

Hamza said...

batoul.a - that's the purpose. and I admit I was such a jerk

nora-cassandra- yep, corrected the mistake. and what were they thinking when they said the pencil excuse?

KJ- I'll give the sharpner to her boyfriend. :P

ms loala- lol..I knew you would love these situations ;)