Monthly Digest July


one of my personal favourite sketches for dave chappelle where he simulates one of the most famous videogames..GTA


Check it out on this link

I am glad to be in the least congested city in the arab world. :D


I'd give movie of the month for Pirates Of the Carribean 3 which I had a chance to watch in the cinema in Amman. Note that this was the first time I go to a cinema in a year considering their absence in KSA. I suggest checking its review here :


Within Temptation - what have you done

Snap & Click

What a coincidence. Definitely worth being picture of the month.

Blogosphere World:

If I gotta nominate the post of the month, then I'd definitely say 7aki Fadi's Topper Syndrome


My family left to jordan today at 6 a.m. So I am all alone for the next 18 days (till my father comes back). The worst thing about that week is that I only slept a total of 12 hours in the last 5 days. I was so deprived of sleepthat any activity that involved lying or sitting would instantly shut my system off. It was the first time that I watch Tv while I am standing. Let me tell you, its a weird feeling.

On another note, I am excited about reuniting with an old friend that I haven't seen in the last 8 years. His plane will arrive today. Things are definitely going to be different but let's hope that we can still enjoy the company of each other.

Hope you enjoyed it. Anticipiate the next digest next month. ;)


7aki Fadi said...

Great idea this digest! I like it.

I am also glad I made the first issue :D ... hehehe.

I will be looking forward to the next edition.

Anonymous said...

Cool idea, i gotta watch
Johnny Depp, the pic is wonderful, i hope it is coincidence.

7aki's post was hilarious :)

Isn't it great when the parents are gone :)

Waiting for next month's too

KJ said...

LooooooooL @ your digest.

This stupid bunny is taking away my Moogle fame.

Enjoy your TV ;) oh and about GoW, tell your dad to bring in an extra copy, just in case the one he brings doesn't work.

Tell him to threaten the shop owner. Let him prove to your dad it works

Kinano said...

Moogle must be dying from jealousy now... Bunnies will rule the world one day and Moogles shall then be BANISHED!


Hamza said...

7aki Fadi- thank you but most of your posts are funny

Elijah - I hope the pic was a coincidence and that it wasn't photoshopped.
Its great to have the house all by myself. I was getting bored from my family. I wanted to be alone for a change.

KJ- yea I lived to see the day you get jealous of a bunny. hehehe. I'll see what I can do regarding GoW.

Kinan- aah, I can see that you have found new allies to your colonization plan. :D

eshda3wa said...

hey hamza
u have been missed dude

theres nothing like unitig with old friends
the best feeling ever!

unless u dont have anything in common anymore
then its just awkward

Ms Loala said...

That bunny is soooo cute ^_^
Reminds me of my bunny, i miss her so much *sniffle*