Monthly Digest -End of Year special


and who said we don't have a cool king? ;)


It is always tragedic to hear about lives lost in an accident...or is it?

I was into action movies lately. The 4 movies I watched were those high-ticket movies such as:

Die Hard 4.0:

Maybe I am not a qualified person to comment on this movie as I have not seen any die hard movie before. But in general, the movie does not fail to bring something new in the world of action to the field. Die Hard 4.0 creates its own distinctive environment by showing how humans became fully dependent on technology. It shows how severe and damaging can the impact of "e-terrorism" induce.
One major thing that I didn't like about the movie was the villain. I never felt that the villain was evil or powerful enough. You always feel like he is an amateur geeky kid who acts on ad-hoc basis and never plan ahead. Throughout the movie, the villain always get humilated by the hero John Mclane even when Mclane is put in life or death situation.
Other than that, the script is well-written. The action scenes were well directed and you can already see creative ideas and new moves. Overall, I give this movie 7/10

Here again, I ask you to spare my life coz I never saw the original movie or series. Maybe that's why I didn't have the advantage of understanding some of the "inside" jokes that the original fans would enjoy.
I nominate this for the action movie of the year. Admiring the transformation that each one of those autobots go through is enough to leave you drooling.
The movie starts slowly or let's say normally with a quiet atmosphere. In the first part of the movie, they are setting up the plot and slowly building up to reach the climax. By the end of the first half, you already reached that scene similar to "armageddon" movie scene when they wave goodbye to their country and board their space shuttles.
The first piece of action triggers a chain reaction of action sequences that put you on a mind blowing roller coaster ride varied with battles, transformations, hide & seek strategies and many more. I think this is the first movie I unintentionally held my breath for the longest time and that's mainly because of the massive continuous action sequences that follow each other over such a significant period of time. All in all, this movie gets an 8/10.

Hostel 2:

I was a bit hesitant to go for this one considering my experience with Hostel 1 (a one that I didn't enjoy much..maybe coz I didn't watch it in ideal is very hard to concentrate when the only two people with you are making out and letting all their hormones out)
For those who didn't watch Hostel 1, the whole concept can be classified to two themes; Porn & Gore. there was no story at all and the relation between these two parts is non-existent to the extent you feel that what happend behind the scenes were as this movie was script written by a porn movie script writer who'd put nudity scenes for no reason at all. and then they fired him and they brought a fetish bloodthirsty psychopath to continue the job.
With Hostel 2, I think they corrected their mistake by bringing a schizophrenic person who'd use hostel 1 as a starting point to write a script based on his multiple personalities that are known for its satisfactory work in blending pornography & gore together in a reasonable way that justifies it.
Other than that, Hostel 2 was much better because the story is furhter developed. More information is shed on the origin of the cult and how do they select their clients and the process that the "contractors' go through. Moreover, the movie contains multiple huge twists that flips the movie 180 degrees to conclude with a shocking ending that makes you question how much humans are willing to sacrifice to survive even if it means losing their sanity and their morality.
It would be unjust to classify the movie under "horror" as it rarely has horrific moments. The movie is for strong hearted people who are willing to withstand alot of gore that are worse than SAW series. Yep, you heard it. some of the scenes are worse than SAW. In fact, there is one scene that kept haunting me in my nightmares for 3 days. So be careful. Overall rating 6/10.

Ocean's thirteen
Ocean's crew is back. Unfortunately, it is without the feminine touch of two of my favourite actresses, julia roberts and catherine zeta jones.
the plot of the movie refers to heisting a casino (similar to the story of Ocean's eleven). Again, the motive is personal and the heist could qualify to be considered the smartest heist plot ever existed. I so wanna talk about it but I don't want to ruin the movie.
Compared to Ocean's eleven, and ocean's twelve, I think that the prior movies were better. the dialogue in ocean's thirteen lacks depth and sarcasm. Although each crew member plays a crucial role in the heist, you feel that the plot focused on developing some specific characters and giving less credit for others as if their role was for support only. Overall, I give this 7 / 10.


I first heard this song as a soundtrack to an episode in smallville. It such a short track but really it is one of my favourites...

