As I lie...

As I lie in my bed and myself I tug
I cuddle In the cold and the pillow I hug
an ephemeral sleep induces my eyes to wither
like the flowers that hide from the chill of the winter
Soon I fly on the sea  of dreams
that reflect on its surface  our hopes in light beams
Those threads of gold  awaken  me
I rise and whisper:  “will he”?
But the dazzling wind brings me the answer
to all my doubts and I no longer wonder

I never write poems. Yet this poem is different. It was co-written with a special person back in 2006. We have worked on 2 more pieces together and yet it remains to be seen what the future hides for both of us.


KJ said...


i see why you don't write poems :P stick to CFA :P

asoom said...

will he what? whose he?

Anonymous said...

I second asoom..whose he ?

ya3ni for the first time in history you write a short post and then you leave hanging with more questions than answers !! shou haida ???
tafaseel ya Hamza, tafaseeeeel :D

eshda3wa said...

post the other two!

Unknown said...

I "never" write poems, aha! Now I unraveled the mystery behind that December poem :P

Hamza said...

KJ - this is hidden talent kupo. I won't brag about it.

asoom & noura - its abstract. it again depends on how you interpret the poem and who is the "he" in your life. ;)

eshda3wa - soon inshalla

batoul - looool. and you just noticed? hahahaa

Lanoushka said...

such a sweet poem :)

Ali Dahmash said...

I see talents and I see a good one, nice Poem man