Amman..Here I am

Finaaaaaaaaaalllllllly, I am in Amman.

I have been anticipating my leave for weeks and I am glad that it finally came. Since I arrived, I've been occupied with processing my papers and attending family gatherings. My agenda is already booked for a week. Lunch at my aunt's house on Saturday, lunch at my uncles' house Thursday, lunch at my grandparents' house on Sunday. In fact, my agenda is only full of lunch invitations. I will definitely gain weight by the time I leave.

The timing of my flight was at 7 a.m. which was invigorating especially with the fresh air that accompanies the dawn. The slow ascendance of the sun rising to flourish our day was so beautiful from my seat.

2 hours later, I am at Amman's airport. A temperature of 18 degrees was the best way to greet me. As usual, you rarely see a smile once you set your foot in Jordan. It is the land of grumpy people. As much as I was happy to see the introduction of retina scan and fingerprint recognition tools, I felt a bit uneasy when the airport officer asked me for a fingerpint of my thumb. He didn't appreciate me when I protested: "Can you take a fingerprint of my pinky? You know in case somebody wants to steal my identity, he can saw off my pinky rather than my thumb or index finger and I'd still be able to write and hold objects".

Yep, it was one of those times that I pulled a "hamza".

3 hours later, I've seen the first smile of the day. There was this cute hyperactive girl that was assigned to take an x-ray of my chest. She greeted me with "hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"..."how are yooooooooooooooooooou?"......"isn't this the beeeeeeeeeeeeest morning eveeeeeeeeeeeeer???". Few seconds later after she supposedly took the x-ray, I hear an overjoyed scream of "yaaay yaaay..I have to repeat it..woooooohoooo. I have to repeat it..woooooohooooooo". Apparently, the first one didn't work because the machine was switched off. Later, i discovered that she was a fresh undergraduate and that this was her first year in the x-ray department and she is so happy that she runs the department on her own. After all, I can't blame her.

Other than that, I vowed to myself that I will use a voice-recjorder the next time I come. On my first day, I have been asked the same questions over a dozen times:

"When did you arrive?"

"For how long are you staying?"

"You came so suddenly. Why didn't you tell us you are coming?"

"When is your family coming?"

I got soo bored of saying the same answers over and over and over. I'll record my answers the first time and play it for anybody who asks again.


Anyway, I'll enjoy what's remaining of my time here and I will resume my blogging duties once I come back. I barely manage half an hour a day on the internet so excuse me if I didn't manage to read all your posts.


MacaholiQ8 said...

lol @ the x-ray girl.

Have fun and get back bessalama.

Anonymous said...


LOL @ grumpy people :) don't u just love it haha

Have fun and eat figs and grapes from Ajloun for me will ya?

So u went under the x-ray 2wice?? I hate it, it feels like they're sucking out my energy :)

Come back soon!

Sene said...

Have fun!! Enjoy your trip!! And come bcak soon..
I am myself waiting to go for vacation, away from the heat here!!

Isam said...

ya zam lesh ma golet ennak nazel ... kan 7ammaltak 3elbeten tamer lal 2ahel :P

have a good time :)

Kinano said...

loooooooooool @ x-ray girl!

Silly people starting new jobs :P

Yalla get back soon :)

Ms Loala said...

Have fun there ;)
Don't forget zait el zaiton, za3tar wel labnah, preferably sour ;p

BTW, why are the people there grumpy?

7aki Fadi said...

X-Ray? at the airport? Tab leh? willa I got it wrong?

KJ said...

I think the X ray girl is 17 and on heroin. LoL.

Have fun in 3amman

Hamza said...

the criticizer- thanks. By the way, I spend most of my internet time checking the images in the posts that were blocked in KSA. It makes me appreciate your posts even more. :D

elijah - Figs and grapes are in August. I don't think I'll stay that long. :(

sene- good luck. I hope you get your vacation soon. I am like you. The heat annoys me

isam - lah ya zalameh..lesh matasalet? tell me if you want me to bring anything from your family ;)

kinan- lol. At least she is excited about her job. I bet you were like her when you started. :P

ms loala- yalla send me your address so I DHL them to you. As for grumpy people, its a trait. Its like...uhm..swedish girls are blonde. :P

7aki Fadi- no the x-ray was later. I went to a medical centre straight from the airport. It was terrible coz I had to fast and not eat anything on breakfast. I was starving like hell. :(

KJ- better than the stressed guy who took my blood sample who got more nervous after he discovered that my aunt's husband is doing a critical surgery for his wife. My arm was yellow for 3 days. :(