My Valentine...

If you know me well enough, then you know that I was never a supporter of such one-time annual occasions such as: "Mother's day", "Valentine Day", "Father's day" etc. I always believed that I shouldn't wait till new year to make a new resolution, for valentine day to express my love or do anything special.

But like many other things, my opinion has changed after I became another victim of this morphine that runs in my veins called "routine", the morphine that has stripped away my liveliness, passion and creativity.

I woke up last Thursday with one objective in my mind; to make my day a bit special. To fill it with love, even if it didn't exist. I started my day by rejecting the two breakfast invitations I got. I had something more important to do.

Me and my friend (who somehow shares my suffering) decided to write a small poem about valentine. The idea is to write a 10 versed poem, one of us would write a verse and the other would complete it with a rhyming one.. This was the result of our joined effort:

On this day of love, the day of valentine

Let me have your heart next to mine

And wake my soul to feel again

And cast aside the sorrows of the rain

That over drowned my shattered heart

Patching yours & mine will mend the broken part

Binding it by love which lasts forever

On an eternal journey that shelters us together

So I offer you a potion of the love dose

as an emblem of the passion with this red rose

What a challenge it was. It took us more than 4 hours to come up with this. While it might not be appealing, Iit is enough for me to make me feel good as I had to dig deep in my heart and shed the dust on those feelings that have been dormant for months.

After we wrote it, we both agreed that I choose a person on her facebook to put it on her wall-to-wall and she'd do the same with me. What was funnier is that one of us got the reply of "thanks for the song". Wow, it was being perceived as a a SONG..I didn't think we were that good.

Getting excited, I even went far of making a LOVE songs CD compiling favourite all-time love songs that I haven't heard in a long time. Each song is associated with a memory that reflect my experiences and feelings. Here is my track list:

  1. Fatal Hesitation – Chris De Burgh
  2. Until I find you again – Richard Marx
  3. Am I the only one – Marc Anthony
  4. Alone again (naturally) – Vonda Shepard
  5. I'll always be right there – Bryan adams
  6. There for me – Sarah Brightman & Josh Groban
  7. Nothing is gonna change my love for you – George Benson
  8. Just one last dance – sarah connor
  9. Almost here – Brian McFadden & Delta Goodrem
  10. I guess I loved you – lara Fabian
  11. Anytime you need a friend – Mariah Carey
  12. A song for you – Celine Dion
  13. I (Who have Nothing) – Tom jones
  14. You don't bring me flowers anymore – Neil Diamond & Barbara Streisand
  15. Foolish Beat – Debbie Gibson
  16. I hate you then I love you
  17. Broken Vow – Josh Groban
  18. L'Italiano – Marco Missinato
  19. I close my eyes and count to ten – Dusty Springfield
  20. Return to love – Julio Iglesias & nana Mouskouri


eshda3wa said...

happy belated valentines !

Anonymous said...

Good job! I liked el poem. My fav. line is "And cast aside the sorrows of the rain" which one of yous wrote it? lol. I might wanna steal your CD idea :D

KJ said...

Hammouz, the poem is AMAZING 3an jad! I am proud of you and your friend as well!

Great track list.. I know a bit more than half of it, and I love it!

Anonymous said...

Well, well..You have a soft side after all !!Those words can be a song, nicely done..
Happy Valentines to you and I will check some the tracks..I like the last one for Nana Moskouri:)

asoom said...

Your taste in music is changing my image of you and not exactly in a good way ;)

Hamza said...

eshda3wa- same to you

batoul - I wrote that line. ;). and go make the Cd or I could DHL it to you :)

KJ- thanks. Considering this is the 2nd poem I wrote, I am happy especially if a talented person like you liked it.

Noura - yea a soft side that I don't really like to show. Happy valentine to you

asoom- I care of what your image of me is like..

Elagante said...

Hamza, I down loaded some of you songs, nice tast...

Hey listen to Barry white, Just the way you are...

Loved the Poem ;)