My Early Wintereenmas celebration

Who doesn't know about Wintereenmas? It is one of my favourite times of the year. Usually it is celebrated between 25th and 30th January. However, I decided to celebrate it early this year with my other videogaming partner who talked about my visit here.
So, I have decided to invite myself over (actually its more of colonize) KJ's place. This week was just exactly what I needed in serving many of my personal motives, including finishing the horrendous Silent Hill: Homecoming (Gosh, I still can't believe I got the UFO ending) and another mindless co-op zombie bashing game where KJ picked up the only girl character, as usual, and I picked up the black businessman (seriously, I can't comprehend the idea of fighting zombies while wearing a shirt & tie). Overall, it was fun especially when you are attacked by hurdles of zombies.

a very normal scene that our comrades had to face

there is a good reason why they call hiim the boomer

So how do I rank the hospitality? Well, my mom said after she saw me: "OMG, what happened to you? You lost weight.". KJ said as he was dropping me to the airport:
"you know hamza, this week was horrible. I didn't eat well and I didn’t have breakfast all this week"
"e7m e7m"
"oooh…sh!t…this means that you…"
'YES damn it"

Yea it was that bad. I had to go twice by myself to the gas station below his house to grab Burger King. It was unfortunate (or so he claims) that there was always something wrong. He cooked for me one of his delicious pastas but he had no parmesan cheese, so instead, he gave me some weird cheese similar to the ones that they give you on cheap flights and said: "this is your parmesan replacement".
The other day, he actually managed to convince me not to eat outside and that he'll cook me onf of rice & fish dishes. An hour later, he was like: "hmmm…I burnt the rice…I could cook again..are you willing to wait?"…I looked at him and tried not to question what happened and just submitted to my fate. An hour later, he came: "hmm…by mistake, I spilled all the spices on the rice and it ruined the meal". That's it. I couldn't take it anymore. After 3 hours of unbearable hunger, I went to Burger King for one more time.
*hamza is thinking.. I better find something good to write about KJ to appeal to the appetite of his fans*
But overall, I should be grateful for him coz despite his work schedule, he managed to have the time to take me all the way to the 7he sevens avenue to watch the friendly game of acmilan vs hamburg. which was pretty far. I appreciate his planning in leaving 3 hours in advance so that we find good seats. I was fasting that day because of Ashoura so I brought with me some food snacks and juices. At the gate, they forced me to take out all the liquids I had. The security guard was shocked when he took out a bag that I was supposed to leave at home and said:
"Shampoo & shower gel…? Why would you carry with you a shampoo & shower gel to the stadium?"
Surprisingly, the avenue was free-seated and we managed to find good seats. Although the game was not played at a high level, I enjoyed watching my favorite players of the team that I've been supporting for last 14 years live on field. This includes Beckham, Ronaldinho, Pato, Shevchenko, Maldini, Pirlo and many more. As usual, the crowd have added their own touch as our section was pivotal in arranging Mexican waves.

the stadium 2 hours before the match

the players are warming up
and here they are greeting the fans. :P

The major hassle was in the post-match traffic. It seems that it is the norm in Dubai that in such events, you will have over 5000 cars or more trying to exit the stadium at same time on only a 2 lane road. We remained stuck for more than 50 minutes in a bumper to bumper traffic where our only source of entertainment was in KJ's attempt to entertain me with synthesized non-human melodies of videogames music  like "eternal sonata" and Final Fantasy Remixed tracks. Everything was ok till the Humanitarian side of KJ kicked in when he saw a car stuck in the sand and he said:
"oh poor people..They need some help. I've always wanted to help people who get stuck in the sand.."
"dude, please don't do this."
"don't worry kupo. I trust my nyx, we helped many ppl in the past"
10 minutes later, I was with 7 other ppl trying to push "nyx" which got sand stuck instead. 50 minutes later, we were back on the streets:
"you know what? This is the first time that my car gets sand stu.."
"just shut up and drive"
"wallah I swear to Go.."
"I said, shut up and drive"
He just cannot make perfect moments
Despite all that and in highlight of the updates he has on the campaign for the Gaza Donations, I decided to entrust him to be the custodian of my donations where he'll participate with the others in the campaign for buying the food and medicines to help the victims of Gaza. Our chat the next morning was not as encouraging as I have wanted it to be:
"leeehoz…how u?"
"so far so good. So tell me, Did you manage to buy the stuff for the Gaza Relief campaign?"
"oh yea that thing….hmm, I hope that you don't mind, but I kind of used some of your money to cut my hair"
"you WHAT?"


KJ said...

You forgot to mention the part where I lied to you about them not letting us into Atlantis as well as not doing any of your laundry or making you sleep on the couch with Peter :P

At least my hair looks good now :D

Halawa said...


Ahahahaha! I can't believe you finished Silent Hill! It's crappy man!

Shampoo and shower gel *smirks* you should've come up with a smart assed comment!

Yeah, that's the way it always is in Dubai.. and your friend KJ is a joker LOL! "I've always wanted to help people who get stuck in the sand" ahahahahaha... haven't we all?

Dude, seriously? He cut his hair with the money? *clutches ribs* HAHAHA!

Msh mn 2leel your mom 2alatlak na7fan!

7aki Fadi said...

You guys are NUTS!

Anonymous said...

You fasted during a vacay? *hi5*
LOL@ nyx incident..
mjaneen wlad 3alam wo nas :P

Anonymous said...

hahahaha you guys are crazy, that was seriously funny

Sam said...

tsk tsk time just stay home...or bring the maid along, that is what everyone does :) LOL at people getting stuck in the do they get it as horrible as getting stuck in the snow???

asoom said...

KJ says you're overweight, if that's the case I would lay off the Burger King...if I can do it you can do it!

What's wrong with you people? Who wastes vacation time waiting on food to get cooked? Not to mention the cleaning after!

Although you're not admitting it I can tell you had so much fun and probably felt like crying on your drive to the airport...glad you did!

Hamza said...

KJ - I guess you covered the rest in ur post

Halawa - looool. Well, if we wanna look at positive side, at least I got to finish silent hill and watch the game all at his expense

7aki Fadi- and you just realized that?

batoul - of course, I'd fast. :D

suha - should come next time to dubai and invite yourself over at his place.

sam - I don't know about getting stuck in snow. But getting stuck in sand is horrible and there are many maneuvers for it.

asoom - I tried my best to eat outside and there was a time where we tried russian food. But as you said, overall, it was a great trip. :D