The Milestone of this year

I can't believe that almost a month passed since I wrote anything.

I acknowledged the fact that i had a blackhole growing inside of me. Now whether this is associated with depression or not, I don't know coz I didn't feel i was depressed and I had many joyful moments. Unless my situation is so bad that I am depressed but I didn't know about it.

So what was going on with me lately? I had mentally blogged in my head many topics.

I could have talked about the hectic week from 31st of May to 4th of June where we had our annual meeting. An event that took more than 2 months of organization in order to prepare for hosting over 102 ministers coming from over 56 Islamic Member Countries. The Main conclusion of that meeting was establishing the Jeddah Declaration where 1.5 Billion Dollars will be dedicated to solve the Food Crisis in the Muslim World.

I could talk about my role as an event manager for one of the seminars hosted by a partnering organisation regarding "Corporate Social Responsibility". I could talk about the poor attendance of the seminar where only 30 or 35 ppl showed up and where I was the only representative from my workplace. I could talk about the embarassing moment when the President of the organisation approached me to ask me that the Directors in his organisation are very interested in meetng our Experts in the Consultancy & Procurement Department. He asked me how big and how many people we have in the Procurement & Consultancy Department. I was too embarassed to say that we only have one person and i managed to divert the topic to something else.

I could talk about the humiliation and the lack of organisation that resulted in having the secretaries and general staff storming and filling the Lunch Buffet leaving the High Delegates and VIP guests standing outside waiting in a queue for a vacant place to sit & eat. That's assuming that there were any food left.

I could talk about what was stressing me for last two weeks in which I have to decide on where to spend my next rotation at work. I shortlisted two departments. Structured Finance Department is a small and growing department with alot of potential. The exposure and learning experience is extremely high. However, the working environment is hostile. Colleagues are not that friendly. There is no sense of teamwork and people tend to work in silos. As for Treasury Department, the situation is mysterious. The whole department has a big question mark over it. They say they are going through a reform and they need to change the way they handle investments. It looks interesting, assuming I won't be in for some shocking surprises.

but all this does not matter. What matters is that I am going through a great moment these days. I finally managed to complete my 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. You can find the final picture here:

I started working on it 15 months ago. Long time definitely but what matters is that I finished it. It took me 2 months to assemble 60% of it which is the lower part. The upper part (which is the sky) took me all the time because assembling it was extremely hard. all the pieces looked almost the same. It was so hard to distinguish them that i could not use normal room light to differentiate between the pieces. The only time I could work on them was using sunlight. i.e. only during weekends from 10 to 2 (since I have work during weekdays).

Nobody can imagine the overwhelming sensation I felt as I put the last piece. I made this puzzle represent my life where each day I'd piece one piece in it so that i discover myself in it. I used to wake up every morning to look at it and give me the boost to start my day. Finally, the day came where i completed it. Nothing is impossible after all.

I would like to thank all those who have given their support during this period. Regarding the vacation that many of you told me about, I will be taking it next week. I will be going to Toronto for 3 weeks. It'll be definitely a change for me. I am tired of hanging around the close-minded stubborn arabs here. It will be good to hang around foreign people for a change and to re-enjoy the services and the efficient system of Canada. It might not be a full vacation as I have many things on my to-do list. One of them could be roaming the subways in search of a 5 month pregnant woman with Arabic features reading a book titled: "notes from underground". [hint hint at a blogger :P]


7aki Fadi said...

HAHAHA Hamza, When will you land?

Send me an email with the details . We'll have coffee or something.

You'll get to meet Bob and William in the flesh too :D .

And just a correction, I am 6 months pregnant.

Notes from the underground is giving me a headache man. A HEADACHE. Although it's only 90 pages long.

Unknown said...

Good job on the puzzle..
And Toronto sounds great, inshAllah you have a wonderful trip. mer 3ala Jersey eh lol bas 7 hour car ride :D okay, at least I tried...

starwish said...

Where is the place in the puzzle? Looks like some place in the 18th century.

Enjoy your holiday! :)

KJ said...

mabrooooooooooooooooooooooooooook on the puzzle :D

see I told you that you can finish it! :D

and LOOOOOOOL @ ur work stuff! Sorry I am laughing but you should laugh too - the mosre stressful an event is, the funnier it is when it becomes a memory!

like calculus! LOOOOOL!

Anonymous said...

Drink tim horton's on my behalf!!!
enjoy :)

Jewaira said...

Jigsaw puzzles give one a wonderful sense of accomplishment

Hamza said...

7aki Fadi - ok, I'll send you the email. I'll be looking forward for it .

batoul- thanks. I wish I had applied for a visa to US. I would definitely come

starwish- I dunno but I think it is venice. judging from the architecture and the ppl..Beautiful, isn't it? :D

KJ- loooooooool...yea I kind of understand especially if you put it that way. :P

deena- thanks for ur support. I'll definitely drink one in your honor. I"ll let you know once I do. ;)

jeweira- definitely, its the first time I complete a jigsaw puzzle that big by myself. :D

asoom said...

Now I feel bad I was one of those people that didn't check up on you :(

Going to canada will be good for you!