TAEF road trip

A journey of around 800 kms in total was what marked this special weekend. We decided to go to TAEF, a city that is 200 kms away from Jeddah. We were frustrated by the heat and the humidity that we daily experience in the summer. Taef, with an altitude of 1700 metres, was a good place to vent off some heat.

the beauty of such trips lies in the adventure experience itself. So despite spending most of our time (6 hours) in the car, we enjoyed our time. It took us longer than expected to reach Al-Taef coz we got confused on which road to we have to take to Taef. Apparently, there are 2 roads. The muslims road and the non-muslims road. This is just another one of those stupid discriminating rules that KSA government imposes on its residents to prohibit the entry of non-muslims to holy cities like Mecca.

We cruised in the city itself for about 20 minutes before we went to the mountains area, fed the monkeys, walked a bit before we headed back home. The real journey started on the way home.

Our experience yesterday proved that we are gamblers but the difference is that we gambled with our life. The rear left tire burst on the highway at a speed of 160 km/h. Luckily, we managed to stop on the highway and within 10 minutes we replaced it with the spare tire.

Our journey was not yet over. We were still contemplating the incident and how we cheated death while listening to "something I can never have" for Nine Inch Nails. 10 minutes later, the right rear tire got punctured (we discovered later that it got punctured by a nine inch nail) . Now that's messed up as we were out of spare tires.

We drove slowly till we managed to find 2 small car shops where we managed to replace the punctured tire.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is the fact that one of my friends has a Swiss passport and the other one has a Canadian passport. Whenever we stop at an inspection point and the officers ask for our Ids, we show him our friend's Canadian passport. They just let us go without any further check on the rest of Ids while they try to mutter some English with "yeeeeeeeeees" and "goooooooo". It is just another powerful advantage of having a Canadian passport ;)

Enough talk. I'll leave the pictures to describe the rest

Sarawat Mountains

Huda Mountain

A water park?
The infamous monkeys of Al-Taef
"Get off my throne bitch"
they say red-butted monkeys are horny ones. I wonder if its true or not
and this is what happens when you go at 160 km/h on a highway
I was assigned the tedious task of raising the car


Ms Loala said...

Quite journey you had there :P

I take it you took the muslim road that's why you had a flat tire :P

And how do monekeys live there? and a water park? typical backwardness!!

Kinano said...

What a journey monkey boy ;)

I am certainly impressed by the scenery in the pics...

Changing tires?! I don't think so. I would have parked at the right side of the road, called a cab and went back home.

I think you are the first person to find something fun to do in KSA :-p

The Observer said...

El hamdella 3al Salameh! Man you should be careful while driving in such speed! I am glad you didnt hurt and enjoyed it!

KJ said...

LooooooL, I am surprised Waref didn't bother with the car tire. Lessa sayyarto emgarba3a?

eshda3wa said...

it looks beautiful
but driving 160!
wat r u crazy!!


oh and a muslim n a non muslim road?!!!
please tell me u r kidding!

Hamza said...

ms loala- loool. Well you probably don't know that TAEF had the largest mental institution in KSA. Don't worry I didn't go there..not my time yet. :P

kinan - cab? you are kidding me. You are lucky if you don't die of dehydration.

the observer- allah ysalmak man. Thank God it wasn't me driving. My friend was driving and he is an expert. If it was me, I would've hit the brakes and I'll no longer be in this dimension.

KJ- loool. your news are so outdated. He "scrapped" (no body will buy it) his taurus zillion years ago. That was a corolla rental man. and Of course, he was bothered by the tires and we were the ones trying to chill him. After all, he is the one driving. :P

eshda3wa- yea I know. The irony is that they closed the dangerous muslims road for reinovation. and that's why we took the non-muslims SAFER, but longer road. If we have lost a tire on the muslims road, we'll be fossils 10 000 years from now

Anonymous said...

NO WAY a muslim-non muslim road, why don't they just dig a hole for Muslims to just dive into and wait for their death since that's the point anyway.

Glad ur ok though, and if that monkey is male then he is horny all males are :)