Blogger Book Club Discussion: The Time Traveler's Wife

First, I apologize for the delay in publishing this post. I've been burdened with multiple projects at work and the fact that my social (non-internet) life is becoming more thrilling and full of action and suspense.

Nevertheless, I won't abandon my duties towards our esteemed Book Club. So far, I am on page 300.

The story is pretty linear and revolves around one general theme which is the life of Henry & Clare as they meet each other in different time-spaces. What I really like in the novel is the narration style where it shows you the events from both Henry & Clare. You would see a scene in Clare's eyes followed by Henry's view of what happened next. All this is done in a simple language and in a seamless flow that leaves the reader interpreting the story from the eyes of both characters.

Discussion 1:

The beginning of the novel discussed how Henry met Clare in her childhood since she was 6 and how he was always in her life as she grew, lived her teenage days, and matured before marrying him. As I read the novel, I wondered what would happen if the same happened to me. How would you feel if you meet someone who knows what happens in the future. He knows the age you'll be married to him. He knows the future house that will be picked..and yet, this person is very reluctant to share this information with you as he believes that it might influence the cycle of fate and make you not enjoy the present moment especially if you know all the things in advance and the ones pre-determined. However, on the other side, I see it as a way of not sharing everything in this relationship. At many times and under different situations, both of them could be put in a situation where one party would know stuff more than the other and he/she will feel hesitant about sharing it. So what do you think?

Discussion 2:
So let's say you time travel and on one of your journeys, you meet your other self who is older than you by 8 years and he is hanging around with your wife. Despite the fact that he is yourself, would you feel some kind of jealousy from your other being? How would you react? How would you even judge and look at yourself? Its a confusing situation. I don't know how would I react. What do you think?

I can't wait to see how the story will evolve and develop especially for some of the support characters especially Gomez and Ben.


asoom said...

I've picked up the reading pace and I'm now on like p.340ish.

At the beginning I found it kind of slow but now I think it's such a cute love story.

Discussion1-honestly I think I would be too scared about knowing the future and I would prefer to not know. I think if I knew my future it would make things too complicated..I would get too caught up in living out my fate and not enjoying the moment. Plus I might get down or depressed about knowing the limits of what I'll do or achieve in life. I don't know it's just weird...I'd rather not know.

I think knowing who you're meant to marry and be with might be a good thing though. When you meet that person you know to just accept them for all their good and their bad and save yourself the headache of being unsure or having mixed feelings (and vice versa) can be a beautiful thing actually.

KittySigurdardottir. said...

Asoom,I agree with you I would,go so far as to say I would highly desire to know to whom I'm going to marry.As I absolutely refuse to date anyone.

Dating is like working at another job,and since I'm totally committed to my job.I'm not willing to waste time,energy,money and lots of effort to dating,it's a total waste of my precious gifts and talents,too.

Plus having to wear a mask out on every date is not my cup of tea,I'm too beautiful.

KittySigurdardottir. said...

Hamza,you've got a girl-friend?
Or are you dating?I hope you don't mind me asking.

If you are dating,you better save up a lot of energy and not surf the net,you need it.And that ain't no jive.

Sam said...

it gets pretty interesting at the end...that was my all time favourite is cute, sad and funny

asoom said...

uffffffttttt it's getting too sad for me now...where's 7aki and tinker on this discussion?

Sam said...

asoom yeh it gets too sad..but it pretty sweet when he meets his made me cry

Hamza said...

asoom & sam - you know. The part about conceiving the child was very very original. I liked it.

But seriously..I am still not married. Ya3ni I totally felt that this book is not for me. 80 pages and 7 chapters talking about miscarriages. And the sexual God...each time I read it I get an erection..

mosh tabe3eee.

Anonymous said...

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