Blogospherian World

if we wanna talk about a post that I enjoyed reading every single word or (punctuation to it), then it is definitely Hani obaid's Killer Commas, Camp Horror Stories, Good Intentions, and Other Minutiae

Comically Illustrated:

Eid mubarak to all. Don't forget "kharoof El-eid" (Eid sheep)

Hamzatizing Moments:

I am racing with time as I write this. In 3 hours time, I'll be on a plane to Egypt to enjoy my eid vacation there. the plan is to stay in Cairo for 3 days. and then go to a new area called Ain El-Sokhna (literally translated to "hot eye") where its supposed to become the next Sharm El-Sheikh. and finally, we'll go to Hergada for another 3 to 4 days. That sums up a 10 day trip.
the weekend was extremely busy with the usual last minute shopping spree that we go through everytime. In addition to shopping for myself, I had to become a part time driver for my sister who drove me crazy by making me tour all the malls in the city.
I packed most of my stuff with the exception of my handbag. I am still debating with myself whether to pack the laptop or not. On one side, I don't wanna take it so that I can take a break from the technology world. Plus I don't want to waste my precious holiday moments hooked on it reading blogs or playing videogames.

Other than that, all I need is to put my camera (which I am charging right now) and a couple of the books I got from AND speaking of books...

Since I am the only male guy existing in the current cyber book club, I announce myself as the Leader of the Club (hey I had the idea). No, just joking. We have no leaders. I am just a mediator.
Our club has prestigious members such as 7aki Fadi and her infamous book reviews . Sincere thanks to asoom for her continuous support for this initiative. I encourage those interested in participating in our club. the floor is open for anyone who is interested.
So, over this vacation, I am packing two books "love in the time of cholera" - our first reading assignment and a book many of us are interested in- and "Shadow of the wind" a book recommended by a fellow blogger; "Kinano" who efficiently utilizes his sick leaves by the huge magnitude of books he consumes. I hope he gets sick more often so that he'll have more books to review. Any other suggestions in the future will be welcomed.

Let's pull it together guys. We are gonna be the next big thing. We are gonna kick the butt of Oprah's book Club. :D


Saned! said...

the king thing is really old. and lame. He doesn't utter a single word!

Sam said...

o im jealous...i really wanted to go to egypt for our eid vacation..but since hubby was will not be here the mere thought of dealing with the kids hubbyless made me back out...o well..aqaba is just as good..:) when is the book due..i think i want to join u guys if i can find the book at the store here:)

KJ said...

Yalla man have fun in your holidays! And I think I will join your book club but let me finish Assassin's Creed first, I don't feel like reading Cholera

Ms Loala said...

Hey, have fun there :P

Try to get "sunned" there if you can, maybe in winter our skins will adapt more :P

Anonymous said...

Good for you..enjoy your trip w kil eid w inta b kheir :)

asoom said...

Thanks for advertising hamza, I'll make sure to keep bugging people about it. How's the reading?

Ok I have to admit I'm kind of cheating, I have been reading cholera but slowly I'm only on like p.65 (remember I started before youg uys). I've picked up another book in between titled "he's just not that into you" which I've breezed through. I anticipate on being done with this book in like an hour then I can go book to "our books" ;)

I don't get it, how were you able to convince KJ to join us?

Nora-Cassandra said...

just wanted to say; hope you had a wonderful eid... as you know here we only have christmas! :D

asoom said...

How's the reading going Hamza? We took a road trip so I was able to finish love inthe time of cholera (LOVED IT) and I've started shadow of the wind. I realize I'm going at a ridiculously fast pace so depending on where you are I'm thinking about taking a book club hiatus to read "why men love bitches".

Regardless, I'll start recruiting for shadow of the wind via my blog soon.

Hamza said...

saned - it is. But I like to tease those who say its fake

sam - oh don't be. I suggest going there in the summer. It wasn't much fun because of the cold weather.

KJ - thanks. Yea do that. and I advise you to take your time in "cholera". It is a great novel if you force yourself to read it because it misses the element of keeping you hanging to it.

ms loala- lol. Even with the shy sun hiding behind the clouds, I managed to get a mild tan/ sunburn.

noura- thanks. and happy eid & christmas to you :)

asoom - woo woo slowdown. I went on roadtrips too that lasted for more than 4 hours and I am still halfway through the book. I am on page 163. Go read "why men love bitches" and I hope you are not reading the book to amuse some men. :P

nora-cassandra - trust me. Back in Hurgada in Egypt, I felt the joy of christmas more than Eid. So merry christmas to you. I am sure you would have enjoyed it if you were there. :)

7aki Fadi said...

Hey Guys, This book club is not a book club. Being in a book club doesn't mean you read the book at the same time and that’s it, LOL. It means you discuss it and stuff like that!

Because I had a week off work I have not read all last week, hehehe, so Hamza I am close to you, I am at page 160 now.